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Thanks Mike for the other links, every bit of useful info helps; one of the references confirmed my suspicions.

Ya my apologies for deleting a couple of your links. They included tracking codes and we try not to track people through this website.

-- All you need is love...

Yikes, thanks for finding that! I will need to be more careful in that for sure-- a good tech homework assignment, too in this day and age.

If I get annoying, feel free to tell me. I think it is a very important discussion, which is why I'd like to further it.

Mike, first, I think it's important to acknowledge that we agree on the most imminent questions. To summarize, we agree that

  • The virus isn't particularly bad.
  • That it is very important we don't panic.

I also agree wholeheartedly, that this is more of a capitalist problem than anything else. I also generally agree with the following statement.

I think the major concern with this virus is that it adds to a medical system that, after years and years of cutbacks to serve a neoliberal agenda, is running on razor thin margins. In the U.S. and Canada, the major issue is ventilators to handle the sudden upsurge in patients, and the fact that since hospitals are understaffed and under-equipped, people are/will be simply left to die in the hallways.

But there are some other things I simply don't understand, or I don't agree with:

Also, this virus really exposes the fatal flaw of authoritarian regimes like China, Italy the U.S., and others who try and hide data to make their "leaders" look good. In these countries, COVID was allowed to spread even though they knew it was a serious issue.

This doesn't make sense to my mind, because Italy, for instance, has among the highest fatality rates. If they wanted to hide data, they'd simply do it. Like perhaps China does atm. In the article I gave the link to, it is explained very well why the fatality rate in Italy is so high. If Italy wanted to "improve" their statistics, nothing easier than that. Simply figure out a way to raise the number of people who are identified as infected (more testing for instance), and redefine what counts as "covid-19"-related deceased in a way that lowers the count. Voila, we can probably alter the fatality ratio by factor 5 at least.


Understaffed/underequipped medical system combined with authoritarian BS has put us in this situation. I agree with AIM, the virus isn't particularly bad. What is bad is that we can't handle it under the current neoliberal regime.

I agree. Note, however, that the lack of equipment can be also artificially created. Induce panic in people, and they'll go rampage-mode. Thus, buying all ventilators, buying all disinfectants, buying everything they are told will shortly be out of stock. Any economy is always based on an ecosystem built around it. And that ecosystem is basically built on expectations. The expectations ARE the ecosystem. So, to make a stupid real-life example:

The amount of toilet paper needed in a given month in a community is, say, 1000 rolls. The manufacturers know that only 950 will be needed per month, but they'll produce 1000 anyway, just to be sure. Now, if something induces people into a panic, and when someone tells that toilet paper will be short on stock, then it is absolutely natural that everyone will go buy like there's no tomorrow. Suddenly, our manufacturers, who base their production on their expectations, have no chance of producing sufficient toilet paper. The required stock during the panic is still 950 per month - people don't shit more than they did prior to the panic. (Metaphorically speaking, they actually do.) However, there is a huge lack of toilet paper, because the first few who bought irrationally much of it, created a lack in the supply. Noticing the starting lack of toilet paper, the next customers do the same, resulting in an exponential lack in toilet paper. So, even if the manufacturer produces like crazy, it will not suffice for everyone, because everyone "wants to go safe" and buys a couple of rolls more than necessary - understandably so. Who knows when the next rolls will be there, right?

Thus artificial lack is created. Please don't be fooled by the puerility of this example. The SAME THING can occur in every ecosystem. Health care included. So, after inducing panic, crucial stuff is missing, because people who panicked started buying the entire stock. Thus, even those who do not have Covid 19 are severely affected. To repeat. This is not due to covid. It is due to the panic. A bold statement now: If the media would show nothing of Covid, then I conjecture that the health-care institutions would do just fine. Why? Because 60-80% of the cases are absolutely symptom-free, or with only very mild symptoms; thus, cases where you simply don't feel the need to go to the doctor. However, due to the panic, now everybody is scared of the slightest symptoms and "wants to go safe" - understandably so. So they go to the doctor. The doctors can't handle the sudden influx of patients, and the health-care system starts to destabilize. People who are in bad need of treatment suddenly don't find the "open spots" and simply die. The media finds these cases, reports them, resulting in more panic. Due to the higher panic, more and more people want to go to the doctor and be checked, now even those who don't have any symptoms at all - just to be super safe. But this implicitly "kills" all the other patients, who actually are in need of treatment. Thus, in the precise same manner as in the toilet-paper example, undersaturation is artificially created.

