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LPP 1.4 How to make the LP Work for You

Wherein we ask the question “How can you make the LP work for you.” We discuss the need for study, discipline, and practice. The need to ask for help when you need it. Having the courage to face the truth about your life and your actions. How to deal with guilt, shame and other Steering Emotions. The need for boundaries and safe spaces. The need for self-awareness and mind. The use of  Connection Supplements to help with mindfulness and self-reflection. We close by addressing the question of whether the human race needs to get to a “higher level of consciousness” in order to solve the world’s problems and meet our Seven Essential Needs.

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-- All you need is love...

Thanks for answering my question 🙂

If I understood you correctly, the problem with reaching a new Economic system doesn't lie in our current level of consciousness but with the elite few that are controlling the system. And the solution lies in educating ourselves and as many others as possible.

I'm a believer that people (on average) get the leader they deserve - so the current levels of thinking/consciousness of the majority in the UK led to Brexit being even a remote possibility and now a reality. And similarly the level in the US left it open for someone life Trump to be elected. So I agree that it is vital for us to educate each other to be able to open our eyes to the harshness of our current reality so we can do something about it.

I guess my follow up question is what happens when people start becoming educated? They elect in new leaders but are still part of the old system..? I don't see how the uber rich would ever let go of the current system without a major collapse happening and causing widespread distress. I hope I am wrong but if we look at previous revolutions (french, american, etc) they were violent affairs. The most peaceful one I can think of is India's Independence revolution because they had Gandhi leading them but even that sadly turned violent after partition.

Hi Dom

I am going to approach your question from a different angle; I think as a species, we are born equipped to seek out truth. We thrive when our needs, emotions, and intellectual curiosities are being met. When this happens, we become protective and work hard to avoid any negative experiences. The current global socioeconomic political state of our world is designed purposely to limit who can achieve higher consciousness and connections. Why? I would argue that the way our reward system is placed in our economic institutions is designed to allow some of us to achieve success at the expense of those who are seen as needing to suffer. When our egos and self esteem and worth needs are tied to our ability to rise above "the other" oppose to "the system" being able to make real geopolitical and psychological change becomes a challenge. As you mentioned in your example of Ghandi, Ghandi inspired thousands of people to consider our lives in a way that is rooted in maintaining our highest connections, but because the elites of our world saw that as a threat, they used brute force, manipulation and pitting humans against humans, to thwart his movement.

If we are to make real change in this life time, we have to help heal those who are the most ill, but before we can do that, we have to heal ourselves, heal our families, or find other relationships to fulfill our basic connection needs, so we can than begin to heal our communities. I find it interesting how governments the world over are trying to walk the balancing act by opening up our economies because basically what they are saying is that "yup some will die, but oh well!" And we all know who "those" persons are, the ones that are deemed expendable, worthless, bothersome etc. The challenge I think is getting those of us who are choosing to connect to convince those others in positions of privilege to care and push back against those who are the most ill in our society and that is those who are driven by greed, power, and domination. And in order to do that, we have to make those in privileged positions to care, to care enough to act.

Our democracies are hanging on by a thread world wide, and if we are going to overcome this pandemic and the traumas that are resulting from it, we have to be active agents individually as well as collectively. So we need to be informed, we need to learn things that make us feel uncomfortable, we need to participate and vote and inspire those around us to care to do the same.


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