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How do tarot spreads work?

Michael -

How can you explain how doing 'spreads' of the Halo Sharp Tarot is able somehow provide insights (or be analogous) to questions in our minds? Further, both the LP App as well as the Triumph of Spirit online website both use the random number generator function on modern computers, which are able to use measurements in hardware to generate truly random numbers [that are not deterministic.] How can it be possible that consciousness is presumably able to influence truly random processes occurring within a computer system?

Finally, to what extent is this phenomenon applicable to other tarot decks or random processes? For example, imagine I create a 52 card 'deck' of combinations of the 7 primary colors, such that each card has a random list of between 2 and 5 of the primary colors. If I randomly drew one of the 52 cards (for myself or a "client"), would the card that i selected necessarily provide insight into which of their chakras needed work?

Further, if I implemented a similar program on the computer, again using the truly non-deterministic random number generated by the randomization functions provided on modern computers, would the drawn card be considered to be analogous to the state of one's chakra system?



 May the people of this world be free.

I think from a purely scientific perspective, the idea that electronic tarot spreads work in the way we are claiming they do would be a tough pill to swallow.

But from a purely subjective perspective of an interested laymen, I have noticed that doing the tarot spreads tends to give insight into situations. Of course, it is possible that the advice given is vague enough to be considered 'useful' or insightful regardless of which cards are drawn. But my own personal experience doesn't really seem to bear that out. In particular, I have noticed that when cards are drawn reversed, it does in fact seem to correspond to identifiable and sometimes even obvious blockages or misconceptions associated with the subject of the spread.

My final observation is that I don't think the spreads really give "predictions about the future" so much as insight into the state of mind (consciousness) of the recipient of the thread.

For example, I think if one tried to do a spread on "will Donald Trump be impeached", the resultant spread will give insight into the state of mind / blockages / issues regarding one's thoughts / feelings about the president, not so much predictions about the future per se.

Those are just some of my observations / thoughts May the people of this world be free.

My final observation is that I don't think the spreads really give "predictions about the future" so much as insight into the state of mind (consciousness) of the recipient of the thread.

I wholeheartedly agree.

Interestingly, this coincides quite well with "reading the future" as well. Since expectations are shaping our future, literally and non-literally alike. However, it seems alot more plausible, and explains all sorts of divination, if we assume that it is rather the interpretation gives you the information, than the actual outcome of the experiment.

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