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Deep relaxation strengthens the experience during meditation

I want to share something. I did a yoga nidra full day workshop on 29’th of February, which is a very special day. Yoga Nidra is the yoga of conscious sleep and very deep meditation it is said that Vishnu himself transmitted it. The course was full, 20 people. I told them about LP and your work, as part of my workshop, which was about conscious evolution.

One of yoga nidras I did with people was with your meditation, the one about the point of awareness and the brain and the crown chakra opening. It was so powerful! One of my best friends attended the workshop and she could not talk after that meditation. No words. She said after the workshop that she feels re-born :). Most of the participants said that they could feel the energy entering from above; many of them were moved to tears… I also shared the link to the LP website.

I think there is already a group of people in Auroville, who would be interested to attend your courses, once you come to India in December 2020. I think this year is and will be very special.

Yoga Nidra is such a great tool, because we go in a very deep relaxation, while keeping the awareness even in Delta brain waves state. I never manage to go so deep in a “normal” meditation. And the beauty of it is that when in this state I read the meditation or translation of mantras, it is not just a mental idea, it really feels like true experience or it is a true experience. The body itself experiences everything.

I think almost everyone in the workshop has experienced some opening or maybe even some sort connection experience. And I was concerned, how to help people to bring it back into their daily lives, these experiences. That they do not stay behind as nice memories only. This is what I try to do nowadays my self a lot; to do daily things while keeping the experience, not forgetting, trying to be as much as I can in the state of awareness and of expectation.

I wanted since long to record the meditation of Michael incorporated into Yoga Nidra. I do not have now good tools for recording. But I could do a simple (not best quality) recording for students here on the LP to try. Would be interesting to know, how they experience this meditation, while doing it as usually and then when it is a part of Yoga Nidra. What do you think?

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