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Is Soul the Atman, the Highest Self?

Re-reading the WB1, p. 11.: “Your spiritual ego is what some might call your “soul” or your “Atman” or your Highest Self.”

My question: Is Soul the Atman, the Highest Self?

We had once a discussion in the LP forum already that our True Highest Self is actually and inevitably the Atman, whereas the Soul is regarded in the Vedas as Jivatman – the Individual Divine.

In Spirit Wiki is written: "the Spiritual Ego is an intensification of consciousness, but does not entail any separation from the Fabric”. Fabric, to use Indian terms, would be the Brahman. The advaita vedanta for example states the same, but also sees this “intensification” as distinguished for the sake of the „Play“. It describes them as Universal Divine and Individual Divine in their relation. I think we can still understand this „magical“ relation and the need for it, even if there is no real separation. But as the mind wants to understand the reality, we make a separation; use different words. Atman is the „Unborn Self“, always aware of its universality but also its transcendence, beyond the existence. And the soul is this „intensification“, is in Existence and an evolving portion of the Absolute.

So for me in the terms of self-awareness or self-perception there is a difference, between Soul and Highest Self. The Soul can perceive itself as an eternal portion of the Atman or even Brahman. The Atman perceives itself as the All and One, the souls being portions of it. But I might be mistaken. Also, it is not so important I guess.

What follows is just for reference; not essential to read. I found it interesting though:

„The Divine Consciousness stands back in the idea from the movement which it contains, realising it by a sort of apprehending consciousness, following it, occupying and inhabiting its works, seeming to distribute itself in its forms. In each name and form it would realise itself as the stable Conscious-Self, the same in all; but also it would realise itself as a concentration of Conscious- Self following and supporting the individual play of movement and upholding its differentiation from other play of movement, —the same everywhere in soul-essence, but varying in soul-form. This concentration supporting the soul-form would be the individual Divine or Jivatman as distinguished from the universal Divine or one all-constituting self. There would be no essential difference, but only a practical differentiation for the play, which would not abrogate the real unity. The universal Divine would know all soul-forms as itself and yet establish a different relation with each separately and in each with all the others. The individual Divine would envisage its existence as a soul-form and soul-movement of the One and, while by the comprehending action of consciousness it would enjoy its unity with the One and with all soul-forms, it would also by a forward or frontal apprehending action support and enjoy its individual movement and its relations of a free difference in unity both with the One and with all its forms. SA, SOY P. 157

P.s. I think that because of this confusion spiritual ego – soul - atman all got now messed up for me.

I always understood in the LP that the “connection” means connecting the spiritual ego or the soul to our highest self, the Atman or even to the Fabric. In the WB1 it says “if you wake up and take the wheel of the vehicle, we would say you are then connected to the vehicle”. Which means connecting the soul or spiritual ego to the physical unit?…

LP WKBK 1 is pretty basic and I don't put any advanced cosmology into it. I don't want to scare people away.  A more advanced view which I think is probably parallel to the Vedic view is provided here. I'll work on expanding the conceptualization tomorrow morning with a consideration for what you said above.

-- All you need is love...

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