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LP Connection Framework

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-- All you need is love...


Using the Star of David is a very powerful symbol first of all, I'll say briefly that it speaks to me as:

'As above in consciousness, so below in matter.'

Cumulative and continuous alignment in matter - On earth / in matter, we must Awaken to reality of our personal, human collective and planetary realities in its entirety; being Accountable for own our roles in it, taking action to stop all hurt and Atone for all hurt in the roles we've played in or have been affected by so that healing can take place in body/ mind / relations/ communities /planet; which gives rise to:

Cumulative and continuous connection in consciousness - In the process of healing of boundaries bodies, minds, etc., increased awareness of consciousness, uncompromising and continuous actions of consistent, persistent and disciplined awareness and continuous Alignment with the Three Rs (Right Actions, Right Thoughts and Right Environments), gains strength into Activation to continue the process of connection, and healing. When everyone on the planet is on the same page, then we go into Ascension - fully balanced force and formation in its collective entirely.

Great work on this, looking forward to seeing the wonderful results :)!

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