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All forums are public, however some posts may be restricted to LP students.


LP students can subscribe to the forums by visiting their profile, clicking the edit profile button,  scrolling to the bottom, and clicking the Subscribe field. Note, clicking this link means you'll get an email notification whenever a new thread is posted. You will not get notification of new posts within the thread unless you subscribe to the thread itself.

Forum Rules

  • Be polite and respectful. Negativity of any kind is not tolerated. Feel free to express anger, frustration, etc., but do not attack others while you do so. Of course, we are all humans and we all make mistakes. If you do step into attack mode, expect to be corrected.
  • Keep on topic. We are trying to keep these threads as clear and useful as possible. It's impossible to move posts once they are in a thread, so stay on the topic of the thread. If necessary, start a new thread to discuss a related or tangential topic.
  • We appreciate quality over quantity. Careful, thoughful, well research posts are the preference.
  • Write to communicate. Avoid jargon and EPMO.
  • If you wish to to keep a post "student only," enclose the posts in the [ uc ] [ / uc ] shortcodes (remove faces within the shortcodes to make them operational). All text within the shortcodes will be obscured to the unsubscribed.
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