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Hi Everyone

Mike and I have been discussing in our private world, how fast and crazy the changes that are taking place in our world has gotten. We both knew that things were bad and things would need to change, but in honesty, both of us are kind of gobsmacked as to how fast things are occurring. Neither of us would have ever dreamt that what we are all experiencing with regards to the current pandemic situation, that has shut down human activity and way of life, would happen in literally a few months. But here we all are. We are all here to witness one of the most life changing events that we will ever experience and that is COVID 19.

For those of you who have been following the LP, and Mike's work, research, writings, and teachings, will know and understand that Mike has been preparing us all for this time of change. For those of you who are new to the LP, we need you to equip yourself by educating yourself with the LP materials and commit to your own healing now.

So, both Mike and I are asking you all to take good care of yourselves. Be mindful and diligent of what is being asked of you within your inner circles and communities. Make sure to prioritize your own core and self care needs before assisting others. If we are to truly become what is meant for us to become, we all need to ensure and work towards getting our proverbial “houses” in order, because things are about to get real.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, or over stimulated, please make sure to reach out to us on the forums. We want the LP forums to be our safe space for support and ongoing growth and development. We are also asking you all to share the LP information in your communities so we can help others through connecting, coaching, and providing grounded help to others during this stressful time.

Take care, stay safe, and healthy!

Dear Gina,

thank you very much for this note. We truly appreciate your care and the support you offer.

I have no idea how it is to live in a big city now and probably many people have to struggle with the situation and do experience different fears. The community we live is not too large and actually not much has changed in our lives, except that we do not go out much, because of the quarantine. I enjoy not having to go out for 3 weeks. People here do not panic at all. I perceive the situation as an opportunity. We got time to go inside us, be more concentrated, less distracted, got time for things we didn’t have time previously and to practice. An opportunity we should use.

When you write “things are about to get real”, I can’t stop myself but say: “World, life! Please, do not get back to normal…” When I read the article of Michael “Crazy, crazy, crazy…”, I thought: “Oh, maybe it begins at last…”. Maybe it is egoistic, because these “real things” can be very hard for lots of people, my family included, but we’ve been waiting so long (well, it feels long) for this Change that I wish it wouldn’t stop; that one change would follow another. It is scary, but also so exciting and anything is better than the present life. I hope so much that whatever is happening now would be a part of this Change. It made me actually aspire so much more intensively for a new life on earth, new world… I wish that this intensity stayed as long as possible.

At the moment I can’t think of returning back to the “normal” life… proceeding as before with all the usual works and waiting again… I do not want it. And on the other hand I am ready to do anything; I would do any work, any task, if it would be towards the change and transformation. Just that I could know that this or that action is for that one purpose. Maybe it is also rather an inner attitude and it doesn’t matter if we do this or that. I remember asking Michael once: “What sense does it make to change oneself, if the world around doesn’t change an inch?” And Michael replied: “Change your self, THEN change the world.” 🙂

The time we live now is so special. For ages, for many lifetimes we had to live with no chance of really experiencing the change in the world. And now is this time. I don’t know, I just have this deep feeling of waiting for many lifetimes... I wander if this is just I or others also have this feeling. As if I did so many things in my life, also interesting things, but all felt like being in a movie, not with the full heart. And behind has been this feeling of waiting, which seems to be the only true or real thing… Maybe we even never really lived until now… It is a privilege and I hope we will do the best we can.


Hello Mohini

Thanks for you well worded response about your thoughts and feelings. I too have mixed feelings about what is taking place in that on one hand, I do think that some major event inevitably needed to happen because the way most persons who live in this world, who are disconnected, predatory,  and hedonistic, can no longer sustain their lifestyles due to the catastrophic damage their lifestyle causes to the others and the planet. So a part of me is going YAY!

But i am also very concerned about those who are vulnerable, those who do not have the resources let alone the geopolitical power to help them through this pandemic reality, those who will end up being revictimized by their abusers because of lack of alternative resources. It is these persons who I think LP needs to somehow reach in order to equip them with the teachings and skills in order for them to see hope and motivation to stay the course and move forward.

I too have always had this sense like I have been holding my breath waiting to exhale. I feel like I have been living up until now with all the toxins and pollution around me, as a shallow breather in order to stay alive. I know, like you that something big is about to happen. And as I said above, I am open and ready to accept what may come, but I am also scared. Scared for the potential of violent push back that when people realize that their old lives can no longer be a part of this world because of how toxic they are, that their fears and paranoia and need to hurt, will cause a lot of unnecessary pain. Understanding violence in all its forms has been one of my gifts that sometimes I wish I didn't possess.



The only thing that has calmed me down through this is The Lightning Path. Thank you!

Hey people 🙂

Mohini, you stated:

 For ages, for many lifetimes we had to live with no chance of really experiencing the change in the world. And now is this time. I don’t know, I just have this deep feeling of waiting for many lifetimes... I wander if this is just I or others also have this feeling. As if I did so many things in my life, also interesting things, but all felt like being in a movie, not with the full heart. And behind has been this feeling of waiting, which seems to be the only true or real thing…

What you wrote created a strong emotional response in my heart. I've been thinking along those lines, too. Quite for some period actually.

