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Here's a poem I wrote about 3-4 years ago. I can't remember writing it, but I guess I was in distress on several levels. I termed it crisis. At that time I was quite unsatisfied on several levels, also due to a relationship.The poem seems to be written like a dialogue between the Bodily Ego and the Spiritual Ego.

It seems like you can see right through,
Hey now, it's not like you have no clue,
No clue about the solution, no clue about pain,
No clue about a heart in strain.
You've known it all, and yet you chose
the path of experiencing this unhappy osmose.

So, dear soul, what's your advice?
Why did you make me do this sacrifice?
What is the purpose and what is your will?
Why is it that i feel i'm standing still?
Who is it you want me to be?
What is the meaning in being free?

Many questions, that one is sure,
And i urge you,answers should be pure.

Alright my dear,the answers shall be yours,
Let's approach these questions like chores.

From the depths of my heart, i wish you good,
But in order to have that, you need more food.
The food is internal, not from outside,
There's truly no rule, no law to abide,
i'll try to explain, what's on my mind,
Here are examples of this sort and kind,
When fear is deep, yet life's alright,
There's only one way, confront your fright.
And if there's no reason to do just that,
The status quo moved into your flat.
It doesn't want to move, its' new home is nice,
But that does come only with a certain price,
Your light is bright, but it could be more,
Your spark is there,to make it big, expand your core
There's so much more you should affect,
So much more that i do expect,
The radius of a candle goes only so far,
Imagine the light which issues from a star.
That is what i planed for you,
I hope you take this as a cue.
The sacrifice you mentioned in truth is none at all,
In truth it is the implementation of the call.
My call for you to awaken and switch you on,
Your emancipation from this global game of con.

I hope this answers your doubts straight on,
Still remains to answer the rest, my son.

Freedom is never deprived of rules.
That is the notion of earthly fools.
To be free means to inspire it all,
It means to dance with many at the ball,
It means to discover and think yourself,
It means your own book on the universal shelf.

As for advice, i'll give you this:
If you wish to experience more bliss,
Just do it, create your share the way you wished,
Use wits, and heart,till' you see it accomplished
Break up, unite, move on, do what you think it fits,
Just don't wait untill your heart turns into bits.
Use the tools that you've been shared,
It's not like they are impaired.
It'll work out just fine and you'll recognize,
That it was you whose goal you didn't realize.

And with this i'll end with light and love,
Your dear consciousness from above.

Thank you.

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