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Create your Personal Sacred Text

The book Create Your Personal Sacred Text is a Connection Manual written by psychologist and family therapist, Bobbi L. Parish. The manual takes a gentle approach to the expansion of connection. In this book, Parish recommends a research oriented connection practice (i.e. looking into the sacred texts of this world for inspiration), and discusses the importance of Intent to Awaken, discipline, focus, personal care, perseverance, flexibilities, openness to things outside our comfort zones, and the development of Receptive Seeking as a way to heal connection. This manual is useful for those who are frightened by the prospect of Connection, who have had Nadir Experiences that make them wary of it, or those who prefer a softer approach to the expansion of connection than is provided by visualizations like the Great Invocation, and other more direct forms of Connection Practice.



-- All you need is love...

michael - did you post this book because it is what we are reading for the next reading group? May the people of this world be free.

No, because  this page

Recommended Resources

contains a list of recommended readings and resources, songs, documentaries, etc., to help people explore topics related to the LP.  Topics around connection, awakening, activation, connection outcomes, eventually cosmology and theology, etc.,

-- All you need is love...

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