But for me, this feeling is mixed with shame. Knowing/intuiting how much preparation and waiting was needed to get where we are, I probably feel ashamed at the fact that I am not moving forward according to plan. (Shame being a steering emotion.) Well, there is only one way to get rid of that I guess. Just do the right things.

I think that when we embrace our true power, this latent feeling of "waiting" will fully disappear. Because right now, as long as we are not fully connected, we are rather waiting than acting. Our actions are more reactions than anything else, I feel.

Something else I discovered to the “waiting”…

After I wrote the first post in this forum thread, few days ago, I went to Michael Sharp’s other website and I came across the poem “Shambala Warriors”. I read it long ago, but look what it says:

And so we turn our eyes this day,
And call the warriors out to play.
For they were sent long time ago,
To prepare for this their final show.

And sleep and wait and bide their time,
And work their way inside the line.
And hidden keep their spark un-shined,
Till we would call them with our mind.


The full poem is here:

It mentions this waiting for the right time, for the “final show”. So, we’ve been waiting and, for some reasons, maybe it was necessary.

What are we doing with this lifetime is another question. I do not feel shame, but I can understand, Aim, how you feel. I have feelings of regret from time to time. But then I am also convinced that if the “call” is there, nothing will stand in its way and eventually we will accomplish, what our soul set for itself as a goal.

To concentrate on negative thoughts is not a solution… yes, everyone knows that :). Sorry. I try to always stop negative thoughts, if they try to enter, and concentrate on the things I wish to achieve. It really was a big help for me - not to engage, just stop them. At the beginning of my spirituality I have been crying so much, what a bad person I am, egoistic, etc., so many sins, imperfections and other countless issues… But I never cried since then. Now if I do then only when the heart is touched by something beautiful. There is yogic method -not to identify with thoughts or emotions, but to develop a position of an inner observer. As in quantum physics: the Observer can change the outcome. Or in Bghagavad Gita: “Two birds sit on the branch of a tree. One is eating the fruits. Another isn’t.” So, “amend and move on”.

I also had a problem that I thought one has to become almost “perfect” and to “deserve” a connection. I am convinced now that such a belief is a great hindrance and that whatever we think of ourselves that is what we will be capable of achieving; only that and not more; unless there is an intervention of Grace. Majority of us, have no idea yet, of what a fully developed human being can be and what our bodies can (“When no more death on Earth there’d be”). That is why it is so important that first people get an idea, of who they really are and also believe in that future. And I think that future will be more than mind-blowing…

I am reading one book now and the author writes: “Many people still believe that no attempt of the Physical Transformation should be done before the complete dissolution of the Ego… which then, leaves no chance for the Human species.”

I had to smile at my own attitudes. But what I’ve been thinking since recently is that one doesn’t have to be “perfect” and that once connected and with the support of that we can deal with the issues maybe faster and it could be easier. Could it be true?

And as the poem further goes: “And as they stretch, their hands abreast, Full power claim them, now’s their test. As final warnings fail, they see, The end times fast approaching be.

“Full power claims them” - such a strong, empowering statement! Maybe we had to be “asleep” and “keep the spark un-shined” for whatever reasons or even if we have been forced by the System to do so – but now is the time! Finally the “spark” doesn’t have to be hidden. For me this thought it gives energy to move on, open to the Power and let it use us for its purposes. Never to be stopped by any obstacles or self-limitations.

Sometimes we can’t but wait and now is the “Hour of God” and we have to act. “There are moments when the Spirit moves among men and the breath of the Lord is abroad upon the waters of our being; there are others when it retires and men are left to act in the strength or the weakness of their own egoism. The first are periods when even a little effort produces great results and changes destiny;” – this is from “The Hour of God”, I find it is complementary to the poem of Michael Sharp.

If somebody would be interested, you can read this small essay – for years it has inspired me not to give in and try:

We are very afraid here in the USA. It is hard to understand what is happening. The news tonight is saying we can expect something like 100,000 to 200,000 people to die imminently from this. To me this is horrifying, and it is very scary. I don't see how this can be related to any type of positive changes we have all been waiting for. May the people of this world be free.

Aim and Mohine, both of your posts resonated with me.  Aim, your thoughts, feelings and experiences of shame are what I too have felt all through out my life. This knowing, that is the work we are all doing on connecting, making sense, understanding our desires to help those who we love to move and do something, can cause vast emotions on the spectrum. From the darkest moods/feelings to the elation of being connected and aware, are all subjective and individual, but at the same time, very common experiences as those of us who choose more, encounter the push back and resistance from others, and because we are more aware and sensitive, leaves us more vulnerable to negative experiences.

