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Does the Lightning Path lead to individual liberation?

To what extent does the LP bring about "liberation" of the individual within the context of extant reality? Assuming one does all the healing and connection-oriented work specified by the LP, and exists in a highly connected and healthy state, but is still enslaved by economic and other circumstances, to what extent could that individual be considered "free" or "liberated"? May the people of this world be free.

Hi Ben

Mike will respond to your post from his perspective, but from my own, I think the LP is meant to be a human developmental spiritual system that challenges and encourages our growth, wherever it is we are at in this given moment. I am very cognizant of making sure that the LP is not some “trendy”, “guru oriented”, or some kind of “money maker machine”. That is, if Mike and I are to be authentically sincere, we have to model it, and ensure that we check and balance each other’s egos, needs, pathologies etc. and to ensure that what we think, reflect, research, and share publically, is always grounded and closest to our own highest truths from our perspectives, but also from other people’s perspectives and realities.

I will share this with you and others. I struggle with Christmas because of all the old energy baggage that I am still healing from, so last night, I forced myself to distract myself by engaging in proactive activities. So as Mike slept, I watched a documentary (Nature of Things: Topic Fungi 2018) and found myself having another “aha” moment. I learned that fungi are our foundational building blocks. Fungi allowed the hard matter to breakdown in order to sustain life and create the conditions to make life. I am giving a crude simplistic account here, but suffice to say, fungi is important and we all need to understand it’s relevance, especially in terms of climate change and global warming. Anyway, my point is that I realized that the LP is no different than what fungi represents. That is, when fungi is disturbed, the spores are released and shared with other matter. To me that is the LP. Because of my own and Mike/Michael’s need to find truth in whatever context situation where truth matters, we both have always known, and have worked hard to explain, and work with others who are sincere, what the heck is truth? Why do we care about truth? This search is just like fungi. The more we search, the more seeds we plant in ourselves and others, and so on and so on…

My contribution to the LP has been from the relational, psychological and sociological point of view. Because of my own history, I have major trust issues, so I am always seeking and pushing what truth means. Mike/Michael does the same, but is more positive and hopeful than me. Perhaps it’s because he is male, white, and able to be authentic compared to my own experience, but nonetheless, our ying yang, educational, relationship, and connections with one another, you, and others, is why we have been trying to make sense of what LP is and should be. So after all my babbling, LP should be a guide, a template, a kind of recipe to help one explore themselves and to push themselves to their authentic self in order to achieve their own physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing.

To be honest, I really want the LP to be a new theoretical and grounded educational paradigm that is inclusive to all human made institutions in order to ascend and see why it is we think and feel the things we experience. The documentary I watched last night made me realize more clearly that in order to ascend we have to accept our need for connection. It is through sharing and connecting that moves us all forward – just like the fungi does.


I realized that I didn't answer your question about enslavement, or at least I don't think I did. We all need to connect in order to end our enslavement to whatever it is we are enslaved to. That is it.


How does the LP liberate?

Liberation may happen in a host of spheres. Yes, let's call them spheres. I'll give some examples whats on my mind which should be fairly comprehensible.

- Imagine dad or mom abuses you in any way and you simply just go with the flow because that's what you ever got to see and expect from the world. Now you encounter the LP. The LP teaches you what healthy means in the first place, because even that is lacking in our quotidian understandings. And it teaches you that it is ok to fight back and change your environment. If everything else fails, it teaches you to get away from the toxicity. By disabusing oneself from toxic social circumstances you liberate yourself in many spheres simultaneously. For instance, your emotional bonding will be different. Your conceptions of morality change drastically; The LP works in both cases liberatively, because you will stop being a victim of your own emotions, just as well as stop being a cute little pupet strung by church or the moralizing mass media institutions. You start becoming more of yourself. Detached from the "system" (because the LP offers a parallel one) it is suddenly possible to reject moral calls to arms, or emotional insinuations in personal, community and global spheres.
There's a good reason why the mass media works the way it works. It is a subtle, but very efficient machinery of opinion creation. This machine makes heavy use of emotional and psychological techniques that rely on old world archetypes being placed in your head. The entire mumbo jumbo would simply not work otherwise. The LP identifies and describes old world archetypes and offers alternative models concerning our deepest assumptions, which are what we term archetypes. Thus, the LP liberates you emotionally and morally from many a pupet master in this reality.

Financial liberty cannot be provided by the LP. It is not its job. Indirectly, perhaps, the LP does work towards this end as well, by educating people on the purpose and effects of our current economic paradigm. By doing that it contributes significantly to a world where none of us will ever have to worry what the heck we're supposed to put in our mouth tomorrow. Thus, financial liberation is a thing of the LP, albeit an indirect one.

Generally spoken, the LP liberates via

a) liberation of the mind, which is generally termed awakening

b) liberation of the body, which is generally termed activation

c) manifestation of our true potentials which comes due to ascension, which might be interpreted a liberation of potential.

Aim - thank you for your well articulated answer to my question.

Can you elaborate on what you mean when you say: "liberation of the body, which is generally termed activation?" (I do not understand what you mean by liberation of the body.) May the people of this world be free.


Unfortunately, I was not very acurate here.

It is not really possible to categorize the "types" of liberation into "mind" and body".

First of all, because the mind is part of the body.

What I mean with liberation of the Body is the liberation from the bad conditionings we have. The body is an amalgam of three different "bodies", all united into a single entity, what we call PU .

The physical body, the emotional "body" and the mental "body".

When the body is liberated, toxic attachments, which may be of physical, emotional or even mental type are undone. We stop being attached to ideas and concepts that ultimately lead to disjuncture, we stop being emotionally entangled with toxic environments, people and family, that ultimately cause us to suffer. We stop being attached to substances that are unhealthy for us. With other words, we start being healthy. Liberation means automatically that we find no more need of ARMs. Our ARMs are there to make us cope with the disjunctive reality we face. As such, when ARMs have no more reason to operate, it automatically means we have liberated ourselves, because we are living in a healthy environment, and running on a healthy psyche.

Activation can occur even if we still have not liberated ourselves from all the garbage. We can force the issue, for instance by using the GI. However, it is impossible for the PU to go on for any extended period of time in that state. It either goes crazy, suffers like hell, or simply dies, if it were to sustain a high level of activation without healing itself. (luckily, the PU is geared towards healing whenever it has the power to do so, which makes the whole activation process bearable and also provides good chances of (partial) success.)

Thus, I was inacurate in saying " liberation of the body is what we term as activation".

It should write: "Liberation of the body leads to the possibility of sustained activation." An activation that is actually sustainable and does not urge the body to self-destruct.

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