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Basic forum syntax (student only posts, SpiritWiki definitions, etc.)

Student Only Posts

If you have something to say, but want to keep your post private so only subscribed students can see, enclose your posts in the following custom shortcodes

[ uc ]

[ /uc ]

Just don't include the spaces.

SpiritWiki Definitions

When posting, you can refer directly to SpiritWiki concepts by enclosing SpiritWiki terms in the [ spwiki ] [ /spwiki]. Make sure the term is spelt correctlyk and use Camel Case (all first caps).WP

[ spwiki ]Toxic Socialization[ /spwiki ]


Toxic Socialization

Just remove the spaces.


The "UC" stands for "user can" and it means that only users can read the part of your post enclosed in the shortcodes. Guests visiting the site, and registered users who are not subscribed, will not be able to see the post.

-- Subscribe to new posts by visiting your profile. Click the edit button, scroll down to "subscribe to Forums" and click "subscribe."

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