This could be simply circumvented by not inducing people into panic via the media. As I tried to show in my previous posts, the number of cases, as well as the number of fatalities, is much lower than your average seasonal flu. The hospitals ought to be equipped to handle this. Not, however, if there is a sudden influx of patients and simultaneously a lack of equipment. Then, of course, every health-care system in this world would succumb to this combination. Even the German one and I have to say, it is excellent. This is not to say that the US health-care system is any good. I am appaled every single time when I remember that health-care is not compulsory in the US. It is truly ...  pathetic ... that the probably richest country of the world can't afford a decent health care system for the people carrying the country forwards. I don't know anything about the health-care system in Canada.

And this brings me to what I actually wanted to contest: Mikes statement that this thing is not politically motivated. I'm fairly certain it is. He stated:

However, I don't think this virus is being manipulated politically, at least in the way you are thinking. This has caused a global shutdown of capitalism and that's not good, for the capitalists who are going to lose their shirts now. If you ask me, we are literally witnessing the death of capitalism, here. If something doesn't change soon, people will revolt. There is simply no way for the rich and powerful to control 7 billion people marching in the streets and breaking into their compounds, which is what will happen if they start to starve, or get thrown out of their houses. Remember the French Revolution? This is going to make that look like a tea party.

There is no scenario here where capitalism survives.

The first thing I disagree on is that a global shutdown of capitalism is not good for the PTB. Think twice here. Mohini, if you read this, it is probably interesting for you, because it also offers an answer to the question of how Covid relates to the global awakening.

So, first, remind yourselves why "capitalists" want money. Money is merely a means for a goal. And that goal is power. With other words, the goal of the PTB was never money. The goal is power. The fact that money=power in our current society, makes them want to gain power by means of money. However, if you noticed the developments of the past 20 years, it becomes clear that money is becoming somehow less relevant. Too many technological advancements, too many free stuff is there, to actually use money as an efficient means for control. (Efficient means of control=power) With other words, money is not what the PTB is after. It is what money gives them what they are after, namely power. But, since the meaning of money starts to change, it is no longer a "good" means of control. At least not as the sole means. So the PTB adjusts right now. Put abstractly, the PTB have the following means of control: Money, Information and Emotion. If requested, I can expand on this.

The PTB now make severe use of their means to dish out information as they please, and by that means to create emotional responses in the population. Think of it this way. Say you have the power over the mass media. Would you be silly enough to let it destroy your cherished capitalism? Would you allow the destruction of your main means of control? You don't have to be Adam Smith to understand that panic will not exactly be helpful for the machinery you built on for so long. In other words:

If it would not benefit the PTB, then the mass media would simply not broadcast what it is broadcasting right now. It would simply not sow fear and panic. This is especially valid considering my previous points. Why? Because it makes no sense to do so. Unless, you somehow came to the conclusion, that the mass media (which has been monopolized to the fullest in my eyes) is not listening to the PTB. I want to remind everyone of the books: "The Real Terror Network" and "A Century of Spin". (part of the LP recommendations) Those who have read those books, should know what the mass media is capable of, and also how effective it can be.

So, if this is the case, what do the PTB want to achieve with this? Here is a small scenario that my playful mind almost instantly found, for a scenario that is not dependent on capitalism for the PTB to assert control. Why the fearmongering? Well, the short answer is: control. Power. Legislations which would not be ratified else. Allow yourself to track anyone at any time. In order to do this, you need a good reason, otherwise, the masses won't allow this. Something like a never-ending, sporadically returning virus is an optimal candidate. The only problem is, that it is not sufficient to have a little flu out there. People will resist. On the other hand, you can't just have a seriously dangerous virus out there just for this purpose. It will affect the PTB negatively as well. So, a compromise needed to be found. So, a virus, but not an incredibly dangerous one. One about as bad as the annual flu will do it. Then, just magnify the thing using the media, and voila, everybody is in panic and you can do whatever you wanted legislative wise. But first, you need to really really put the fear into them till it reaches their bones. So now, chances are there, that due to the Covid -scene, governments will be allowed to monitor your heart-rate, temperature, etc. by means of your cell phone. Our technological advancements are so freaking developed, that such a thing is already a reality. We start to slide into an absolute, horrific surveillance regime. I guess that the trade is favourable for the PTB. Losing some of the economic power, which was getting worthless by the day anyway, and gaining another means of control much more powerful.

