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Mania Score

Your Mania Score is a Self Assessment score that gives an indication of whether or not you are experiencing problems with Connection. On the LP we view mania as something that occurs when the CQ of the PU rises, but when the Bodily Ego is either damage, improperly prepared, or corrupted by ideologies designed to interfere with Connection.

You can get your mania  score by completing the Mania Score  assessment. You can view your score on the Assessments Archive page.  If you score in the Yellow Zone, Orange Zone, or Red Zone, you need to work on getting better control of your thoughts, and staying better grounded.

FYI, we need a better name than "mania." To call this "mania" is a mischaracterization that confuses and misdirects. Suggestions welcome. "Ego Inflation" might be one possibility

-- All you need is love...

The term 'ego exaggeration' comes up. What comes to mind was a mention in one of the LP books explaining that this condition overcompensates for perceptions of low self esteem.

Prior to reading your take on the term mania, the term itself went 'over my head' for a long time. I also got this idea now where it refers to a person who was always doing things, never resting and would feel out of sorts emotionally when there's no outlet.

My knowledge regarding this state of mind is still being revised amongst others. Finally all of these after affects of toxic socialization can be destigmatized and clairfied thus giving diginty back to the person.

Why is "mania" a bad term?

For instance, mania is precisely what I experienced when I haphazardly raised my CQ at the time I started out with spirituality some 13 years ago.

After some years, I looked back at that phase in my life and I realized that I was in a constant state of manic-depression. Thus, fluctuating rapidly between mania and depression. Sometimes within a single day, possibly even several times. Between mania and depression, I was a lot more manic than depressive, but my life was either or, pretty much constantly.

The mania was characterized by a very strong emotionality towards virtually everything. Happenings, thoughts, all kinds of incidents, state of the world, state of my family, my own state, you name it. It was also characterized by a very strong urge to do things, based on my thoughts and emotions. Since those were fluctuating strongly, my undertakings were not exactly "efficient". It was also characterized by the sensation that I'm wasting my life. (Though, this had its root at the somewhat subconscious realization that I'm living in the System, and that I am not really doing what I really want to do; I haven't came across the LP at that time, and I was just plainly confused). Fun fact: During that period, but also prior to it, I had an immense urge to be a shaolin monk.

Later, my analysis of my state at that time was as follows:

Since I did an exercise that was very similar to the GI rigorously and daily for at least half an hour for several months straight, all my chakras opened to a certain extent and since also my crown chakra did, CQ was getting higher.

Thus, CQ raised, boosting all the bodily abilities, conditioning included. Precisely as you suggest, the solution would have been to control my thoughts (and also my emotions via my thoughts; a good psychological concept, like the one offered in the LP would have done wonders). Because the CQ raised, I developed mania. A state where my mind, unable to think out of the box, attempts to sort everything out within the framework it was conditioned in. Since more CQ is there, the mind is more capable. But it uses the "old" frameworks. Thus, it puts everything it encounters into rubrics that are taught by the System. For instance, if one thinks that judgement is a valid concept (or just assumes it is) then one will get super judgemental. There is more awareness with more CQ, which is why the same action someone does will prompt a higher judgement on your part, because you are more aware of the action, and the mind selects a rubric (in this case judgement) and applies it.

Higher CQ is incompatible with the Archetypes of the System. If a person acquires higher CQ for a prolonged duration while simultaneously retaining its archetypes, psychopathology ensues.

- Mania
- Manic-depressive
- Depression
- Egoic Bleeding
- Egoic Bloating
- Schizofrenia
- Multiple Personality
- Anorexia

This are some psychopathology that can occur, depending on various factors. Obviously, several of them can "solve the equation" for the PU. With other words, all these "psychopathologies" are mechanisms that attempt to cope with the situation and enhance survival of the PU. (Basic, but important LP concept of psychopathologies: adaptation, instead of pathologizing in a moral sense). Wisdom, or even mere knowledge would have stopped my mania.

