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Optimal pattern for raising consciousness

I reread the four allegories Ships, Garden, Blindfold, Room.

After reading the allegory of the Room, the following "organigramm" came to mind.

It explained a fairly optimal pattern of raising consciousness. I asked myself how exactly the pattern of "heat" would look in the room. How would it be best organized in which areas should how many heating packs be active?

Uh, now this is kind of tedious to explain the picture, but I'll try my best.

Imagine a spa. And in this spa, you have places where water gushes out from bottom to top. Whirlpool style. Imagine that the level of the water is the average CQ of the population, with minor bumps up and down in form of waves that reflect the variety in CQ of groups of people. Now, the gushes of water that come from the floor represent people with their heaters on. They put energy/warmth/more water into the room. At the point where the gush of water arrives to the surface, the surface gets pushed up a bit and breaks. That represents that their CQ is higher than of the average level of consciousness. Note that around the exit point of the gushes, turbulences occur. The bigger the discrepancy in the "height" the water gush achieves, the more turbulent will the surroundings become. So, the higher the heat emanated by the heater, compared to the amount of clothes and frostiness of the people around, the bigger the discomfort for both parties becomes. Thus, the bigger the difference in CQ between individuals/smaller groups that have a high CQ compared to the average CQ, the more turbulent and not-in-sync that area becomes.

What is the best way to raise the water level of the pool. Well, a pool that creates the least turbulence while water is pumped in, right?

Imagine, how much turbulence would occur, if a huuuuge fountain would be put in the center of the pool. Brutal turbulence, right?

Now imagine how it would look like when a host of very small gushes of water were placed in lots of places. Less turbulence, right? This seems to be the most strife-efficient way to raise the consciousness level of the world.

Also note that every gush represents several people, and not really a single one. CQ is highly dependent on social circumstances. It is probably not possible for two people with a high discrepancy in their CQ to stay together for long, because then the strife/strain/grind is very high.


Water has a physical property that is termed "surface tension". Surface tension is created by a force that binds the molecules together.

People are just like that. In this case, the surface tension (or more precisely, the force that creates the surface tension, is love. Love binds everyone together. Everyone is somehow bound to someone else; an entire social landscape emerges, in which every single atom is bound to all others constituting the single pool.

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