This push back and disconnected experiences from others can lead us to internalize negative thoughts and feelings. Suffice to say, all of these feelings and experiences do have an effect and affect whether we are conscious or not. For example, right now, I am trying my best to not be too angry or apathetic i.e. I am angry because knowing what I know, what is needed in order to be truly and authentically HEALED whether it is myself or others, will only be conducive until there are more people who prioritize this need and work. So I am angry at the mental health, educational, and excuses made from all levels of professional bodies and governments with regards to these matters.  My apathy stems from that our lives as humans has basically been designated a dollar value i.e. if we are worth the investment whether it is from our parents/families, or our communities/governments, the value of us is determined on those outside agents and whether or not we will have the resources to heal and move forward.

I know there is a lot to be angry in this world, and the more, and the more awareness I/we achieve only makes these feelings overwhelming, hence why I sound like a broken record when I remind us all to support each other especially during these times.  This work that we are all doing individually and collectively is truly heavy lifting and in order for all of us to survive, stay sane, and grow. That is why we really do need to band together and share and support one another. If anything, I think I can safely say that what we have experienced and learned through our own journeys and through our experiences together on the LP is that a) we are strong, and b) we are on the RIGHT path, and c) that we all will have to be responsible and model to those in need what is needed in order to move forward.

And so we turn our eyes this day, - WE ALL NEED TO BE AWAKE AND AWARE – especially when we have chosen to see…
And call the warriors out to play. – THAT IS ALL OF US WHO REFUSE TO ACCEPT WHAT HAS BEEN MODELLED OR TOLD TO US – we can choose to move forward or stay stuck…
For they were sent long time ago, - WE ARE TAPPING INTO WHAT OUR ANCESTORS AND OUR PAST SELVES KNOW – again choose to see or not see…
To prepare for this their final show. – THAT IN ORDER TO ASCEND, WE ALL NEED TO BE COMMITTED AND HEALED – the alternative is not really living…

And sleep and wait and bide their time, - BEING AWARE ONLY MAKES THIS WORK HARDER – but you can’t go back once you have seen…
Till we would call them with our mind. – THERE ARE MORE OF US THAN THOSE WHO THRIVE ON HATE AND DIVISION.

 Sharing our thoughts, feelings, and growth work is necessary especially during these challenging times.


Quote from benjamin pritchard on April 1, 2020, 10:12 am

We are very afraid here in the USA. It is hard to understand what is happening. The news tonight is saying we can expect something like 100,000 to 200,000 people to die imminently from this. To me this is horrifying, and it is very scary. I don't see how this can be related to any type of positive changes we have all been waiting for.

I would like to reply to that. Please, Michael and Gina, correct me, if my answer is not correct in some ways.

I’m sorry Benjamin... There is nothing positive in the virus or death... The only positive, and even that with no certainty, is that it might be the sign of the “beginning of the end” of the “old“ world; that world, which is full of suffering... So the positive thing is not in the suffering and fear of people, but in that, what will come after and of what this tragedy right now could be the starting sign. And then, as Michael writes in his article “Crazy, crazy crazy” - the ancient System that keeps us all in thrall ... will be once-and-for-all-and-forever, dead, buried, and gone, and that’s a good thing because when it is finally gone it will mean an end to pain and suffering for all beings on this planet. Even people who have done the most vile and horrible things to others will benefit, because once the shift is made, ain’t nobody going to be seeking revenge.“

I personally got to know 20 years ago, that if this would happen, all the systems would collapse. In that sense I knew that it could be very hard. But it was explained to me that in order for the New world to become reality all old systems will have to be destroyed. All of them: political, economical, social, etc… They will have to be destroyed, because they are not “willing” and are not possible to change. If they would be only changed, it would be in one sense just the “improved old” ones, not something new. And what is the new is not really possible to know, because if we would know it, then it would be again something old, as this is what we only know.

Also, if you read this poem of Michael Sharp, the „Shambala Wariorrs“, he writes that those, who do not want this change, „And when they’d realize time and day, So they would send rank death our way,
With famine, plagues and war to stay, in hopes they’d face not judgment day.“ Hopefully they won’t start a war, as this would be the end not only of the “old” world.

There is also maybe still a slight hope/possibility that this transition could be gentle…

So, I knew that when it happens and whatever happens, the most important condition is to stay calm and have trust. Also, because if those people, who are aware of what is really happening, -that it is not the end of the world, but the end only of the old world,- would stay calm, they would spread this calmness and help those people around them, who are in fear. But this attitude can only be true and this attitude can be only justified if that, what happens now, really is the the beginnig of the crumbling of the Old in order for the New to appear... I also believe that no soul leaves the body if it doesn’t agree to that.

As one teacher I love wrote long ago: “The one thing is to hold on and to hold out till the hour of light has come. Do not flinch. Hold on. When it seems to us that everything is gone/lost, everything is saved.”

And this is what I actually meant, that I hope it is not just a virus and a tragedy, but maybe the beginning of the change. And yes, there is one part of my mind, which tells the contrary and that I must be crazy to believe in that, so I just hope and trust that all will be good, that the Divine didn’t leave us at the mercy of some chaos and mere chance.

