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Mania Score

Your Mania Score is a Self Assessment score that gives an indication of whether or not you are experiencing problems with Connection. On the LP we view mania as something that occurs when the CQ of the PU rises, but when the Bodily Ego is either damage, improperly prepared, or corrupted by ideologies designed to interfere with Connection.

You can get your mania  score by completing the Mania Score  assessment. You can view your score on the Assessments Archive page.  If you score in the Yellow Zone, Orange Zone, or Red Zone, you need to work on getting better control of your thoughts, and staying better grounded.

FYI, we need a better name than "mania." To call this "mania" is a mischaracterization that confuses and misdirects. Suggestions welcome. "Ego Inflation" might be one possibility

-- All you need is love...

The term 'ego exaggeration' comes up. What comes to mind was a mention in one of the LP books explaining that this condition overcompensates for perceptions of low self esteem.

Prior to reading your take on the term mania, the term itself went 'over my head' for a long time. I also got this idea now where it refers to a person who was always doing things, never resting and would feel out of sorts emotionally when there's no outlet.

My knowledge regarding this state of mind is still being revised amongst others. Finally all of these after affects of toxic socialization can be destigmatized and clairfied thus giving diginty back to the person.

"Sifting through the billions of muggles to find the rest of my tribe... it's gonna take awhile. "

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