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Evolutionary Graduation

also here.

we're getting close! A few more years.

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Ufo encounter would change our perspective of ourselves. Consciousness inhabiting a vehicle would sound a lot more plausible for instance. Depending on what or who we will encounter, perhaps knowledge etc. may ensue as well, further facilitating the march towards ascension.

Yesterday, don't ask me why, I suddenly had the urge to look up the word "Sidonia", because it was part of an anime I saw some time ago. (Sidonia no Kishi = The Knights of Sidonia; really an interesting one, if you can get past the frequent fighting. Some interesting aspects are for instance the development of a third gender, the importance of gravity, and what possible problems space travel brings about etc.)

Anyhow, was somehow led to the wikipediapage listing some sightings, or believed to be sightings with extraterrestrials. I was astonished to see the amount of reported encounters. I went through them all and noticed that during wars the amount of encounters seems to skyrocket. This even goes for wars/battles in ancient or medieval times! The fact that even Plutarch reported something of this type sounds totally crazy for me, but in a funny way. Anyhow, lots can be inferred from the reports of personel on military vessels concerning the behaviour of the UFO's. Without hypothesizing about this, here's the link of the wikipage:




What an interesting, and nicely documented, list this is.

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I am also very interested in this topic. Few months ago I just happened to listen a talk of one young researcher (unfortunately, I do not remember his name) and he spoke about this ballet of Kurukshetra, which we discuss right now in the Bhagavad Gita. And they say, that they have studied old Sanskrit texts, and it is clear there that there were also spaceships in this battle, and even they suppose there was an explosion of an atomic bomb. There is a description of a mushroom cloud. I cannot guarantee that it is true, but I can imagine that it could have been this way. Atomic bomb 12,000 years ago. Especially, as Aim says that during the wars there were much more sightings.

But the recent discovery I had in this subject, were the talks of Corey Goode. What he tells is so mind blowing, with lots of facts and always-new information. Here is on e link to the presentation, given 201616 by Corey Goode at the SSP Mount Shasta Conference.

It is long, but the information will really shock you, in a positive and maybe negative way as well. And f.e. my husband doesn’t believe at this at all. He talks of many different races, which are now on earth, about the solar flash and the process of ascension, but also about how the free energy and very advanced healing options are available since long, but hidden by Kabal from people. That very advanced spaceship technology has been developed already since WWII and that majority of spaceships we see in our skies are actually “ours” and not alien. And other crimes against humanity, like slave work & trading outside the earth.

When people will find it out, how they will react to this? I am sure, there will be lots of suffering and strong rage and anger towards PTB or Kabal.

Also, he talks about the fact, that 12 different races have genetically manipulated us. This will be also very shocking information to devour for people, who have the f.e the Christian world view, that they have been created in the image of the divine and the only ones his children in the whole universe…

I wrote somewhere in this forum, about different nationalities and their historical heritage, confirming that their progenitors are alien beings. Recently quite a few South American tribe leaders come forward with their stories about aliens, telling that now they are allowed to talk about this. I listened to few.

I am personally waiting so much for this to happen. Even if it will be a hard time, all is better for me than this, what we live now. Though, Corey Goode says, that his information is that other races can show themselves openly (because of the Law of Free Will and Not-Influencing, whatever it is) only after the Earth ascension, which could be in few years, 2019 - 2020.

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Quote from mohini on May 25, 2018, 1:08 am

Though, Corey Goode says, that his information is that other races can show themselves openly (because of the Law of Free Will and Not-Influencing, whatever it is) only after the Earth ascension, which could be in few years, 2019 - 2020.

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-- All you need is love...

-- All you need is love...
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