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LP Workbook Two Healing and RSGReligion

Two newses.

One, the LP Workbook Two Healing is finally, mostly done. Gina and I worked hard on sprucing it up to make it a solid resource for your self-directed healing efforts.

You can download the final draft below for preview. It's a major improvement over the last draft I think. I'll be posting individual chapters on the "Teachings" page, along with the forms to post your study questions, in the next couple weeks or so.

Two, I have a new book I'm just finishing up entitled Rocket Scientists' Guide to Religion and Human Spirituality. It is based on my Sociology of Religion course. It answers the question "What is Religion?" I think it brings a whole shit load of clarity to the issue. I'll be posting individual chapters on the "teachings" page for students only in the next month or so. You can post comments on individual chapters if you like in the comments section below the post. I've posted the first chapter already. To view, follow this link.

Students, login and view the final draft for LP WKB2 below.

As a side note, now that LPWKB2 is done, the HEALING MAP should be available in about a week.  Thanks everybody for your patience.

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Please send me any book you want proofed as a word doc. or something where I can do the proofing. (please enable correction mode, or whatever that's called)

As far as I remember, the book is pretty much a totally different book compared to the one I read 5 years ago or so. I'm excited to read it. The table of contents looks really promising!

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