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Evidence for collective awakening

This is a thread to post stories about collective awakening. As noted in the LP Connection framework, awakening is one of the points on the path that we go through individually and collectively.

If you ask me, right now is a time of great global awakening. It is important however to keep in mind that awakening is only the first point. After awakening comes accountability, atonement, alignment, and so on.  Note that awakening will amount to nothing, will not lead towards greater individual or collective connection, if it is not followed by action on each of the other five framework planks.

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Here is a big wake up call for all the Christians out there, and all the priests and clerics in the Christian church. Thousands of children molested and raped by 300+ priests in one U.S. city alone. The most horrific part of this story is that there are stories of pregnancy, whipping, and grooming Most disturbing, apparently, priests gave their "special children" little gold crosses to wear. These crosses identified them to other predators as easy targets.,000-children-in-Pennsylvania,-report-says



Will the Catholic church be accountable. will it atone? Will it take action to align itself with the true nature of Consciousness/God, which it purports to represent and serve? Personally, I doubt it. If not, I don't expect it will last much past 2030. If you ask me, good riddance. You have to question the true nature of any organization that has 300 protected pedophile predators targeting children in a single city. Is it a church of God, or is it a global pedophile ring assaulting children and undermining connection?


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More "revelations" concerning the Catholic Church

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So are you saying the fact that these pedophilerings are becoming "revealed" is a matter of collective awakening? Personally, I dont see that point. Pedophile priest have been exposed for a long time now but it doesnt seem to change peoples commitment to the church and its profound bullshit. Isnt this just a point made twoards the agrument that people are still asleep, naive and unconnected to whats really going on in the world around them? Trump is president and climate change is denied, the Catholic church is as strong as ever, fake news is rampant, false flag operation continue to terrorize the population and amass a military arsenal for of world ending proportions. Sure, some people see thorugh the bullshit, but some people also get swallowed in by it and start believing in chemtrails, flat earths and global pedophile eliterings actively stopping "the acension". Im sorry, but as much as id like to believe this is the beginning of some kind of awakening, my and societies past experiences tell me that this will be forgotten, history will repeat itself and the world will turn as it has for so long, in perpetual spiritual darkness.

I don't think that's true, Stian. The Catholic Church is in fact having a hard time, and I don't see it getting better for them any time soon. It does in fact change people's commitment to the Church.

And movements like the #METOO movement are really weakening the foundations of The System. The current political climate is a climate of desperation. Trump and his ilk are scrambling to maintain a system that is crumbling around them. All their actions are aimed at shoring up their rich/white privilege in the face of rises in consciousness and dramatically changing demographics. We're at a "sensitive" cusp period to be sure, but I think we'll see things begin to shift even more very soon. We're not out of the woods yet, and the .001 percent are pressing down hard, but things are shifting.

Certainly, there is a need to heal and educate people, but the Internet/WWW helps with that and the ones who resist will start to wake up soon enough.

Keep in mind, its a minority that denies climate change and a minority that put Trump in power, and it was only because they lied and cheated their way in.

If you want to post here, this thread is for evidence of awakening and shifting, like posts about the #METOO movement, and things like that, not depressive missives about how its just never going to get any better.  We're trying to motivate, mobilize, and give people hope here, not demobilize them and make them impotent and inactive.




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Yes, I am sorry Michael. That was too negative and in truth I didn't mean it. It just gets to me that change is happening so slow, I thought waking up ten years , that things would get drastically better fast and  really big changes be happening by now. But thinking of Metoo and all that it entails, the rebalancing of humanity energy and unifying in respect and honor of the sexes IS a really big step. Theres is so much blockage of positive change that lies in exactly this masculine domination over the feminine.

Hi Stian, I think your emotional reaction is correct, and I also think Michael is correct. The more aware we become, the more we consciously work on connection experiences, the more maddening and frustrating it becomes to witness regressive thoughts and actions that exist all around us. That is why Michael and I began to see how HEALING is truly the missing link in acquiring Highest Self (HS). I, you, we, all need to heal and help others to heal in order to expedite collective awakenings. Remember, this past Tuesday US saw it's highest voter turnout. More diverse voices were elected. This collective effort took place in a relatively short period of time once people realized what was at stake i.e. democracy. I have noticed that our language from politics, religion, and human development is shifting and the word healing is being used more frequently. People are not buying into "thoughts and prayers" when they are seeing so much devastation and deliberate attempts to undermine collective awakening. There is a collective shift taking place. It is our hope that LP will help others see the importance of HEALING individually but also collectively to speed this process up. Hang in there!

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