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How toxic is my world (self assessment)

A healing discussion related to the "How Toxic is My World" survey.

-- All you need is love...

Ok so just to illustrate how this works, I'll go over my assessment. I've recorded my estimated Toxiciety Score for my childhood, and early home environment from 2009, when it was Gina and I, and our two oldest kids. A later home environment when we had started to work on our "issues" a little more, and when we started to be aware of the negative influence of toxic environments, is also recorded. Finally, there are two of my most recent scores. You'll see I score my contemporary home and work environments with a low toxiciety score. Our home has a no violence rule so we don't let toxicity and violence arise at all. We all try to stay calm and supportive. My work environment is also my home, plus whatever contact I have with my colleagues. That's also pretty low since I stay out of all drama at work.

I think it's notable that I mark my adult environment worse than my childhood, and also that this shows a ten year period of gradual improvement, and working to lower the emotonal and psychological violence and toxicity in our home, from 55 to 30 to 5. There was a lot of work involved there, but probably more having to do with just becoming aware of how damaging emotional, psychological, and physical violence can be. Once we all tuned into that, it was a lot easier to reduce and finally eliminate toxicity

The idea with this and other self-assessments is for you to identify problem areas (like toxic environment, personal violence), identify some negative consequences (like depression, mania, anger issues, anxiety, and so on) so you can work on these and reduce them. You need to basically work to reduce your scores on everything into the green zone.

For example, if you have issues with "mania" (sorry, we don't have a better word for that yet), you can use the Mania Self-Assessment to track issues and problems, and to monitor your own work on grounding and directing the powerful energies behind that mana.

You can track all your self-assessment scores on the Assessments Archive page. You can take the individual assessments as many times as you like. If you notice specific issues,  like you score in the red or orange zones on anger, you may want to take the assessment once a week, and discuss your results on the appropriate forum for guidance and assistance. The discussion forum links are for you to discuss your results, post research, and get advice from others working to lower their scores on specific assessments.

Note, the assessment  page only has a basic output right now, but I'll add refinements as we go, including the ability to call up the actual form so you can review your actual responses.

Also, you are the only one who can see your assessment page at this time. Not even I can easily look it up. If you want to share it with anybody, including LP Connection Coaches, you will need to do that manually (i.e., with a screen-shot). Eventually I'll have a secure method for showing it to people you choose, but for now, it's locked out.

Any questions?

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-- All you need is love...

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