Brief explanation:

Mania due to high CQ occurs when a person raised the CQ and operates on the archetypes of The System. All negative aspects of mania disappear when a suitable worldview/archetypes are adopted. What remains is the urge to do, the urge to change - yourself as well as the world - and raw power to do it. The negative parts of mania being the "need"/habit of operating within frameworks that are extremely limiting. For instance, archetypes of judgement and punishment, good vs. evil, survival of the fittest etc. The problems of mania seem to stem from the rigidity of thought and behavior. But that is, at least so it seems to me, a question of the archetypes one has adopted. Rigidity is not a problem if the person has the "right" conditioning. i.e. conditioning that is generally in alignment with the RMC, or even better, something I'd call metaconditioning. Metaconditioning is a loose conditioning that allows for a high degree of control by the RMC. For instance, if a person conditions herself to LISTEN to the RMC, and act accordingly, that is also conditioning. But it is not based on any specific set of ideas. The conditioning is much more vague, and simply entails that the wishes of the RMC are important and should be accounted for as best as possible. Due to this lack of specification, I'd call this type of conditioning metaconditioning.


Same situation as with mania, with the difference that the self-esteem of the individual is also crushed by the System to a very high degree. Thus, depression occurs in various situations where self-esteem comes into play. As soon as the self-esteem "card" is used, the game becomes flavored by depression. Depression occurs. (Sorry for metaphoric overkill - I seem to be in a visual state right now :))

too complex. Is related to energetic system. Many kinds of depression. All 7 chakras can create depression. Some of them we term differently. But essentially, the same process occurs in all of them. Occurs especially if the conditioning of the PU is fashioned in a way that blocks one of the chakras extremely strongly, or all of them simultaneously to a smaller degree. The typical diagnosis for depression occurs for the depression of the third chakra.

Egoic Bleeding:

Occurs when contact to Fabric has been established and is continuously open. If egoic boundaries are weak, egoic bleeding occurs.

Egoic Explosion:

See Egoic Explosion Page.

Egoic Inflation and Egoic Collapse:

Egoic Inflation occurs when sense of self is extremely enhanced. However, it is an imbalance. Egoic bloating can only occur when chakras are not aligned, or more specifically, their energies not equivalently spread across the body. Bloating occurs when the third chakra is very active relative to the other chakras. Egoic Inflation cannot occur if the heart chakra is highly functional. Or even if, small reasons suffice for the PU to auto-correct Egoic Inflation. A simple sentence from a passerby or friend is sufficient. Egoic Collapse is essentially similar in the outcome as Egoic Explosion, but occurs gradually, due to a very weak Egoic Boundary, due to the adoption of .(ego)destructive conditioning, combined with a semipermanent connection to the Fabric and a generaly high CQ. (I'm a worthless person, I can't do anything, I am incapable to do even the simplest stuff and so on.)


Occurs when connection to the Fabric is regularly used. Explanation a bit long. Short version: Reason for schizofrenia is the inability of the psychological system to compartmentalize the information in a way that is not contradictory. Information are acquired by the world through experience. Information is also acquired through connection to the fabric. If information is incompatible, then what are the COEXes to do? They do their best to reconcile the information. But not possible. Thus, they put information in several different COEXes and depending on the trigger from the real world, either one COEX, or the other is responding. Thus, the typical symptoms of schizofrenic people. Same principle for multiple personality, with the difference, that the system of separated COEXes is more pervasive.

In my eyes, high CQ can lead to all of these psychopathologies and more.

Two things I want to note:

1) high CQ may create several psychopathologies - mania or bloating are not the only ones.
2) mania has certain aspects that are truly good. I recall that the LP stated somewhere how urges start to crop up when connection raises. It is a good thing. The positive parts of "mania" give the necessary power to fulfill those urges. I feel that the stigmatization of our adaptive reactions to the system is really a pity. Out of so many reasons, really. Mania is a great example here. Mania, is something that is profoundly positive, if the negative parts of it are not "active". And the negative parts are directly connected to the archetypes of The System. The terming of "psychopathologies" has created a lot more hell than paradise.

There's some great insights here. I'm not sure I'd put anorexia into the same class of adaptations here. Anorexia is associated with hyper-controlling parental units. I think it has more to do with an unsatisfied essential need for power than higher CQ. This is a pathology that develops as a distorted attempt to meet an essential need.

