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LP Grades - help

I would like to share few observations/thoughts about the grades. But truly, I do not know if they make sense for everyone and if they are necessary or even doable.

The topics are: a) more detailed differentiation within the levels and b) the distance between the levels.

I prefer these new grades to the previous ones (novice, needy, practitioner, etc.). They sound more open, not so scholar and give some room for creativity, not just mental framing.

To tell the truth I never thought of the levels before, except for: a) in regards to people as awakened and asleep and b) in regards to myself – only where I want to go, the aim of the spiritual path – the Avatar.

But I find it is useful to have these levels; especially for those working with people.

  1. Differentiation of the levels

The “Wanderers” (as I understand) include at the present situation on earth the biggest percentage of the population and to the big extent these are the people, who Gina wants to work with, “not aware of, not focused on, not practicing, connection.”

I would call these people “Sleepy Wonderers”. But as I already wrote in the previous input, this group being the biggest in number could be split in different degrees of awareness, as Gina already started differentiating them.

And I am aware that the work you both do is not just for already awakened people, but for all people. I have little clue how difficult this work can be! When I had read RSG on Money, I thought, if every person on earth would get to read this book – there would be a revolution within few days. I think/hope that is this something that people at any level can understand and realize the truth in it.

Any model has to be tested. And his model of levels could be tested on us, the LP students :). As in Gina's work it has to be seen: which language, models, grades or levels, rules of the game, practical things really bring due results.

The rest of the levels can actually apply only to the smaller percentage of humanity. Or as Gina wrote “Michael's thorough and accurate gradation is more for those who have done their work and have made a conscious choice to actualize and connect.”

But the “The Unsighted” level is not something lesser or insignificant. The nature of majority of people being physical and vital (desires and passions at the physical and emotional levels) and the mind/thought is used only as a tool for satisfying these needs and desires. To be „interested in spirituality“, even if just intellectually, is already a high achievement, I think. Though, they are still unaware of the significance and in my opinion they are also still “asleep”, but this stage could bring one also very fast to the next level or not… This level consists of different stages.

The Experienced“ I think could be further differentiated.

a) accept the reality of the experience but, for whatever reason, don’t bother to investigate further – Unconcernedor Indifferent

b) accept the reality of the experience and experienced a change/shift but, for whatever reasons, cannot re-create it again (this level differs from the above one, because these people DO BOTHER) – Believer

c) Someone who has had an experience, made an effort to recall it, but with no effort, so he decided, that maybe this experience was only in his imagination or gave up – Resignation, something like Looser

c) who reject and/or deny the reality of the experience – Ignorant

d) Conscious and deliberate rejection of connection experience, or deliberate corruption, manipulation; corrupting it for ones own benefit? Is this a moment, where one can make deliberate and conscious choice to move towards or against the light? - Infidel/denier or if it is a conscious choice a Deceiver

The "Needy Novice" is a beginner on the deliberate spiritual path, probably with lots of ups and downs. This stage can last quiet long, I guess.

"The Avatar" - I think that Avatar - besides what Michael wrote - is important in that sense that a human being during the physical life needs a very high, the highest aim to work towards and seek.

I could not think of any further differentiations for all the “upper” levels, which clearly indicates that I have no experience there. But I think that “corruption” can happen at any level. So there are “Practitioner” and “Infidel Practitioner”.

2. Distance between the levels

The smaller steps between the levels or rather some intermediate levels would be useful for the students, I think. I do not know, how others feel about it?

Right now for me to arrive to "Practitioner" looks like mission impossible. I know through my experience what efforts it would take... Maybe at the beginning of the spiritual journey I would have said: „Oh, that’s easy!“ But now I know that it is not and it requires a solid change in my nature.

On one hand, it would be encouraging to see one’s progress. On the other hand, we will anyway never stop at any level, so there will always be progress and it might be not necessary to assess oneself.

I do not perceive the levels as hierarchical. But again, it depends from the perspective of the seer. I like the image of the waves of the ocean - all one - from the bird’s perspective. If we aim at it or not – we all already work and try not just to rise our personal awareness, but the ocean’s as well.

Finally I think these levels are definitely helpful for those, who work with people and not so much for the LP students and avatars :).) But since the work will be most probably with people at the first 3 levels, they could be more differentiated for the work purposes and maybe smaller steps between the levels, to allow people see their progress.

Making ones personal assessment in praxis

Here I encountered few issues (I also have few theories to those). It seems that it is not that easy to identify one’s "level" as it looks in the first glimpse.

  1. I do not know at which level we have to be, that the realisation would be stable, but I think we can always have periods of resignation, depression and even have an experience a "fall-back".

I think that once I already was at level of "Practitioner", even for years, and then I „degraded“.

I see few possibilities how this happened: a) or I just imagine that I was a "Practitioner", or b) I “really” and definitely fall-back or c) there is a possibility of something, what Christian philosophy calls “the dark night of the soul” and is also described in yoga as some kind of inevitable happening at the initial stages of spiritual path, which but can last for long period of time..