You might be right in the saying that "we might literally witness the death of capitalism now", but I respond: " we might literally witness the birth of something even more terrible".

But, I admit, I cannot tell for sure. It is just a possible explanation for all the hysteria and the entire situation.  Else, I seriously cannot explain myself why the mass media, who are the dogs of the PTB artificially exacerbates the whole story. In the last 20 years, I have not seen the mass media ever work against the PTB willingly, in a concerted fashion, the way it happens right now. It is simply not a thing. Unless the PTB lost control over the media, which is also highly improbable. If that was the case, then the media would be a lot more varied. As a person who does not watch TV at all, I noticed clearly how the media pushed willingly, forcibly the issue with corona, in Germany at least, even PRIOR to being exported from China elsewhere. That's some good instincts, I guess. Props for the reporter who figured that one out, and for the director, who believed him that it will become a big thing.

I forgot to mention the relation to global awakening.

There is an "anti-relation" to global awakening. The PTB noticed that the world is awakening, and the best means to stop that from happening is by sowing even more fear into the heads of people. Fear is a natural crown-stupefier. The seventh chakra becomes closed. Which results in a lower CQ, resulting in easier control of the masses. Thus, in my eyes, the senseless creation of panic has this "side-effect" that it stops global awakening. If you wondered why there always seems to be a crisis on the horizon, restlessly, this probably is a good reason for it.

A bold statement now: If the media would show nothing of COVID, then I conjecture that the health-care institutions would do just fine.

It's not doctors that are inundated by patients with no symptoms, or mild symptoms, its emergency rooms inundated with patients needing ICU beds, and ventilators, both in short supply no matter how you look at it. COVID adds to the strain, and walking around or hanging in large groups spreads the virus and increases the strain.

COVID is highly contagious. A fatality rate of 3% doesn't sound like much, if it is 3% of say 10,000. That's "only" 300 people. But start adding zeroes, and it becomes 3,000, then 30,000. This is the problem the world faces. A highly contagious disease that infects easily and spreads exponentially.

You want to argue this is not a problem? Because all the medical experts say it is.

This is of course not to say that the PTB cannot exploit this pandemic to feed fear in order to try and maintain the System,  exactly as you say. Both these truths can exist in the same space. The pandemic can be a serious problem threatening to overwhelm the system. If nothing is done, experts say this is the future. The PTB are opportunistic, they can exploit this problem, even make it worse, to spread fear.  Thus all the disinformation online telling people not to take this seriously, that it is just business as usual.

And this brings me to what I actually wanted to contest: Mikes statement that this thing is not politically motivated

"I don't think this virus is being manipulated politically, at least in the way you are thinking."

I think you need to consider the fact that this is not an either/or scenario. The virus is BOTH a major public health problem and the PTB are making it worse. The PTB are opportunistic. They will use the virus in a way they've always used stuff like this, to sow fear for exactly the reasons you say. In the past, that's worked, for exactly the reasons you outline. Will it work this time? I don't think so, but that doesn't mean they aren't going to try. Personally, I think this is exposing some truths about capitalism and the global system that are going to undermine the legitimacy of the System in the minds of enough people that the System is going to crumble. People are going to wake up and see the truth, that Capitalism benefits a few at the expense of billions, and even of the planet. I have faith if it doesn't happen this time, it will happen next time.

The problem for any system of accumulation, evolutionarily speaking, is past a certain point of technological/financial/political development, accumulation systems, which rely on addiction to function, are no longer functional, for the planet. The addicts in control will ruin the world, just to keep the IV fix in place. As a species, we cannot move forward on a Capitalist ship. Capitalism got us to this point, and has done some great things in terms of increasing our productivity and managerial expertise. In fact, I would say capitalism has been necessary to get us here; but it cannot take us further, because addiction and greed prevent the planetary systems from developing in the direction they need to develop.

