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LP mentorship

What does it mean to be an "LP Mentor"

is it possible to get into legal trouble by offering to be a "mentor", or possibly for accepting money for one's services.

I am meeting a lot of people and starting to get ready to conduct LP workshops.

is it advisable to try to "mentor" people in any way? what if said mentorship (because of the nature of the healing / clearing experiences that might be involved) somehow constitutes "counseling" or "therapy"

I am wondering if trying to function as an "LP Mentor" is a good idea May the people of this world be free.

Yes I think it is a good idea. I think we have to come up with some ethical guidelines and rules, however. Off the top of my head

1) Mentors should be LP accredited. Accreditation involves passing an LP certification exam. Probably a combination of 1) writing acceptable answers to answers in workbooks one through seven. 2) time on the LP forums helping others. 3) completion of the LP MAP (Mindful Action Plan)

2) mentors need to make a signed commitment to LP ethical principles and guidelines (Gina is working on these).

3) ongoing participation in LP mentor forums and ongoing training.

4) may be a requirement for some post-secondary training in psychogy, sociology, social work. two years post-secondary minimum perhaps. this can be a challenge for some however so maybe an alternative way to credential folks in this area.

any thoughts on this basic credentialling framework?

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I am struggling with term Mentor. I just did a quick google search and the mentoring programs out there to me, are questionable i.e. they are claiming to be able to tap into some kind of "mystical" ancient knowledge and making fantastical claims. Now don't get me wrong, I do think that there is indeed ancient knowledge, and that no one needs to have fancy letters behind their names to make such claims, HOWEVER, I really think we need to present LP teachings/materials that is in a way, held to the highest levels of accountability and ethics.

I see 2 streams of certification programs:

  1. One that is for someone to learn in order for them to apply the teachings in their life, to enhance their other healing professional practice(s) e.g. yogis, naturopaths, massage therapists etc. For this group, I would suggest LP Mentorship Training and Certification. This group could advertise that they have done the workshops/training modules and are granted permission to advertise the service they provide in their line of work if they choose.
  2. For the more in-depth psycho-social-spiritual work with people, we would have to only allow those with education in psychology or social work, and or any other recognized mental health training and accreditation. So I would suggest for this group, we would perhaps call this LP Master Healer Certification (I don't like Master - I hate anything that suggests some kind of hierarchy, but it could just be me).

What do you think?


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