Hi Mohini - I hear what you are saying.

Watching the TV is hard for us. I have a very visceral reaction in my body to watching Trump's news conferences. My mind isn't really too afraid really.

But my body gets afraid on an instinctual level. It is very uncomfortable. It feels like being on drugs. It is like being cold, and very 'amped up' and on edge... and being restless.

It is a fear reaction at the level of the body.

So maybe my adult mind would be able to 'have faith' and exist in a state of pleasant-connection-induced anticipation that 'in the end, it will all be OK', etc.

But my body does not experience this pandemic like that.

And i have a wart on my middle finger that I have had for more than a year now.

And warts are viral infections, as you know.

SO I bring that up, because when my mind is in la-la land about 'the divine world order' etc, I look at my finger and it reminds me that my mind cannot wish away a viral infection.

It is an actual thing, that actually ultimately will be overcame by the body's immune system. Science will tell you that.

But in the meantime, you maybe have a wart on your finger for a year or more while that immune response is taking place. Warts literally take that long. There is a biological reality to them.

So something similar can be said about the Covid-19.

It is a grounded reality that is transpiring around us, and is threatening to kill people close to me.

And sometimes I feel that if we look to God to not 'leave us high and dry', we will be in trouble!

I say that because from the perspective of our bodies, God has in fact left us high and dry [to suffer and die] for 1000's of years. it is the human condition.

The LP archetype for this is the sacrifice.

So from the perspective of higher consciousness, the Sacrifice is an idea. (But from the level of a grounded body, the sacrifice translates into the actual, physical, lived nightmare of stuff like starvation and torture.)

Anyway sorry for the rant. I am very upset and confused now. and it will be good for me to delete this message soon. but i was trying to work through my feelings.

People I know and love are experiencing symptoms, and life has ground to a halt, and i have no insurance, and my family and I are in pretty bad trouble right now.


So with all that being said, regarding trying to take some type of spiritual approach to the problems at hand... I think it is best to try to pray for our leaders.

One good visualization that comes to me over the last few years re: our leaders is the follows:

Imagine a river that is mostly frozen. Then image the spring coming, and the river starting to thaw. But there is some thick ice, that is basically holding the water back. So then imagine the thick ice just all breaking loose at once, and then imagine a rushing river exploding forward.

Or just sort of intend for our leaders to 'wake up'.

It is difficult for me to watch Trump's conferences. But when I watch them, I can totally see the dynamic between those guy's rigid bodily ego, and the nascent glimmerings of their better nature (i.e. spiritual ego) that is all but begging to shine forth.

So my basic idea is to do everything practical to protect myself, while praying for our leaders May the people of this world be free.

I love the idea of praying for the world leaders, specifically that they wake up and reconnect. I love the visualization you suggested as well. Well done!

-- All you need is love...

But my body gets afraid on an instinctual level. It is very uncomfortable. It feels like being on drugs. It is like being cold, and very 'amped up' and on edge... and being restless.

This is well said Ben! I think you raise an important point here about instincts. I often hear this from clients who have learned behaviors towards their past abuse experiences. When we are threatened in other contexts in our lives, those learned patterns of behaviors kick in i.e. our fight or flight responses. Being able to be cognizant and understanding of these experiences and where they are rooted in, is unfortunately part of the HEALING process that can trip us up. When we are self aware and connected, the ways in which we process our environments become more visceral.

Our knowing selves i.e. knowing that we cannot succumb to fear and paranoia when we are connected, is not helpful to the healing process, whether individually or collectively. I think this is why practicing boundaries and assertiveness/positive communication is absolutely imperative in this stressful time that we are living and witnessing.

I personally feel really bad as to how your country/gov't is dealing with this pandemic. As an outsider looking in, it is blatantly evident that human life has a dollar value. In Canada, we are surprisingly addressing the pandemic in a more collectivist approach and the fact that our governments are putting in financial safety nets, tells me that your country is really stuck in their ideological warfare in where the individual and personal greed is going to held onto at all costs, despite all the suffering that is happening around you all.

It is imperative that you keep you and your family safe and healthy. We need you to survive more than ever now. Please try to reach out and inform others in your networks that we at the LP are here for them and will do our best to educate, support, and empower. This is the revolution I think we from our own personal perspectives have been preparing for.

We are all WARRIORS and we are all in this together.


Hell everyone. I feel the fear angst and in in this , but we arent going out like this. There are layer of stuff going on and our discerment will be tried

When this news hit me three plus weeks ago' I felt numb most of that time because of the energy from people absorbing the fake news was all in the air. I needed time to process and not react adversely for any reason until I got my bearings.

I am personally appalled that our world has come to this, have since stopped watching tv since Christmas of '19 because it went out, including the remote. I stopped listening to NPR radio and began search for a few alternative news feeds and media items that cut through the crap and I compare it to the crap feeds. I had to fight waves of fear energetically and frequently during this time.