We are now at an inflection point. We will now see continuing and accelerating global crises, and the only way to solve these will be to swap out the Regime of Accumulation (a system of irrational and inequitable production organized around private accumulation) for a Regime of Distribution (a system of rational and equitable production organized around equitable distribution of the planet's bounty). Plus, we will have to heal the addicts in control. Until this happens, the crises will continue, with the PTB trailing along trying to exploit them for personal profit and to maintain the system until something happens to totally rewrite this reality.

There are two outcomes here,  at least according to the theory I have in my head. One is a devolution to Feudal style systems of extraction and accumulation with a vastly reduced global population being exploited in tyrannical and terrible ways.  The other is the emergence of a truly global civilization, which takes the technological and administrative prowess and shifts The System away from accumulation to distribution.

Which is our future?

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-- All you need is love...

I agree with all your points.

You're right. It makes a lot of sense that both, the add-up from the contagious disease threatens to destroy the system, and even though the PTB notice this, they still try to get something out of it/ manipulate realities the way they want.

Yep, agree fully with your point of view.

Thank you so much for these articles. These are the most interesting perspectives I got to read in all this flood of in- & disinformation. Please let us know more of it. I hope the podcast will be readdy soon,a s it was mentioned.

This one is about the current state of politics in America. Sums "the choice" up pretty nicely

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-- All you need is love...

I also think we need to focus on the human element when we are discussing these events.

If someone was to look the LP to help  them them (i.e. provide them with information) during this crisis, what message are we trying to send? May the people of this world be free.

Going to jump back in here...

With regards to the powers to be (PTB)  and whether or not this man made crisis is rooted in economic structures or not, I think there are several things to consider:

1.There have been many people from all sorts of scientific, religious/spiritual backgrounds who have been citing the alarm bells for decades, if not millennium, and that is how we live, what we do, what we consume, what we justify to satiate our whims and needs, if not done cautiously, ethically, morally, and I would argue spiritually,  that if we are not mindful and careful, our actions will destroy all of us as well as those living beings that have no voices or places at the discussion tables.  COVID 19 is just a by product of what we do consciously and unconsciously. It is also an outcome because a small percentage of those who are addicted to power and money, and who are constantly relishing in always seeking something new in order to get "their latest fix".

2. Any person and or woman of colour who has undergone some kind of past and present colonial/trauma therapy work, or advanced education, can identify that there has always been a discrepancy between those who HAVE -whether that is money, power, resources, the right skin colour, sex organ, geographical location etc., knows that no matter what one can do, unless you buy into the system, if conscious and aware, will know that there is always some kind of discrepancy and duality that creates disjuncture that chances are, one is always left with some kind of bad taste in one's mouth because in order to "succeed", be accepted, to thrive, one has to sacrifice and submit to the systematic structures. Knowing this in itself creates more damage, thus we learn to accept and succumb.

3. Any species under attack, under threat, battling a disease, or is faced with limited resources, will create the conditions in where we justify the hoarding of resources. We are taught these lessons at an early age when we are taught that competition is good for us and necessary. That competition weeds out the weak in favour of the strong. That competition allows for creativity and enables us to push through old ways of being, knowing and boundaries. We just accept that in order to succeed, some of us will have to suffer and die.

4. Despite things being more accessible i.e. free access, I would argue is it really free? This is one of the things Mike/Michael and I struggle with and that is ensuring that the LP is accessible and available to everyone, but at the same time, we both have to eat and live and raise our kids, so how do we balance our lifestyle needs in a world that is designed for privilege? How do we be relevant, ethical, and always conscientious and mindful? How do we walk our talk knowing that how we live creates oppression and hardship or exclusion for those who are not so privileged?

5. And because we know that in order to stumble across the LP work and teachings and community, one needs a certain level of emotional presence, relational connections, access to technology, access to money and other resources etc. etc. Likewise, discussing the origins, or reasons why COVID 19 is happening now, requires us all to be critical of our own participation to how this has come to be. We can't trust those in power to do this, so it is really up to all of us who are sincere of revolutionizing our world.  My point here is that to deny power and money is not only naive but dangerous. And money doesn't have to be tangible in the literal sense. Money is always rooted in relationships. Money is always some kind of exchange and or transaction whether it is paper, coin, or a goat or a fish.