It's not just Old Energy Archetypes which contributes to mania. I think there also has to be damage to the Bodily Ego. Old energy archetypes can contribute to hatred, judgment, paranoia, and mania, but under different circumstances. Schizophrenia should probably be renamed to the Ego Disintegration, because I think that's what it is. It occurs when the Bodily Ego is so damaged it cannot maintain boundaries between The Fabric and itself.  It cannot maintain boundaries because it is damaged, and because it's filled with old energy archeypes. Mania is a step back from total ego disintegration, but in this case, Consciousness is filtered through the damage. For example, someone with damaged self-etseem may experience ego-bloating when dealing with high CQ. They have a need to feel better about themselves, and so the high CQ feeds a sense of power and superiority.

I think it might be useful to frame psychopathology around the Seven Essential Needs. Pathology arises either when needs are chronically neglected, and when they develop into one or another of the Seven Toxic Needs. Pathology is the result of a neurotic attempt to meet an essential need (OCD is an attempt to bring safety to one's life), the result of distortions in the need structure, or actual damage to the psychic structures of the physical unit (like damage to the bodily ego).

Connection, an increase in CQ, can either help heal the problem or exacerbate the problem, depending on environmental conditions, the availability of good help and guidance, and the extent of the damage.


-- All you need is love...

I'm not sure I'd put anorexia into the same class of adaptations here. Anorexia is associated with hyper-controlling parental units. I think it has more to do with an unsatisfied essential need for power than higher CQ. This is a pathology that develops as a distorted attempt to meet an essential need.

Due to the hyper-controlling of the parents the person doesn't get the chance to have a say in anything, which means the person doesn't get the chance to use her/his power which leads to a very strong need to do so. The need for power being a fundamental need, it manifests in the attempt to wield power over something. The own body being a last resort. Thus, the wish to control the own body, together with some ideals that have been picked up by the individual via socialization leads to anorexia, correct? Indeed, put this way, anorexia is directly related to the unmet need for power.

I can't deny that this scheme occurs, or that this chain-reaction is not 100%ly valid for some. But I can say that this is not how I experienced my own anorexia. Phenomenologically, I had absolutely no desire to control my own body. While my third chakra was truly severely disrupted, and I have to admit that I was craving for control, it was never on my own body, not in the pathological sense anyway. I wanted my body to function, so that I'm better at sports, and intellectually more refined, but that is perfectly healthy, in my opinion.

Anorexia was the severe lack of appetite over a period of a couple of years, for me. It went on for about 3-4 years and stopped brusquely after I moved out from home. The lack of appetite was so strong, that I'd have to say it was getting in the negative realm. So, describing it as "0 appetite" does not do it justice. It was rather that I felt repulsion towards food. If you frame appetite as something that gives you "lust for food", then my state in those years was "anti-lust for food", that was sufficiently strong so that I eat only once a day small amounts, even though I was doing lots of sports. Obviously, from time to time I did have my two meals a day, otherwise I don't think my body would have made it. But eating was never a joyful experience for me at that time.

I cannot explain the feeling "repulsion towards food" very well. But I was never thinking about food, never happily anticipating any yummi food, in fact, even the most tasty food my mom made didn't give me any joy.


Combined with some other peculiarities of my state at that time, I came to the following conclusion. It is a bold conjecture, but it is the only explanation I am able to give myself.

There is a need for integration in the body. Specifically, there is a need to integrate the

a) energetic atmosphere

b) psychological and emotional atmosphere

c) physical atmosphere

of the body. I'm talking about atmosphere here, because it is a fitting term serving as a common denominator for all three aspects. So, the body always tries to equate these three parts of the body. It is important for the body. Thus, when one of the atmospheres takes on a specific "value", then the body will try to integrate it with the other two parts either by changing it towards the equivalent values of the other two, or changing the other two towards this one.

When for instance, out of whatever reason, the third chakra is extremely blocked, psychological and also somatic equivalence needs to occur. (By the way, this is also the reason why psycho-somatic changes in the body can occur. I only extended this to a third dimension, that of the energies provided by the chakras.) So when the third chakra is very blocked, psychologically, we feel the urge to feel useless, unworthy, etc.  This is what I observed in me at least.

This is worth repeating. We feel the urge to feel and become useless, unworthy, etc. Considering the physical aspect, the body also attempts to create equivalence, which can manifest in the total loss of appetite. Third chakra gives no energy, thus, physical body also takes in no energy, to create a balance between the two realms. Psychologically, the body creates an urge to be in the psychological equivalent of the energetic atmosphere, thus, chakra gives no energy, self-worth of the PU diminishes accordingly.