I would like to quote Aurobindo to support this theory: „when the sadhak (yoga practicioner) descends in the inevitable course of the sadhana from the mental or the higher vital plane to the physical consciousness. Always this is accompanied by a fading of the first deep experiences and a descent to the neutral obscure inertia, which is the bed-rock of the unredeemed physical nature. It is there that the Light, the Power … of the Divine has to descend and transform everything, driving away for ever all obscurity and all inertia...”

So the issue of finding oneself at these levels is tricky in the sense, that one can be at one level already, but some work has to be done in so complex human nature, so things step forward from the subconscient or lower parts of the being and become so predominant, that people see only those and feel they have degraded.

  1. Another issue with this finding oneself among the levels is that, as mentioned above, human being has not only different personalities, but consists of different parts of the being. Not speaking of the highest ones of which we are not aware, at the physical existence we have physical, vital (emotion/energy) and mental beings and, once awakened, we become aware of the soul or psychic being.

I mention this for the reason, that for example (maybe) my inner/soul awareness is at the level 7, which but could not manifest yet. But it wants THAT and nothing else and when in the state of awareness I know this. Then, the mind and the higher vital (emotional) being are at levels 5 or 6. I think of and desire nothing else as to live for and towards my aim.

But… the rest of this human instrument (lower emotional being, the physical being and subconscient), which are very predominant now - are at the levels 3 or maybe even less then that.

So, where am I? And this rises the question “Who am I?” With which part of the being does one identify oneself? (The stress is on DO identify; not should identify)

In Yoga it is said “I am not this body, these emotions and not even these thoughts”. Then, if one identifies with the higher self, one is an avatar, if with ones vital being of desires – then one is at the very beginning of the path, since this part of the being usualy doesn’t want to change and transform.

As a solution I see that one has to become aware of all the parts and keep the position of the observer, not identify with any parts, not be affected by an. Until one finds the true Self.

Quote from mohini on June 1, 2019, 9:14 am

I would like to share few observations/thoughts about the grades. But truly, I do not know if they make sense for everyone and if they are necessary or even doable.

The topics are: a) more detailed differentiation within the levels and b) the distance between the levels.

You make some excellent points. You are right, further differentiation is required. We'll definitely work on that, and also incorporate your insights here.

As a side note, I don't think becoming a practitioner requires all that much of a shift. All you really to do is set aside a bit of time for reading each day, and a bit of time for [spwiki]Connection Practice[/spwiki]. When I started, it was an hour a day, early in the morning, when I sat down to write. You can make it easier if you incorporate it into something you already love doing. For me, it was writing. For others, it might be gardening, walking, cooking, or whatever. The key is that the activity is conducted in quiet solitude, at first, without competition, but with a specific intent, like "I wish to connect," or "I wish to find the information I need right now," or something like that. A chakra visualization, visualizing light flowing into the crown chakra from a pipe that reaches up into the sky, will help as well. Deep breathing and deep relaxation are necessary as well. If you're all "buzzy" from adrenaline, you cannot connect.


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Hello All,

With regards to the mental/emotional/psychological/spiritual (MEPS) challenges that have been pointed out thus far, however we "label" mastery, I think perhaps we need to point out the reiterative nature of our stages of growth and development. No matter where we are in our MEPS growth, our understanding of ourselves and how we choose to define our mastery, should all be based on multiple ways of knowing and expression of that knowledge/mastery. If one is going to assign a "label" that depicts authority and knowledge, then they need to be transparent as to what they have been able to master in their learnings. This also includes demonstrating how they have overcome whatever it was they had to overcome, in order to be seen as a master/proficient/leader etc.

Mastery of any skill/knowledge requires consistency over time - so if you say you have mastered something and want to be recognized as a master, but you find yourself getting stuck often, bouncing around from one thing to another, and or are hard to follow, giving off mixed messages etc., I don't think you can call your self a master because you are not demonstrating authenticity. But perfection, absolutism, idealism is also something that we must be mindful of i.e. we have to ensure that we do not create guruitis! I think until there are more emotionally safe places in the world, places where most of us can get get our core needs met, unfortunately not everyone will be able to overcome things in their lives, and because of this, we need to be realistic when assigning any kind of label of mastery.

When we are faced with challenges, this in itself is not necessarily a sign of failure, de-legitimization, or in-authenticity, but rather a stage where one must push forward on their next level of growth and development. It is only when someone is in a delusional, inconsistent, not in an alignment state of being that demonstrates immaturity and/or lack of mastery that poses a problem for the LP. Just because you can do A and B, but are not consistent with C and D, this is what the LP assessments/grades process must be able to capture.

For example, to be a psychologist you need a level of intellectual knowledge and references in order to be accepted into the academic training. Now, ideally you should possess a desire to understand human phenomenon and be genuinely empathic, but it isn't really necessary - and besides authenticity and empathy are considered to be highly subjective. So basically, once accepted into the training grounds, and if you can regurgitate the teachings, express it well in APA format, do your practicum, and put it into a thesis, that is basically what you need to do in order to be considered a "Master" in the industry of psychology. This doesn’t prove that everyone that goes into this profession will be effective.

Does this make sense?


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