6. I think Ben, the message we should be telling those whom we care for, or those who are interested by our chance conversations, is that if you really want to change; if you really want something more; if you really want to learn how to be more authentic in a safe space, then tell them to look around on the LP site and start somewhere. I tell most of my clients to begin at Workbook 2 and then Workbook 1. Knowing what a person is needing i.e. healing vs. knowledge/understanding is important because although both are the same, there needs to be a level of healing and understanding and open mindedness in order to digest the LP information. Again, remember your own privileges and how you got to where you are today and guide those accordingly.

I invite you all to review the work of Laurie Garrett. She like many others have been sounding the alarm bells for decades about how we have lived and continue to justify our ideas of living. She recently published an article in the NEW REPUBLIC called "Contagion" which I have not read yet, but recently saw her in an interview and if anyone is interested, I will post when I locate it.


One thing I have noticed, is that there is a lot of confusion and panic in the world, with lots of people pulling in different directions.

To me it seems like we are in a 'moment in time' where the future is very fluid.

So probably now more than ever, it is important for us to 'begin with the end in mind' as we watch this unfold.

Here is what I would like to see happen:

  1. a minimization of death and suffering, even at the cost of returning to "business as usual." (I do not think it is good to "cheer on" this chaos in the name of it bringing us towards some type of better future or whatever.)
  2. a global recognition that we are all in this together
  3. a global embrace of the idea that human life must be considered paramount, regardless of preexisting economic status
  4. for all wars to be "paused"
  5. for all debt, and all international sanctions, to be cancelled
  6. for the arrival of a universal basic income
  7. for the arrival of universal health care

I think it is OK if our leaders adopt some of the above "temporarily" while the pandemic is going on. (Thinking of it as temporary might be necessary to implement some of the above from a political standpoint.)

Finally, I think it is important for us to use the visualization from before re: the ice melting and breaking away.

Imagine a river that is mostly frozen. Then image the spring coming, and the river starting to thaw. But there is some thick ice, that is basically holding the water back. So then imagine the thick ice just all breaking loose at once, and then imagine a rushing river exploding forward. May the people of this world be free.

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation located at University of Washington is publishing quite reliable predictions about current epidemic:

To sum it up, things don't look too bad if current countermeasures will me kept in place.

Having said that, I completely disagree with notion that the virus isn't particularly bad.The mortality rate is currently estimated at between 1.38% and 0.66%:

That's 7-14 times as much as flu, and the mortality rate will be way higher if hospitals are overwhelmed (I think that partially explains difference between Germany and Italy). Also, the real number may be higher, because not all COVID-19 deaths are counted as such due to lack of availability of tests. Another problem is that there may be no long-lasting immunity. Obviously panic won't help at all, but taking reasonable precautions will.

Also, please don't spread anti-vaccine conspiracy theories. Many lives were already lost because of that, and not only people who avoided vaccination - sometimes immunity is lost with age. I nearly died because of one of the diseases that spread due to anti-vaccine propaganda.

only 0.8% of the deceased (which was 7.2% of total infected persons) had no serious precondition.

So people with serious preconditions don't count? I'm asking this as a person who would definitely be categorized as having not one, but several preconditions.


I didn't notice that the "anti-vaccine theorie would have been spread" here. But when Bill Gates says that he wants "to get the vaccine out to 7 billion people" - it makes me very allert.

We take precautions and follow the situation and to my knowledge and before the vaccine will be developed, there is a medicine to heal people - the malaria medicine. It was already tested in France with amazing results; weeks ago! Yesterday I read articles form several doctors in USA, that it will be a "game changer": "LA Doctor: COVID-19 Patients Go From ‘Very Ill’ To ‘Symptom-Free’ in 8 To 12 Hours With Hydroxychloroquine & Zinc".

The question here is (and my sister, who lives in France, is very upset with it) - why the governments still do not use it and even do not allow to use? Before the virus, this medicine was available in any pharmacy and now the doctors in France are not allowed to use it even for the already ill people...

In my view this is the DS agenda. They do not want people to be cured. Knowing their agenda, I have a question what's the real purpose for creating this vacine and vacinating the whole planet. As they definitelly know about this malaria medicine. Nothing good can come out of the actions of DS, knowing who they are/represent. They never even were concidering to do anything usefull for humanity. And they seem to be downplaying every posible treatment except vaccine. Does it not look strange?

