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Meditation, study, relaxation, yoga music

Hello, My name is Niko Sosteric,As I live with cerebral palsy, it can be quite a challenge for me to get in a zen like mode to help with physio, as my brains thoughts will be racing. I found music of the ambient variety as well as cannabis drops to be a massive help. If anyone would like to add their own links or files, feel free to add to the thread, with a little blurb explaining why you chose the link. This will help me and others find more opportunities for the healing power of sound.

This is a forum meant to be used through the healing power of sounds, tones, and music. To get us started for today, I'd like to post some relaxing music I use heavily during physio and daily stretches.

As this is my first post, I will admit I'm somewhat nervous but I hope this helps


Thanks for posting, Niko!

I highly recommend music released by Tunguska Electronic Music Society. It's a collection of thematically sorted works by different artists. The music is generally very freestyle, and most of the tracks are positively weird, each in its own way. All their "Chillout Grooves" albums are quite relaxing, and there are also more than a few ambient albums that are good for meditation. On the other hand, their "Siberian Jungle" albums are a bit too fast for me to be relaxing. It's all available here for free:

This ambient album is nice:


now if only we could get meditative and stress relief inside our VR headsets if we so choose to! one could walk in a virtual landscape to some of this stuff, solving puzzles every so often to stimulate the brain. It would be like the classic Myst games

Welcome Niko! Long time no hear from, postnihilist!

These are some nice groovy links the chill with, thanks... already bookmarked, this will help me finish some projects left on the back-burner 🙂

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