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Connection Skills - new SpiritWiki entry

-- All you need is love...

So, people, what do you think are your gifts? Did you identify them yet?

🙂 fun post Michael

I'm glad to see that the NIV version describe these as 'skills and abilities' rather than 'gifts', because on some level for myself I feel that there's baggage in the term, when I once hung out in Pentecostal circles for a short time, had long since stopped trying to wrap my head around speaking in tongues and its interpretations.

I encounter a lot of instances of knowledge/wisdom. The insights seems to come outta nowhere and it will fit my personal situations, or when someone asks me randomly regarding a situation, though it's really tricky sometimes because of having to stay grounded, keeping bodily ego in check and asking myself if I really want someone dumping on me and just refer them to someone who is more skilled than me, or provide another angle of thinking or a reference to things so that the person can find the correct answer, other times it comes through me like lightning in an instant, perhaps there's much much more to it.

Also, I can tell if a person is giving me two answers within in one response, my term for it is the 'forked tongue effect'. As much as desiring to chalk it all off as deductive reasoning or responding to pattern recognition from being so guarded, there has to be a better way to sort it out.

Quote from aim on August 20, 2018, 7:40 am

So, people, what do you think are your gifts? Did you identify them yet?

fun post Michael

Can you identify any connection skills that manifest when you connect, AIM?

-- All you need is love...

Yes, I believe I can.

Three things strike me as worth mentioning. To be honest, these are only "side" effects, the "state" one is in cannot be properly dissected, as it seems to be holistic in nature.

1) I gain the ability to intuit whatever someone feels or thinks to a degree way beyond what works normally. I assume it is a natural consequence of being a twin. (this sort of thing is natural for twins who are closely related and befriended) The ability simply extends to other people as well. While around people with similar abilities or very high cq this can evolve to the point where sentences need not be finished. It's almost like mind-reading ^^ To put it in gaming-jargon i'd say it's totally "broken"! 😀 haha

2) the power of the voice raises. This is incredibly powerful, fulfilling and beautiful. As far as I can say the voice of the individual with a high CQ and functioning voice chakra has priority. The information one speaks are transmitted somehow directly and as if bypassing the "critical mind". The power to persuade is very strong, even though no special words are being used. But it is not about persuation. The voice simply has a great impact on reality. For instance, once, as I was in this state, I visited a friend of mine and she told me of a psychological problem she had. I invented a "healing solution" on the spot. I told her to repeat some words after me. And I said a small mantra which aimed at making her forgive a close relative for something he had done to her. ... ... ... Anyhow, I lent her the power of my words, as I intuited that they were "strong" enough (had enough authority over reality) to alter some smaller things. Sounds absurd, but I know at least one other person who experienced the same thing. By the way, the method worked. She started crying and from then on she felt differently towards her relative. Genuine forgiveness came to fruition. Unfortunately, as far as I can say, it only works if the person giving the commands has genuine authority. And that can only be gained when a higher part of the soul is inside the body. I'm quite amused at the accuracy with which the entire LP theory works. I'm amazed every single time I think about it.

3) Amazing flow of ideas. This can be overwhelming. And at times it was for me.

Otherwise, I guess I'm the sort of person who is a "jack of all trades" concerning pretty much everything. But of course, there are still soooo many things i'd like to enable my body to do... I don't know where to start hehe.

Also, sorry for replying late, i'm working on my thesis.

Number 2 sounds like "increased chakra flow," in your case specifically noticed in enhanced voice chakra functionality. Interesting.

-- All you need is love...

Indeed, I think so, too. I notice fluctuations (at times very strong ones) simply after a small meditation session. 1-2 minutes of meditation and my voice is a lot stronger, has more "volume" and fills the room somehow. It's not so "empty" as it usually is, and I also feel the presence of the chakra in those cases.

It makes sense that connecting also enhances chakra flow i guess. Hmm

Hi Aim - sorry if this is an old thread. But I was just browsing around. BTW, hope you and your family are doing OK amid some global uncertainty right now.

Anyway, I liked reading your list of 3 things you noticed that occurred when you are in highly connected states.

Regarding #2, I totally "get" what you are saying here. I experienced that specifically when I was taking  a lot of THC all the time. I had been musical, but never really could sing. But when on THC, I could sing! I wasn't great or anything but any stretch (haha), but I could totally do it 10x better than normal.

Regarding #3, I totally "get" what you are saying here too. (i.e. amazing flow of ideas.) It is hard to manage. Looking back, I actually have had a huge problem with this. The reason I say that, is because I tended to talk about all the ideas. And people couldn't really "keep up" with all that, and my ideas often weren't practical or something I was necessarily capable of doing any time soon. So I learned to try to not talk about big ideas too much, and try to be more practical.

The other major issue with this is that I tended to also have periods of  disconnection, and I felt very traumatized by this. I felt like my "mind was blank", or I had "nothing to say." It was the exact opposite of having a constant flow of interesting ideas or things to say.

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I personally have also tried to share some of mine too. I think hearing some people's experiences helps us to validate our own experiences, and believe them to be real.

🙂 May the people of this world be free.

Indeed it is for me also quite reassuring when people share such things with me. thx 😉

Ah, one thing I didn't mention.

I'm 100%ly sure these are all "gifts"/ abilities/connection skills that everyone develops. They are generic. Meaning that they are - in my humble opinion - integrated into every PU. It happens automatically for everyone. As Mike was already saying, the thing with the voice is "just" an enhancement of the voice chakra. Not only that the voice is somehow "stronger"; I also observed that the stuff written in the Dossier of Ascenion about chakras was pretty accurate. I don't have the book anymore, but I remember it wrote about the fifth chakra that it is all about expression in general. Not necessarily only the voice. And indeed that was my experience, too. So for instance, the way I talked changed. The way I moved changed. The way I addressed other people changed, and generally how I behaved.

I have similar observations about other chakras when having a higher CQ. All except the second and the third.

My recent attempts to move forward are mixed. Some things work out excellently. Others not. But, I have to say, recently I had a series of "realizations". For instance, how it feels like to be truly free. How it feels like to truly grok that one is an incarnated masterful monad. How it feels to be powerful. How fulfilling it is to know what you are. (Indeed, for me, it feels more natural to think about WHAT I am, instead of WHO I am.) Another noteworthy "realization"/glimpse was the feeling of what love is. And how love is integrated into the WHAT we are. As far as I can tell, it is just as the LP states in the Book of Light series and generally in its cosmological assumptions. For instance, when describing the facets of consciousness, love is an integral part of an instantiated monad. Or, to put it a bit theoretically: One of the core constituents a monad is made out of is love. It cannot not love, for it is comprised of love. Anyhow, a very small glimpse of this was granted to me after a discussion with a friend of mine. She suggested something along these lines, and then, on my way home, as I was thinking about what she actually told me, I had this sudden, very short glimpse of it.

However, to be perfectly clear and honest, these experiences are all quite far away from my day-to-day being. In fact, so much so, that my ARMs have automatically encapsulated those experiences and put them somewhere where they do not "disrupt" the pertinent "big picture" my body and mind are conditioned to view myself. Thus, they are only faint memories, emotionally not reproducible for me. They don't even have strong motivational power, probably due to my ARMs getting in the way. As of yet, at least.

I think it is important to push forward now. For all of us. Especially for people who do have the knowledge, and do have the calling to awaken, activate and ascend.

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