This has never happened in the history of the world in my lifetime. Swine flu, Zika, H1N1 etc etc. are manufactured cells. Those at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA USA and other places collaborating on the chaos are so lickety-split with these vaccines and antibodies in short order to be the so called hero...

All around us the economy , ecology, goverment and human relations to go sour at the sound of people who wear their intent for divisiveness as a face tattoo and doubles as a megaphone, the elites are benefitting from it.

Perhaps the vaccines have caca in it.

I joked around the cashier at the grocery store-- just lighhtly mocking the social distancing adding that racism politics and sexism are diseases, too --and the PTB already did a number on humanity and they are trying to make us more feral. She just wrinkled her nose in disgust in disbelief at me.

I not a virologist but this virus thing is full of ca-ca. Viruses don't travel that quickly. A bunch of someone with something are exacerbating this drama.

Like I said a few years ago, I am voting for myself. To clarify I will do everything to protect myself on all levels of existence as best as possible, with all the grounded knowledge and information I have acquired from my owm intuition and observarion, from the LP regaeding how the System has been working against creation , and gleaning sources and methods elsewhere to understand the cumulative religio/geo-politico mega drama, find out what my vulnerabilites are face and fix them, and be aware of the vulnerabilies in others.

Our vulnerabilities is the bait ; fear is the hook, line and sinker. Let us cleanse , heal , educate ourselves and others using the extra time we have available with the resources we can acquire as best as possible.

There are very few average people who know at a deep level the workings of microbiological sciences when combined with high technologies. I'm included in the group.

Since we already know there are a**-souls in power running the governments around the world who have access to full education to work their devices, they are using it against us and have improved their tactics over time to control the masses. Let us combine, replace if one must --and strengthen all the effective mental, physical, energetic and quantum tools we have and can access on some level to protect our bodies and energetic structures and those we care for and love.

Join forces with fellow healers, intuitives and grounded people for support and share spiritual notes to surpass this chaos you might have to do this on the down low

I have cautionary, supplemental info regarding the hype and how to protect you and yours --and I'm inserting a 'trigger warning' to this--yet, you are still obligated to 'pick the bones' out of these.

No More Fake News:

Echoes from history:
[deleted tracking link]

Origin' of Covid19:

EMF Protection:

[deleted tracking link]

This is a text message I sent to my primal family regarding this situation:

“Hi folks. I hope everyone is well.

Just doing my part in communicating in light of all the hype crap going on, I will be working from home next week.

I would to encourage you all to stay positve as in be connected to your higher self within, with thoughts, words and actions that bring you and the ones who depend upon you, peace.

Take care to avoid negativity at all costs, keep your personal soverignty no matter what anyone says even under actual or implied threat. Be sure you know all of your triggers and work towards finding the source of the things that cause you sorrow and make peace with it as soon and as best as possible.

Find movies to make you laugh until you wet yourself. Hug more, love more. Anything that is not understood seek understanding, question everything, assume nothing and trust only the trustworthy..."

March 20, 2020 @ 4:26 PM MST

Hi Ben,

Hmm, perhaps a procedure like the following will calm you down a bit:

  • Check the data you are presented by the media
  • Discern which part of the information is factual, and which is emotional hijacking.
  • Further, dissect the information that is presented as factual, analyze it, and find reliable sources backing that information, for instance, scientific papers.
  • Read and understand the basic idea in the papers, and what the suggestions of the professionals are.
  • Compare the infected to deceased - ratios internationally. If there are big discrepancies, something is strange.
  • Relate the results of the papers with:
    • seasonal flues of previous years
    • amount of people living in your respective countries
    • amount of comorbidities of the "corona related"- deceased and their average age.
      • especially check for how the "death count" is being made
      • as well as what the ratio of tested vs not tested is in your respective countries.

I'll exemplify this with Europe. You can do this for your respective countries.

First, I check Wikipedia and take a look at the list provided there on the Corona Pandemic. I'm from Germany, so I take a look at the chart and see, 81000 infected, and around 1000 deceased. Then I look at Italy and see 115000 infected and roughly 14000 deceased. That is around 10 times a higher mortality rate than in Germany. Now, unless this virus is somehow racist and reacts especially fervently to the Italian gene, there must be some good explanations for this discrepancy. But more on that later. What I also see is that China has effectively only a couple of thousand infected left. Given they didn't just stop reporting - which doesn't really make any sense anymore right now - it is quite reassuring, isn't it? The wave is over. Also, note that China is big, has lots of people, and is super-duper crowded, which raises the probability immensely to spread the virus.

So I made my first impression and let's say I watch some news and browse some news sites. If I'd follow only such information streams, I'd probably panic. Statements like:

  • "Number of infected people is rising continuously"
  • Headlines like "Doctors coughing, nurses dying"
  • "Coronavirus is spreading like a wildfire"
  • all the quarantines that are being done

Are not exactly reassuring.

