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Movie: La Belle Verte and the TOSAS

First of all, thanks to jsb817 for recommending this film. La Belle Verte (1966) which means The Green Beautiful. I would like to spend a few moments talking about it. [synopsis]

In the TOSAS book series, I talk about archetypes, specifically the difference between New Energy Archetypes and Old Energy Archetypes. As I say in the TOSAS series, old energy archetypes are System archetypes. They limit us and diminish us so we are compliant and fit into the System. New energy archetypes are opposite. They emancipate us, empower us, and lead us to towards better connection and ultimate graduation. 

In the TOSAS books, I also say that archetypes are organized into Creation Templates A creation template is a collection of archetypes organized into a sort of book, for presentation. The Rider-Waite tarot deck is an old energy creation template. The TOSAS series, and the Halo/Sharp cards, are also a creation template. The Halo/Sharp cards organize the TOSAS archetypes into a book for presentation.

You can find old energy archetypes everywhere, in movies that teach good/evil, judgment, in our religions, etc. You don't find very many movies that represent new energy archetypes, yet. This is what makes La Belle Verte so remarkable. It is an almost textbook representation of the new energy archetypes presented in the TOSAS system. In fact, there are so many new energy archetypes in the movie I would say it is a very strong and conscious attempt by the writer to present a new energy creation template. Interestingly, I read online that the film was banned in UN nations. I don't know if that's true.

So, what new energy archetypes are present in the film? A whole wack load!

There is the notion of graduation, for example. The movie depicts a society, actually, a group of societies(!) that has evolved past money, suffering, capitalism, etc. They have graduated to a collective utopia.

There is the notion of power. The folks from the advanced society are energetically/spiritually powerful. They send one of their own back to Earth, her name is Mila, to check on us, and maybe help us out, and she has a noticeable impact on people. She talks to this one fellow and he goes and hugs a tree. Another is transformed as he realizes, despite that fact that he is a successful doctor, he has been a failure his whole life. Compare these incidents with the visual on the TOSAS Power card below. Mila is the awakened, activated, and ascended figure in the middle, and the dull, gray, toxic Earthlings (they are actually presented as such in the movie) are the ones being impacted by her contact. 

There are other TOSAS archetypes represented. For example, The Promise of an ascended creation, utopia, is clearly represented by their society where there is no pain and suffering, where people live for hundreds of years. Mila is clearly a Lightworker. And so on.

I think it is worthwhile watching the movie, particularly after you have gone through the TOSAS materials and cards. If you do you will see many of the TOSAS archetypes clearly represented in the movie.  If you do watch the movie, feel free to post your observations below. Tag any additional TOSAS archetypes you see, give your impressions, etc. If you do, perhaps you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was to find this early attempt to represent the TOSAS archetypes.

I don't think this movie is available on Youtube anymore. You can purchase from amazon or LP members see below. This movie is very rare, and very important I think. I encoruage you to buy it and then resell it, either in here to other LP members, online throubh ebay or whatever

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I hope I'm not giving the whole movie away, this is what I observed.

It was a very nice movie and ended up watching it 4 times before it disappeared a week ago (thanks for nothing, youtube!)

The remaining trailers that are left (if these are available), does not do the movie justice.

I felt literally homesick watching the scene when Mila left her homeworld.

Mila's impact on people revealed how merchants extract from customers, how people respond when feeling reconnected to nature and others, dissolved obsessions with materialism.   I noticed that the small boy in the museum and the dreadlock-haired lady, whom I call the 'out of this world hipster' in the town square, did not experience the 'shock' from her presence; the child was brutally honest and I think the 'hipster' lady may have been taking some really good entheogens for a very long time.

Also, Mila's impact on government employees was priceless; silly putty comes to mind.

La Belle Verte is worth buying, especially for kids: set your CD/DVD player to replay



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