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LP Rods

I'd like to draw everybody's attention to the following page introducing "Lightning Path Rods," as in "Lightning Rods." LP Rods are short, pithy LP lessons organized by general LP content category, Basic Patches, Healing Patches, Connection Patches, and Connection CoachTM Patches.

LP Rods

Right now the Rods are all on one page, but we'll split them up later. Note, I'm going to gradually start locking down some of the content. Right now, basic patches are publically available, healing and connection require a subscription, and connection coach rods require a pay once "upgrade." This upgrade is not currently implemented but it will be required only of new students. All current and past LP students who maintain an active membership will be eligible for a free upgrade. If you find you don't have access to the connection coach patches and you would like it, just fire me off an email michael @ When the upgrade does become available, there will be a set minimum pay-what-you-want option, as with registration.

If anybody can suggest a better graphic for that page...

Connection Archetype

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