Following the above thoughts, I think that at least we should be given a choice to get the vaccine or not. They'll probably say "It's for common good". But "common good" is a contradiction in itself. Good is either good for all, or it cannot be called "good".

I didn't notice that the "anti-vaccine theorie would have been spread" here.

Here's a direct quote from this thread:

Perhaps the vaccines have caca in it.

Statements like this don't help at all. That's how we get nearly eradicated diseases like polio to spread again. I'm sorry for saying it so directly, but this is really important.

But when Bill Gates says that he wants "to get the vaccine out to 7 billion people" - it makes me very allert.

If they rush it and skip usual procedures, I'd be cautious, but if they do normal clinical trials, then I'm perfectly fine with it. There probably wouldn't be need for 7 billion doses, but it would be very useful in stopping the outbreak.

It was already tested in France with amazing results; weeks ago! Yesterday I read articles form several doctors in USA, that it will be a "game changer": "LA Doctor: COVID-19 Patients Go From ‘Very Ill’ To ‘Symptom-Free’ in 8 To 12 Hours With Hydroxychloroquine & Zinc".

Yes, it was tested and there is already a pre-print publication available about it:

Sadly it seems that hydroxychloroquine doesn't help at all. The article is summarized here:

There are other promising treatments (like those intended to calm down so called cytokine storm that is a primary cause of mortality), but hydroxychloroquine isn't one of them, it's just heavily pushed by US government. It also has severe side-effects and now is being stockpiled and denied to other patients who really need it.

I think we have to remember that vaccination is a profitable business. Whoever produces a vaccine for polio, or measles, or whatever, makes a lot of money. There is therefore financial incentive to develop vaccines. That's capitalism. Everything so long as you can make a buck on it. For this reason, we have to be very careful when developing vaccines. They must go through all the steps for approval to make sure they are safe and necessary. As much as pharmaceuticals can get involved and much around with research, I still trust our scientists to do this job well. Nobody is going to want their name on a vaccine that kills more people than it saves.

That said, just because a thing was developed to serve a massive market does not mean its unnecessary or a bad thing. We have centuries of experience with vaccinations. Without these, the world would experience cyclical pandemic outbreaks, like it did in the centuries previous

It was a problem hundreds of years ago, and it will be a WORSE problem now. Hundreds of years ago it took weeks and months to travel from place to place. Now, it takes hours. With modern air travel and booming tourist industry, viruses can spread to every corner of the globe in mere days. We can see the impact of this now with COVID 19 which is so virulent, so deadly, and so spreadable that it has literally shut down the global economy.  Even if we get COVID 19 under control, this will happen again, with a different virus, or a different mutation. Its the nature of existence on a planet at our current stage of development.

For this reason, we need a vaccine for COVID 19, just like we need a vaccine for measles. Without these, we'd have recurrent outbreaks and people (children, the elderly, others) would die.

Do vaccines come with risks? Of course. There are risks associated with everything. But vaccines exploit the body's own defences to operate, and any additional chemicals that are placed inside a vaccine probably pale in comparison to the number of toxic chemicals you ingest when you put a slice of processed sandwich meat like bologna between a slice of preserved mass-produced bread. If you are worried about the dangers of chemical additives, take a look at your diet first.


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I'd be curious to know just what sorts of things are being said about Bill Gates and the vaccine? Years ago I read something to the effect that they'd use vaccination to put chips in everybody. But that seems pretty far out, and unnecessary, given they can already track you through that cell phone you use.

-- All you need is love...

Everything so long as you can make a buck on it. For this reason, we have to be very careful when developing vaccines.

What you said is generally true for all for profit medicines. For example the recent Oxycontin opioid crisis is worth mentioning:

Capitalism is mostly good for optimizing business models for maximum profit, even at great harm to society. There are other, far better models for developing pharmaceuticals. When I was doing my PhD thesis I worked with pharmacologists from a public university (so it was not-for-profit pharmacology) and those people were awesome. I really trust their work. It was also cool to help with pharmacological research on things like herbs, that cannot be patented and profited from.

I'd be curious to know just what sorts of things are being said about Bill Gates and the vaccine? Years ago I read something to the effect that they'd use vaccination to put chips in everybody.

