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How to meassure CQ; also possible reason for trapped in syndrome

I have contacted a professor of a new field of studies named "applied consciousness studies".

There is a small chance that I'll do a PhD on some applied part of consciousness studies. I'll give it a shot.

We wrote some messages, and I proposed the following study question: Is there a correlation between the ideologies we have and the CQ of a person? (this was one of 5 others I proposed, but he apparently found this one most interesting, and frankly, me too.) Utterly dryly, he commented at the end. I don't see how you want to meassure the CQ.

I'll write him shortly, but I think this is an interesting question for a post as well here.

The question should be divided into two questions.

1) how to meassure CQ
2) what are the parameters that influence/ determine the lvl of the CQ.

The second question is more fundamental and we should start with that.

Three sources come to mind.

1) State of 7th chakra.

2) Activity of ARMs.

3) Willingness of the [spwiki]RMC[/spwiki] to enter to a given degree.

To 3) The willingness of the [spwiki]RMC[/spwiki] to enter the [spwiki]PU[/spwiki] is probably premeditated (or contracted) and orchestrated by the Fabric according to its specific agenda. Since the agenda aims at Ascension of Earth, it follows that certain units need to perform specific tasks towards this achievement. Depending on the tasks the specific [spwiki]PU[/spwiki] s need to perform, different levels of CQ are needed. Thus, CQ levels may vary "unnaturally" depending on these tasks and the requirements they bring about.

To 1) The activity of the 7th chakra allows for rapid changes of CQ. Basically, the 7th chakra functions as a bridge. (remember the first metaphor Mike used in the opening of the Great Awakening, the alegory of the bridge.) Thus, an open 7th chakra will create the possibility - but not necessity - of higher CQ. Just because the bridge is standing, doesn't mean that you will cross it, if you don't like what you see on the other side of it. In my eyes, it is totally possible, even probable, that the 7th chakra is almost fully opened, and the [spwiki]PU[/spwiki] simultaneously not having a very high CQ. Simply because of the reasons presented in the parable of the bathtubs. (yes, heal heal heal...)

To 2) ARMs have an inverse relation to CQ. The more ARMs are used, the more frequent, and the more they defy sense and logics, the lower the CQ of a person will be. As such, the operation of ARMs might be used as an indicator of the CQ. Technically, to put it more exactly in my eyes, ARMs serve the purpose of allowing for a higher CQ than the [spwiki]PU[/spwiki] could actually cope with. With ARMs, the psychological friction that is experienced by the [spwiki]PU[/spwiki] becomes somewhat bareable, to the point of psychological stability. Psychological stability is a state that allows the [spwiki]PU[/spwiki] to function as a single unit and is characterized by consistency of mental and emotional images.

Still, the amount of ARMs being used is an indirect indicator for the CQ of the [spwiki]PU[/spwiki] . Because, a person who does not use ARMs at all will automatically, inadvertedly tend to have a higher and higher CQ, given its 7th chakra is not totally constricted or broken. Why?

Well. We use ARMs in order to gain release from psychological friction. Psychological friction may be subdivided into

a) cognitive dissonance

b) disjunctive emotions

c) direct reduction/deflection of awareness of unpleasant things.

a) happens when mental consistency is not present.

b) happens when we do stuff that is totally antagonistic to the purpose and aims of the [spwiki]RMC[/spwiki]

c) happens in extreme situations.

Thus, if ARMs do not operate, this means we are free from cognitive dissonance and from disjunctive emotions, too. This has big implications. Being free of cognitive dissonance means we have a solid, and especially healthy world view. It automatically means that old world archetypes cannot operate, for instance. Old world archetypes are fashioned in a manner that exploit ARMs in order to put the System in place. So, having no cognitive dissonance almost automatically means that your thinking is healthy. (Right Thought guaranteed) Moreover, if disjunctive emotions are never present, it means that the [spwiki]RMC[/spwiki] does not object regarding our actions - perhaps it even gives an occasional good emotion through to encourage this or that. (The emotional semaphore works both ways, of course) Consequently, not only did we acquire Right Thought, but Right Action is in it, too!

This, as far as I can see, issues into a high CQ. The only possibility that this does not occur, is when the bridge is totally broken. (but, if you think about it carefully, even this possibility is dealt with, if one assumes that ARMs do not operate.

Trapped in Syndrome

The Trapped in Syndrome is a syndrome where a person has the feeling that it is trapped inside its own body. In my eyes, this happens in the rare cases, where a person has gained a very high CQ for a shorter period of time, and then experiences severe spiritual trauma. The severe spiritual trauma closes the 7th chakra. By destroying the bridge, the relatively spoken, high CQ of the person is trapped inside its [spwiki]PU[/spwiki] . It cannot go back "naturally". I may be totally wrong here though. Just an idea.

I believe that for the sake of research, the second source of CQ reduction is of most interest. I think that we can devise some practical method to meassure, at least indirectly the CQ by way of meassuring the operation of ARMs.

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