This concept can be used to a veritable cornucopia of pathologies. This works for total loss of appetite, to the people who cut themselves, to people who wish to experience physical pain (so as to bridge the discrepancy between their emotional torment and the lack of physical torment, or even vice versa) etc. As far as I can see, this was valid for me with respect to several psychological and physical phenomena I observed on myself.

To summarize. I agree with you that anorexia is not directly related to a heightening of the CQ. Anorexia can occur just as well in a person strongly embedded into the System. Nonetheless, the chance for anorexia is high when the CQ is raised, and self-esteem is very low. I also agree with your explanation of anorexia above, but I'm quite certain that not all cases of anorexia are related to the wish to control the own body. It simply depends on the direction which the PU takes when it attempts to gain control. If it directs the energy towards the inside, anorexia occurs. If towards the outside, anorexia does not occur in the same manner as described by you above, it occurs rather in the way I experienced it.  The need for power is simply to the need to use the third chakra. The need for control is nothing but the chakra telling you: "hey, start using me! I'm getting rusty in here! ... control something!" On the other hand, I agree 100%ly that anorexia is mainly (solely??) related to the dysfunction of the third chakra.

It's not just Old Energy Archetypes which contributes to mania. I think there also has to be damage to the Bodily Ego.

Well, Old Energy Archetypes always lead to a damaged Bodily Ego. That's what they're there for 😛 Hmm, but you'd say that the positive aspects of mania are in fact not so positive? Or that the power "like that of the ocean" is better than that of the "rush" in a state of mania?

Schizophrenia should probably be renamed to the Ego Disintegration, because I think that's what it is.

Yarp, I agree wholeheartedly, that is also my view of it. To be honest, I already used this concept on a friend, and lo and behold, he got rid of the symptoms within days. It seems to work. It is also theoretically salient. I wished I could somehow contribute towards the improvement of our psychological institutions, our psychological theory and know-how :(.  I feel this is quite important stuff we are discussing here.

Yes, agree with the description of Ego Bloating.

Indeed, as always, Consciousness is like fertilizer. 🙂 It can go both ways, depending on the circumstances.

Indeed, 7 essential needs is an excellent framework as a basis for virtually everything we can create. Starting from our psychology, medicine, education, politics, etc. I agree, of course, 100%ly. In my thoughts and theorizations, this reflected in the idea that depression is created by a severe underfunction of one of the seven chakras. As the 7 chakras are related more or less directly to the 7 essential needs.





"So when the third chakra is very blocked, psychologically, we feel the urge to feel useless, unworthy, etc.  This is what I observed in me at least."

I think you are confusing the cause of the blockage with the outcomes. We do not feel useless because our third chakra energies are blocked, our energies are blocked because we have been made to feel useless, unworthy, etc. Ideas block the chakras. Clearing out wrong ideas unblocks chakra energies. I imagine learning some LP archetypes helped unblock a lot of your chakra energies because the LP archetypes changed your ideas, purified the energy flow, and helped unencumber you Wrong Thought

Mania occurs primarily as the result of a crown chakra unblocking. It's easy to get energy flowing through the crown chakra. Simple intent will do it. Connection Supplements are even more effective. When the crown chakra activates, the "doorway" opens and consciousness enters. If it encounters a damaged bodily ego, or if it encounters a situation where needs are unmet, pathology may result. The pathology may be mild, as for example Ego Bloating that does not undermine one's daily function or location in the social and familial field (i.e. one doesn't look crazy) or it can be severe (ego explosion/spiritual emergency) or even catastrophic, Ego Disintegration. If consciousness enters and is not directed properly, it may exacerbate archetypes and ideas already present. If the archetypes are old energy archetypes, this can lead to spiritual emergence, further ego breakdown, the development of sociopathy. If there are ideas in the brain, like ideas that undermine self-worth, consciousness entering in can exacerbate these also. If you are depressed and feel worthless and powerless before connection, connection may make this worse. This is perhaps the root of the food aversion. This is literally your body seeking equivalency with ideas that have become more salient and pronounced. You think you are worthless, You feel worthless. You act worthless. You are too worthless to even eat.

And yes, for sure, old energy archetypes lead to damage. But they are not the only things that damage the ego. Assault and neglect do damage as well.

You are right, the Seven Essential Needs are related to the seven chakras.



-- All you need is love...
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