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Fixing the holes in the water glass

In BOOKONE I speak of the challenges that you face when trying to initiate and bring consciousness into the body. One of the challenges is fixing a glass that's full of holes. As I say, "If there are holes in the glass, you are going to have to figure out where they are and then you are going to have to fix them all up." If you don't, water (read consciousness) pours out of the glass and you don't make any forward progress.

The question, of course, becomes, what causes the holes in the glass, and how can you fix them.

What causes the holes is easy. Toxic Socialization causes the damage. As noted in the SpiritWiki, toxic socialization is characterized by

  • Parental Displacement. Displacement of parents as primary role models and authority figures in the child's life.
  • Destruction of Attachments. Destruction and/or degradation of primary attachments
  • Violence and Abuse. Violence and abuse include physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual violence.
  • Neglect. Failing to attend to the needs of the human being. nutritional needs, inadequate food, shelter, need for truth, etc. (see this article for a specification of needs). Neglect includes emotional neglect, abandonment, failure to provide supervision, neglect, etc
  • Indoctrination. Failure to teach the truth of things, especially when the lies that are taught interfere with proper human development.

All the wrenching displacement, shattered attachments, and violence, neglect, and abuse does serious Spiritual Damage to your precious Physical Unit.

As for how to fix the holes, that is another question altogether. Its tough to do, because it is complicated, because we all have different Trauma Stories, and because (consequently) we all have different things to do.

In this thread, share some of your experiences with "fixing the holes" in your glass. Share how you realized the damage, and share the steps you took (or are taking) to fix it.

Although in the beginner section of the site, this thread is for beginners and more advanced students. Beginners can read the thread to enlighten themselves about the kinds of damage people face. More advanced students can help out newbies by sharing their own stories about when/how they realized their damage, and what steps that they took to fix it. The key phrase here is "FIXING MY DAMAGE"

If you are new to this and you're feeling a little overwhelmed and freaked out by the possibility that your life experiences have damaged you, perhaps severely, chill. It is possible to fix things up. Just keep reading and rereading the materials, exploring the website, and asking questions, and it will all become clearer as you go. Also note, if you are in a hurry, it is possible to accelerate the process dramatically with Connection Supplements (if legal in your area) and/or a strong Connection Guide).



-- All you need is love...

Hi Everyone..i know this thread is old but i think this will help me.

Finally fixing my damage.

The absolute biggest thing I've done so far to fix my damage was to get out of a toxic relationship.  As of March 2019 that person no longer lives in the same house as me.  I still have contact because there are kids involved (son 21 years old and my daughter is 16) but i'm really working on myself now so the contact is okay for now.  as i keep working, if i need to change that i will.

The next thing i have done very recently has been to eliminate 2 addictions.  over the past few years before my ex would leave, i took up drinking to cope with all the abuse.  Before quarantine, i was basically a functional alcoholic. i didn't drink before work or at work (i'm a massage therapist) but literally as soon as i walked in the front door. When i went into quarantine in mid March, for 3 weeks i drank from the time i woke up until i went to bed. even had a cup with vodka by my bedside in case i woke up in the night. I FELT AWFUL.  April 5 2020 was the last day i drank.

Next addiction is marijuana. now i know most people say its not addicting but i have smoked for 14 years and could not stop. the last few years, again to cope with abuse, i have been vaping the oil pretty much every waking moment that i wasn't at work.  I FELT AWFUL.  May 18 2020 was the last day i had marijuana. Today is 3 weeks!

I've been working out since the beginning of the year on and off but the addictions were keeping me from being consistent.  i'm still having slight withdrawals and cravings but i am back to working out now.  Feeling much better. the only downside for me with the marijuana is that i won't be able to use it as a connection supplement when i'm ready.

other things i've fixed (still fixing actually) in the past:

Low self esteem.


no confidence.

I had terrible chatter in my head: you're fat, you're ugly, you suck at everything....i mean just awful.  i really, really realized today that i don't have that anymore. and if anything does pop in, its gone quickly.

my parents caused lots of damage. i keep them at arms length for the most part. They are catholic...i basically gave the finger to the catholic church a long time ago.

Thanks for listening!



One more thing i forgot:

I sat down with my kids the other day and had a great conversation with them.  i told them about my addictions (they knew about the alcohol but i hid the marijuana as best i could) and that i've finally stopped.  i told them how sorry i was that i know i couldve been a better mother without all that crap.  they told me they loved me and that i'm a great mom!  Love my babies!

Great job Liz!

Thx for sharing... this had a pretty good synchronicity for me; since I'm struggling to get rid of my addictions since some time now.

thx for the motivation boost 🙂

You can do it Aim! I'm visualizing you breaking your addictions.

I had something happen that REALLY triggered me to quit pot. I pretty much begged my guides, my higher self..whoever would listen.. to help me at that point and it turned out to be as easy as a snap.

Good luck!


thx 🙂

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