Dissect the Information

So first, let's dissect the information. Whether or not the number of infected people increases continuously, is not very informative, because what matters is whether or not the infected people have actual problems with the virus. After browsing a bit more, I find lots of sources stating that the symptoms of the virus are in 60-80% of the cases either mild or non-existent at all. And I mean government sources. (Iceland, Germany, US-Navy Officer, etc.) Good news I guess, but why is everybody freaking out like that? And what about all the deceased?

Whether or not a doctor coughed or a nurse died (of what?) is not very informative, either.

The coronavirus is spreading like wildfire is already stated in the first statement. What is still missing is how that affects the infected people.

The fact that quarantines are given out only reflects the high level of desperation (and potentially histeria), and not whether or not the virus is dangerous.

In other words: My search in the mainstream information-channels turns out to be quite void of good, bias-free information.


So I turn to science and statistics. First, I check why the heck Italians die so much of Covid 19. And hopefully, I will understand more about the whole thing, also with respect to Germany.

So I search the web and find some papers.

Here is one of them, giving some clarifications on the fatality rate in Italy: COVID-19 Case-Fatality Rate and Characteristics of Patients Dying in Italy

Reading the paper, the following seems noteworthy to me:

The demographic characteristics of the Italian population differ from other countries. In 2019, approximately 23% of the Italian population was aged 65 years or older. COVID-19 is more lethal in older patients, so the older age distribution in Italy may explain, in part, Italy’s higher case-fatality rate compared with that of other countries.

Ok. Also, the paper is at pains at explaining the large discrepancy in the fatality rate between China and Italy:

The overall case-fatality rate in Italy (7.2%) is substantially higher than in China (2.3%).

After some explanations, they come to the conclusion:

Thus, the overall older age distribution in Italy relative to that in China may explain, in part, the higher average case-fatality rate in Italy.

Next, some quite remarkable explanations on the definition of the fatality-counts:

Definition of COVID-19–Related Deaths

A second possible explanation for the high Italian case-fatality rate may be how COVID-19–related deaths are identified in Italy. Case-fatality statistics in Italy are based on defining COVID-19–related deaths as those occurring in patients who test positive for SARS-CoV-2 via RT-PCR, independently from preexisting diseases that may have caused death. This method was selected because clear criteria for the definition of COVID-19–related deaths is not available.

Electing to define death from COVID-19 in this way may have resulted in an overestimation of the case-fatality rate. A subsample of 355 patients with COVID-19 who died in Italy underwent detailed chart review. Among these patients, the mean age was 79.5 years (SD, 8.1) and 601 (30.0%) were women. In this sample, 117 patients (30%) had ischemic heart disease, 126 (35.5%) had diabetes, 72 (20.3%) had active cancer, 87 (24.5%) had atrial fibrillation, 24 (6.8%) had dementia, and 34 (9.6%) had a history of stroke. The mean number of preexisting diseases was 2.7 (SD, 1.6). Overall, only 3 patients (0.8%) had no diseases, 89 (25.1%) had a single disease, 91 (25.6%) had 2 diseases, and 172 (48.5%) had 3 or more underlying diseases. The presence of these comorbidities might have increased the risk of mortality independent of COVID-19 infection.

There is lots to extract from these few lines. I only wish to emphasize two things:

  1. only 0.8% of the deceased (which was 7.2% of total infected persons) had no serious precondition.
  2. the mean age of the deceased was 79.5.

From 1. we may conclude: At least 0.8% of 7.2% of people died from Covid 19, which equates to a mortality rate of 0.0576% - assuming that only those died from Covid who did not have any preconditions. And at most 7.2% died of it - assuming that all of them died due to Covid, and other present comorbidities had no role in their death cause. Thus, we may safely assume that the mortality rate range is somewhere between 0.0576 and 7.2 %, assuming that the (relatively small) number is representative for the overall population.

From 2. we may conclude that the mean age of the deceased was 79.5.

Now, we can start some analysis. The first idea that comes to mind, given that the mean age of the deceased was 79.5, is to check the average mortality rate of Italians, regardless of any viruses. If it turns out to be similar to the age above, then, chances are (very) high, that people just died of age (a cocktail of comorbidities) and happened to have Covid 19 as well. If this is true, this means that the mortality rate is a lot closer to the lower margin than to the higher margin. (I am aware of the fact that the cases are not numerous enough to do proper statistics on this, but since this is what we have, this is what we work with!) Next step is thus to check the average life expectancy in Italy. The result of my findings are: 82.5-8 years, depending on the site.

From this, we can conclude: The Profile is not identical, but not incredibly far away from the average stated as Covid 19-related fatalities. We may conclude that the virus is a threat that can cost human lives, but not the Ebola-type-omfg-we-are-really-doomed kind of virus.

Next, to get a better grasp of the situation, compare these results with the annual flu. If you don't mind, I'll change to data related to Germany here. In Germany, I know for sure which institutes to rely on which are making statistics, in Italy, I don't.

