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Jobs of the Future

Here are some ideas for jobs that could be created in the future. Some ideas are already present in the LP.

Connection Coach

A Connection Coach could be used for several different endeavors.

Connection Coach for personal healing

The standard - probably intended by the LP - function of a Connection Coach would encompass healing for a person.

A Connection Coach could be also used in "non-pathologic" cases. (i.e. in situations, where a person doesn't find herself at the verge/brink of the bearable.

Connection Coach for professionals

A Connection Coach could also be used as a means for elevating the proficiency of any given professional.

Psychology. A psychological therapist could benefit immensely from a Connection Coach. First, due to the heightened empathy that comes with connection. Second, due to a shift in values and theories - a more holistically oriented approach for instance. Third, due to a general heightening of proficiency and clarity of mind.

Natural Sciences. Connection is a huge benefit for any given scientist for several reasons. First, the connection enables channeling, boosting "creativity", and the ability to find solutions. Again, clarity of mind is quite useful. The same goes for any type of scientist in every discipline. Psychology, sociology, economy, etc.

Politics. A person engaged in politics could benefit immensely from a Connection Coach, too. Empathy, a more holistic approach to politics, the gain of strenght and purpose, calmness, getting rid of personal triggers and many biases, authenticity, etc.

Speaker for the dead

Loss is a frequent cause for psychological issues. This is especially problematic in cases where things have been left unsaid and one of the party has deceased. A capable channeler could establish connection with the deceased and resolve issues.

Energetic Cleanser

Most of us use energies that are not in alignment with our Self. These are often associable with some of the seven main chakras. Close inspection of the chakras, reveal, in my opinion, the usage of the "type" of energies it tends to use. It seems plausible the reason for this is that energy sticks to that chakra, and thus it tends to attract energies that are of the same sort.


With the advent of a host of alternative healing methods, as many people try to seek alternatives to main stream medicine, the options become a problem in itself. A metahealer is a professional who is extremely adept in the knowledge of what a given healer/doctor does and how the body-mind functions. The purpose of the metahealer is not to heal. It is to suggest the best therapies, and allow other specialists to do their thing. It is a facilitator, minimizing the waste of time a patient usually has when deciding what therapy to take. A metahealer should be very knowledgeable in a variety of fields - psychology, medicine, alternative medicine. A good metahealer should be able to direct the healing of a patient so as it is fast, cost efficient and with minimal recurrence. (the aim is to cure people, and not mere aversion of symptoms.)

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