They still say the same things and I'm surprised how many people locally believe that.

well, one thing I heard, besides the chips and that he will make huge profit, is that there will be other viruses in the vaccine, which can be activated later.

As you say, Michael, there is a lot of fake news. My sister, who lives in France and works in the medical field, told me a different story about these HDC tests done by the world known virologist Didier Raoult and in his tests only 1 person died of the age of 87. CNN would write only what they are told and this CNN article is now also in France in the mainstream media.

Dr. Raoult used it together with another medicine. And the other doctors, who try to discredit his research, use only HDC: My sister sent me this graph directly form this institute of virology, in case someone wants to see:

To be honest, at the moment I am still under shock after watching 3 hrs video, called "The Fall of Cabal", made by dutch journalist of 10 parts and published few days ago. It says it will leave us speechless, so it really did. Probably now I would not trust anything the governments propose. Not that I trusted much before, but after this video I look at the world different. Many things I knew, but this documentary puts the pieces together. Federal Bank financing all the wars, the nazis, the camps, and even both sides of the war. The DS agenda. People trafficking and the role of “Child care” agencies… And many horrible things, committed by those in power. Also J. Trudeau is in the film.

So, I allowed myself to be influenced by it and changed my opinion about D. Trump. Unbelievable, isn’t it. Anyway, how much of what we are told is really true? Maybe nothing... This documentary gives at least some hope… And maybe the US economy won’t collapse. Would be interested to know your opinion on that film. Not sure, if I can share the link here, as I do not want to spread some fake information. But I will definitely share it with my friends. The last part is questionable and is pro-Trump. But things about Cabal are worth watching.

Anything that makes you look favourably upon D. Trump is suspect. The guy is a lying greedy shyster who doesn't care about anybody but himself. He's not here to take down the cabal. He's here to return the world to a form of feudalism where the very powerful lord it over everybody else. Always remember, its people's actions that count. He's done more for the super-rich than any other president in history probably. His tax cuts, cuts to food stamps, attacks on the LGBTQ community, undermining of environmental legislations, all speak to a neoliberal agenda, and agenda where the rich rule over the earth. I have some materials on all this, give me a few days and I'll upload them in the students only area.

As for HDC, etc, please see attached papers. There is evidence that the drug works as a prophylactic, reducing symptoms, shortening disease duration, and improving survival. However, this is preliminary evidence based on very small sample sizes (so more research is needed) AND HDC is NOT a vaccine, it is a treatment. The two are very different. We still need a vaccine. Also, there is mounting evidence that having COVID-19 once doesn't make you immune from getting it again--a very scary thought.

If you're the maker of HDC, or an owner of stocks in the companies that do make it, that's very good news. Someone who profits from HDC would definitely prefer to see people NOT vaccinated because then people can get sick can be treated with HDC more than once. Capitalist medical models always prefer treatment over cure, for obvious reasons. Maybe this explains why certain people push an anti-vaccine agenda. It's easy to make money from sick and dying people. Healthy people, not so much.

I've attached two papers on HDC. The basic conclusion is a) we're not sure and we need further research and b) its only a prophylactic. It helps alleviate symptoms. It does NOT cure the disease.




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-- All you need is love...

Thank you Michael.

It seems impossible to know anything for sure. We do not have the vision (yet) and what we read or watch, we can never know, if it is true. Or maybe nothing is true, as even those who write do not know. Question marks everywhere. That is why I asked if from time to time in the podcast you could share your opinion on what is going in the world right now.

All the global network of governments seems to be a corrupted anti-human gang. They seem to have so much power, and if not Trump, then Clinton would have been leading to no better end than what you say Trump is aiming at. If nobody in power is able/willing to change anything, what hope is there for humanity? A revolution? Yes, awakening first. But then, revolution?

Already after reading your book on "Money and Economy" I was so deeply shocked. But what they showed in the documentary, their power is such and their deeds are so disgustingly inhuman that people would not even be able to believe it. I have got this slight hope that Trump was a better candidate. But now it's gone… which makes me sad.

Control at each and every step we go, from birth till the end. I told my husband, if they will initiate a really bad control state (for example like in handmade's tale), we will go underground and into resistance.

I still believe that we will witness the transformation. But it looks like a miracle is needed.

I realy experienced a moment of disillusionment... But ok, I got it. No false hopes and no saviours. Back to work.

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