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LP Grades - help

Quote from mohini on June 1, 2019, 9:14 am

I would like to share few observations/thoughts about the grades. But truly, I do not know if they make sense for everyone and if they are necessary or even doable.

The topics are: a) more detailed differentiation within the levels and b) the distance between the levels.

You make some excellent points. You are right, further differentiation is required. We'll definitely work on that, and also incorporate your insights here.

As a side note, I don't think becoming a practitioner requires all that much of a shift. All you really to do is set aside a bit of time for reading each day, and a bit of time for [spwiki]Connection Practice[/spwiki]. When I started, it was an hour a day, early in the morning, when I sat down to write. You can make it easier if you incorporate it into something you already love doing. For me, it was writing. For others, it might be gardening, walking, cooking, or whatever. The key is that the activity is conducted in quiet solitude, at first, without competition, but with a specific intent, like "I wish to connect," or "I wish to find the information I need right now," or something like that. A chakra visualization, visualizing light flowing into the crown chakra from a pipe that reaches up into the sky, will help as well. Deep breathing and deep relaxation are necessary as well. If you're all "buzzy" from adrenaline, you cannot connect.


-- All you need is love...

Hello All,

With regards to the mental/emotional/psychological/spiritual (MEPS) challenges that have been pointed out thus far, however we "label" mastery, I think perhaps we need to point out the reiterative nature of our stages of growth and development. No matter where we are in our MEPS growth, our understanding of ourselves and how we choose to define our mastery, should all be based on multiple ways of knowing and expression of that knowledge/mastery. If one is going to assign a "label" that depicts authority and knowledge, then they need to be transparent as to what they have been able to master in their learnings. This also includes demonstrating how they have overcome whatever it was they had to overcome, in order to be seen as a master/proficient/leader etc.

Mastery of any skill/knowledge requires consistency over time - so if you say you have mastered something and want to be recognized as a master, but you find yourself getting stuck often, bouncing around from one thing to another, and or are hard to follow, giving off mixed messages etc., I don't think you can call your self a master because you are not demonstrating authenticity. But perfection, absolutism, idealism is also something that we must be mindful of i.e. we have to ensure that we do not create guruitis! I think until there are more emotionally safe places in the world, places where most of us can get get our core needs met, unfortunately not everyone will be able to overcome things in their lives, and because of this, we need to be realistic when assigning any kind of label of mastery.

When we are faced with challenges, this in itself is not necessarily a sign of failure, de-legitimization, or in-authenticity, but rather a stage where one must push forward on their next level of growth and development. It is only when someone is in a delusional, inconsistent, not in an alignment state of being that demonstrates immaturity and/or lack of mastery that poses a problem for the LP. Just because you can do A and B, but are not consistent with C and D, this is what the LP assessments/grades process must be able to capture.

For example, to be a psychologist you need a level of intellectual knowledge and references in order to be accepted into the academic training. Now, ideally you should possess a desire to understand human phenomenon and be genuinely empathic, but it isn't really necessary - and besides authenticity and empathy are considered to be highly subjective. So basically, once accepted into the training grounds, and if you can regurgitate the teachings, express it well in APA format, do your practicum, and put it into a thesis, that is basically what you need to do in order to be considered a "Master" in the industry of psychology. This doesn’t prove that everyone that goes into this profession will be effective.

Does this make sense?



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