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New SpiritWiki Site is Awesome!

Well, the heading of this post pretty much sums up what I wanted to convey. 🙂

Great job, really.

So what is it that you're liking?

-- All you need is love...
  • The organization of it. Bars at the top helping to navigate. One gets a good overview of how the LP is structured just by seeing the bars, even if one doesn't know anything about the LP.
  • The Layout and the Fonts are neat in my eyes.
  • The links bringing you straight to the relevant part of the page.
  • Main page has been updated nicely. (Even though stuff is still missing.) But I can see you worked hard on it. 🙂

I'll take the chance to note one small problem. When sliding through the bars, if the bar expands vertically and not horizontally, then it is really difficult to click one of the fields. The reason is, there is a very small empty space between the extension of the bar and the initial bar. See as an example. When sliding slowly, the column disappears. One needs to move the mouse very quickly in order for it to function. I'm sure that is not intended.

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