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Friday Shout Outs

To all our LP members,

As we get ready to launch the LP, we are asking our members to help spread the word and work. The aim of the Friday Shout Outs is to get you to share with at least three other people with some kind of LP article, forum post topic, or book. Each Friday, you will receive a Shout Out topic that you will be asked to share with at least three other people for that week. This grassroots marketing campaign is to help others become familiar, and hopefully join in with all of us, so we can band together to help others grow and learn, transform and change, and connect to others who are committed to changing the world. Are you up for the assignment?


Okay everyone, your assignment today is to help us spread the word and the connection work at Lightning Path by sharing with at least three people, organizations, or businesses by end of next week. Once you have completed your assignment, please post to the forum DONE! The goal is to get at least 10 new registrations by end of next week.

Good luck and thanks for your support!


(Michael Sosteric and Gina Ratkovic)


Hello Rheaah!!! Long time no chat. Thanks so much for your support and contributions to the LP.


Hi Gina, Long time no chat too! Nice topics at deeper lever. Thanks!

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