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Official Launch of the LP

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-- All you need is love...

Sounds very nice.

I've been asking myself what I want to do with my life, and yes, I came up with pretty much the term you used: "connection coach". After minimal pondering, I must admit that it's probably my raison d'Γͺtre. I mean, there are hundreds of them, but still... one of the main things I came here to do.

If the circumstances allow me, I will attend.


Aim - that is great to here you might be able to attend "if circumstances allow"!
I say that because: i am in the same exact boat!! if circumstances allow, i too will attend along with my wife πŸ™‚

we are going to do everything possible to make sure we can come.

michael- can you please explain a little bit about the background and why is the city of auroville chosen for this?? May the people of this world be free.

Hello all,

I had to do a double-take reading the message, It's very exciting really and feel the deep conviction to be there. For some reason the story Mahabharata comes to mind, read the book a long time ago, though I presume that a good deal of other ancient Hindu texts were written in that general area, however, I could be incorrect with this generalization.

I wish to do all I can to be there.

i look forward to all of us meeting in person.

we are on an amazing journey together, and i am honored to be getting the change to know you guys

πŸ™‚ May the people of this world be free.

"i am in the same exact boat!! if circumstances allow, i too will attend along with my wife πŸ™‚"

Nice πŸ™‚

I'm also looking forward to the event and to meeting you guys. πŸ™‚


oh my, this is really the chance i'm looking for.

ok, let's keep some money for this!

Definently something I would like to attend! But if circumstances wont allow that particular time, is this something that will be held annually or something? Really good idea to have students of the LP get together to share experiences, study and take this work one step further. Could be really powerful!Β  Auroville seems like an awesome place too. A city for the future!

Auroville sounds like a brilliant choice for the Launch and I look forward to being there. Β In the meantime, I have a lot of LP catching up to do! Β  X

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