The Robert Koch Institute, a trustworthy institute from which the German government takes its sources from gives the following results for the past three years concerning the annual flu-related fatalities:

  • 2016/2017 - 723 deaths, 22.900 excess deaths and 114000 infected.
  • 2017/2018 - 1.674 deaths, 25100 excess deaths and at least 334.000 infected
  • 2018/2019  - 954 deaths, ???? excess deaths and 181000 infected

with the term "deaths", the institute means deaths which have been proved by laboratory analysis to have been caused directly by the influenza (seasonal flu). "Excess deaths", is the conservatively estimated death toll due to influenza for the influenza-period of the year. (september till may or so)  (yes, only in Germany.) Since there is no tag on the head of the dead people stating " I died from influenza", the institute recurs to statistical means. Since the influenza period is known, they compare the mortality rate of the population inside the influenza period with the mortality rate of the population outside of the period. Since the mortality rate should stay relatively stable without the existence of viruses like influenza, they are able to deduce the "excess deaths" due to influenza. Thus, deaths that have been masked by other diseases, like the ones described in the paper above, or simply because nobody cared about the cause of death of the deceased person. In the annual papers, they explicitly state that - and I quote -

"In contrast to other diseases, influenza is often not recorded on the death certificate as the cause of death, even if influenza was confirmed in the course of the disease by laboratory diagnostics and contributed significantly to the death (see also Table 3). It is the experience of many countries that deaths attributable to influenza can be concealed in other causes of death, such as diabetes mellitus, pneumonia or "diseases of the cardiovascular system".

Translated with (free version) - too lazy to translate myseelf 🙂 Excellent translator!

I think these findings put things in perspective. But that is only my own opinion.

Note also that these numbers are to be multiplied with the factor : Population of your Country/German Population (80 Mio ppl)

Thus, if the US population is around 330 Mio, we ought to multiply the death tolls by about factor 4 to keep it statistically similar...  (Given that this is a global thing and not locally restricted)


What can we conclude?

I let it up to you to do the conclusions. The only thing I want to add is this:

Noone in this world will ever think straight if they are in a panic.



What can we conclude?

I let it up to you to do the conclusions.

Aim - Sorry, just to be blunt, I cannot follow what you are saying.

Could you spell out simply what point you are trying to make in a concise way so that I can see what you mean? May the people of this world be free.

I not a virologist but this virus thing is full of ca-ca. Viruses don't travel that quickly. A bunch of someone with something are exacerbating this drama.

Yes they do. In this day and age with air travel, they can travel around the world in an instant.

Also, I know a virologist. I've known him since he was a child. Right now, he's working at University of Alberta on the COVID virus, so I know it's a virus and not a 5G thing. I don't doubt that there are issues with 5G and they may be quite serious, but I think suggesting COVID-19 is related to  5G is simple disinformation, probably Russian.

Why would someone spread this disinformation? well, if you don't believe it is a virus, then you won't take precautions. If you don't take precautions, then the virus spreads, kills a lot of people, and causes economic chaos--something that benefits Russia and its allies.

It is probably no coincidence that Russian and Saudi Arabia both pumped up their oil output at the precise moment this pandemic hit hardest, thereby destabilizing Western economies. If they are trying to destabilize the West, don't let them. Stay calm. Stay isolated.  Wash your hands. Take deep breathes. And don't spread disinformation. This is a bad, bad flu. We'll get through this best if we stay calm, slow the spread, and support medicare for all to be sure people, no matter who they are, get what they need to fight this.



-- All you need is love...

Aim - Sorry, just to be blunt, I cannot follow what you are saying.

Could you spell out simply what point you are trying to make in a concise way so that I can see what you mean?

Sure, sorry to have been so elusive.

My conclusions are the following:

  • The data suggest that Covid 19 is weak compared to the annual flu of other years.
    While there is ample evidence that Covid 19 does contribute to deaths, there is also clear evidence that it is almost never the sole reason for the fatalities.
    The data I quoted above show clearly that in Germany alone, the death count of the seasonal flu in the past three years is higher than the entire "covid-related" -fatality count of Europe, for every single year.
  • The data implicitly suggest that Covid 19 is being used for political means. The counting strategies are heavily manipulated to appear more frightening than they truly are. Read the article I gave a link to above.
    Given my first point is true, this suggests that we are heavily manipulated. Because the media has not given two cents on the health of the population in prior years. The fatality-count was WAY higher than it is now due to Covid 19 in Germany, but I can't remember a single statement in the news about it in the past years. In other words, the media doesn't give a damn about the health state of the population. The whole Covid 19 is real, but nothing to worry too much about. If you didn't worry in the past 10 years about the flu, and you survived every single year, then there seems to be little reason to worry about Covid 19 now, for the data suggests it is a lot weaker. As stated, the whole thing is politically motivated. We are being brainwashed to the fullest here and now, in my opinion.
  • It is entirely mind-boggling how a virus can be viewed as a real threat if the majority of the infected HAVE NO SYMPTOMS WHATSOEVER. Does the virus have a personal grudge with some, and not with others? Or how is this simple fact to be interpreted? The government officials in Iceland, probably the only country on planet earth that had the brains to do rigorous random sampling of the population concluded: 1) The number of infected people is a lot higher than expected. 2) Half of them had mild symptoms, the other half had no symptoms at all. What does this mean for the threat-level of the virus? Not very threatening. And now compare this with the level of hysteria out there. My conclusion: Politically motivated. Fearmongering, to the level, that it makes my intestines turn. I feel disgusted by the mass media.
  • The paper above explains how easy it is to manipulate the numbers. I won't go into detail here now, for it will be too lengthy, but my conclusion is the following: 1. The number of infected people is a lot higher than it is suggested - the reason for this being, that most of us simply have no symptom, so we never noticed that we might be the carriers of the virus. 2. The number of "covid-related" fatalities is being artificially pushed upwards as much as possible so that the mass media has some numbers to point at that appear to be threatening. Combine the two points above, and you conclude that the fatality rate is actually even smaller than what I have conceded up until now. For if the amount of infected people is A LOT HIGHER than what the "confirmed cases" are, then the people who are infected but not confirmed do not go into the formula describing the fatality rate. It is one thing to say one out of a thousand people die of it. And another thing to say one in 10 million people die from it. Not quite the same, I guess. This is how easy it is to manipulate statistics. To quote the very first sentence of my statistics professor: "Never trust a statistic that you have not manipulated yourself." And his words ring truer than ever at this moment.

