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Nutrition, exercise and rest (physiological needs)

Michael does talk about nutrition, exercise and rest in his books but I will provide some more information because that's not specific enough imo.

Sleep: Go to sleep and wake up when you feel like it without using an alarm (I usually sleep 8-9 hours)


I read his book "How not to Die" which suggests a WFPB (Whole Food Plant Based) which is what I am eating and a list of 12 things to eat/drink/do everyday.

His nutritional science is correct.

Most of the things he says psychology-wise sound off. Check the LP for psychology. I could analyze this but this a post about nutrition.

Also this is wrong

Fluoride is not an essential nutrient and to get any benefits you would have to apply it to the teeth. Ingesting it makes no sense whatsoever.

Exercise: What Dr. Michael Greger suggests. There is an app called the Daily Dozen that lists exercise and efverything else (legumes, berries, other fruits, cruciferous vegetables, greens, other vegetables, flaxseeds, spices, whole grains, beverages) and Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D (the sun)


  • At the beginning when going vegan you may get a headache (I did). I read somewhere that cooked meat has a similar chemical makeup with caffeine so it's probably withdrawal symptoms.
  • You may underestimate how low in calories are the foods you eat so eat until you are full. You can use track calories. If you don't eat enough you could get tired or dizzy. No need to fast.
  • At the beginning you may go to the toilet a lot (I did)

Lost 15 kilos in 4 months. (8 then 4 then 2 then 1)


  • As mentioned in "How not to Die" your tastebuds adjust so eventually the healthy food will taste good and the unhealthy food will taste bad
  • For example whole wheat bread which is healthier than white bread used to taste bad now it tastes good for me and white bread tastes bland.
  • Another example sweet potatoes which are healthier than white potatoes used to taste bad not they taste good for me and white potatoes taste bland.
  • I used to like french fries now they taste meh (too greasy, too salty) and I would rather eat some sweet potatoes

There is also Dr. Sebi's Nutritional Guide but I highly doubt that broccoli is unhealthy lol.

Thanks for the excellent post Mardava. Thanks for the links and also the extra analysis. Yes you are right, I don't speak a lot about nutrition, only saying that it, rest, and exercise are important. I also agree with you and Dr. Greger suggest, which is whole foods, plant based, diet is best.

My entire family went vegetarian about eight months ago (five of us) and we haven't touched meet since. I and my daughter have wanted to go vegan for a long time but with young kids and so many different tastes in our home, it was tough. We watched the Netflix show Okja and that did it for all of us. We were horrified by what we saw, we which all knew was a reflection of corporate farming and its total disregard for animals, and made the decision on the spot to give up meat. We have not looked back since.

We ate pretty healthy before that,never eating a lot of meat, but we have noticed our diets change. In addition to the taste changes noted by Mardava, we have also noted growing distaste for restaurant foods of all types, including Indian takeout, which was our former favorite. Now we find most restaurant fair, even vegan/vegetarian options, to be too salty, too greasy, to icky to eat. It's a good thing I'm a good cook.

We haven't gone totally vegan. We do eat small amounts of milk, cheese, and eggs, but not much. The vast majority of our diet is grain and vegetables.


For reference, here is my article on Human Needs and how we have to meet all of them if we want to heal and actuate full human potential. Moving forward on a healing path means meeting all these needs. Note, meeting all our human needs is something the current economic system is unable to do.

-- All you need is love...

Some videos on veganism:

(Contains graphic footage)

Substitutes for animal products:

Milk: Vegan milk like soy milk (I am more of a yoghurt person; I like soy yoghurt)

Also I used to drink coconut milk (with stevia in it), now it's too sweet for my tastes.

Cheese: Vegan cheese tastes the same (I tried some). A very healthy alternative is

which I like mixing with my pasta, legumes and in salads. Also usually contains B12.

Eggs: Avocados. Add kala namak to get a similar taste (haven't tried this) Not a big fan of eggs to begin with (I got food poisoning once)

Meat: Mushrooms. If you don't care about imitating the taste legumes.

Peanut butter sandwiches  are ok

To check if your bread is whole wheat divide carbs with fiber: the result should be 5 or lower

For exercise I walk and I have an elliptical trainer at home

Some tips from "How not to Die"

  • Putting fats (e.g walnuts, avocado) in salads increases the absorption rate of greens
  • Eating foods high in antioxidants (e.g blueberries) before exercise helps a lot

More evidence of the importance of plant based diets

I personally think the development of "frailty" has to do more with lack of exercise/weight training/cardio, and the long term nutritional deficits caused by a meat based diet. I think decades of poor diet undermines the [spwiki]Physical Unit[/spwiki] as cellular and genetic levels.

I think when you eat meat, or too much meat, you push out vegetables, fruits, nuts, and legumes that you need to stay healthy.

-- All you need is love...

Some evidence on the life importance of regular exercise. This study demonstrates that we retain muscle mass, immune strength, etc., as we age if we stay active.

-- All you need is love...

An excellent brocolli salad recipe

-- All you need is love...

About the significance of fasting for bodily health

-- All you need is love...

I recently did a fasting session of three days.

I always feel well after/ during the fasting. I couldn't tell whether the internal clock or what works better, but one thing is sure for me. The internal alignment of bodily procedures is always better during my fastings. The body becomes more efficient. I need less sleep for the same effect to take place. I wake up totally refreshed, and for once, I can actually fall asleep during normal hours, and not after 1 am.

There is also always a correlation with my CQ. CQ raises significantly during fasting. Especially at the end of the first 36 hours. But fluctuates more or less strongly.

I have been experimenting with fasting for the past three weeks. Honestly I have never done so in my life before now. I have been trying intermittent fasting, which means I don't eat during the day until dinner time. It is somewhat counter intuitive, but it seems to work well for me. I also do a 24 hour fast every Friday.

In my particular case, I mostly starting experimenting with fasting to work on my personal discipline. I have never attempted anything longer than a 24 hour fast, but am curious to eventually try it. May the people of this world be free.

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