The whole Covid 19 is real, but nothing to worry too much about. If you didn't worry in the past 10 years about the flu, and you survived every single year, then there seems to be little reason to worry about Covid 19 now, for the data suggests it is a lot weaker. As stated, the whole thing is politically motivated. We are being brainwashed to the fullest here and now, in my opinion.

I think the major concern with this virus is that it adds to a medical system that, after years and years of cutbacks to serve a neoliberal agenda, is running on razor thin margins. In the U.S. and Canada, the major issue is ventilators to handle the sudden upsurge in patients, and the fact that since hospitals are understaffed and under-equipped, people are/will be simply left to die in the hallways. Also, this virus really exposes the fatal flaw of authoritarian regimes like China, Italy the U.S., and others who try and hide data to make their "leaders" look good. In these countries, COVID was allowed to spread even though they knew it was a serious issue.

Understaffed/underequipped medical system combined with authoritarian BS has put us in this situation. I agree with AIM, the virus isn't particularly bad. What is bad is that we can't handle it under the current neoliberal regime.

So for example, if I get sick, I have asthma, so I may be a serious case. If I go to a hospital and am treated properly by staff, with the proper equipment, there is a good chance I'll recover. However, if I go to a hospital and they cannot provide a ventilator because they are overburdened, I may die. It is as simple as that.

However, I don't think this virus is being manipulated politically, at least in the way you are thinking. This has caused a global shutdown of capitalism and that's not good, for the capitalists who are going to lose their shirts now. If you ask me, we are literally witnessing the death of capitalism, here. If something doesn't change soon, people will revolt. There is simply no way for the rich and powerful to control 7 billion people marching in the streets and breaking into their compounds, which is what will happen if they start to starve, or get thrown out of their houses. Remember the French Revolution? This is going to make that look like a tea party.

There is no scenario here where capitalism survives. Either we move to a global social democratic system with health care for all, a reduced workweek, some sort of basic universal income, and the elimination of authoritarian white-supremacist assholes government regimes who use the levers of the legal and military systems to control and exploit the population, or things are going to get really bad, really fast. And the rich and powerful won't be immune.  The only question is, how fast will we transit, and how bad will people like Trump, Kusher, Modi, Boris, Putin, etc., let it get before masses of people throw their asses out of government. They are going to try and profit and preserve the system. That ain't going to work, not sorry to say.

Might be a good time to rewatch

and also to plug Rocket Scientists' Guide to Money and the Economy, which exposes the truth about "money"

To summarize, don't panic, don't be misled by misinformation. and most importantly, social distance so we can "flatten the curve," as the doctors keep saying. Like I keep telling my family, we are all going to get past this virus at some point. For most of us, it won't be a problem. Some will need additional care. If we don't want this to be a global catastrophe, we need to transit away from capitalism and to authentically democratic, grass-roots, government focussed on distribution and not accumulation.

And yes, again, as AIM says, don't panic. That will make it worse. We need to think clearly here. The enemy isn't the virus, the enemy is capitalism. For this planet to move forward, capitalism has to go. If we change the system, we'll be fine. If we don't, there is going to be a lot of unnecessary suffering. Our real enemy isn't the virus, or whatever crises comes after this one, it is the people who want to continue "business as usual," the people who want to manipulate this for their own personal profit, the people who want to preserve their wealth, privilege, and power on a world where that is simply not possible anymore.  They are the ones who will have blood on their hands.

To echo AIM, the virus isn't the problem. To reiterate what I'm saying, capitalism is the problem. Capitalism is the threat here.

Gina and I are going to record a podcast on this later today where we will discuss some of these issues.








-- All you need is love...

Point of fact

Rich people continuing on, business as usual

-- All you need is love...

-- All you need is love...

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