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Passage Archetype

I hope I do not annoy anyone with these posts, but I just feel the need to share this stuff.

After a small amount of entheogens, I sat down at my table, in front of my laptop.
I just sat there and breathed in deeply for a couple of times, and the effect took its place. I was staring towards the wall in front of me, where a poster of the Archetype Passage (this one : hangs. As I was staring, thinking about something linked to the purpose of ascension, why it must happen (or more precisely, ascension exists because a descent existed in the first place. The descent was meant to be as short as possible, as spatially limited as possible, and as secure/inevitable/inexorable (lack of randomnes) as possible. Even if the descent kept on for many milenia now, it is like putting your toe into cold water for a milisecond, feel its coldness, and put it out again compared to all your days of your entire life and beyond. The Descent is truly a very brief moment. compared to all the rest we've adventurted. Naturally, after we put down our toe, (and gently grab the blanket with it) we pull it out back, into a warm and cozy place. ( I seriously have a cnack for metaphors, but I won't detail the one that I just aluded to.)

So, while looking at the feet of the figure representing my [spwiki]RMC[/spwiki] , I realized something. The "river the [spwiki]RMC[/spwiki] floats into is in fact your life-river. It is the piece of the Space-Time Tube your [spwiki]RMC[/spwiki] will experience/ experiences. I got reminded of the Parable of the Bathtubs. The [spwiki]RMC[/spwiki] about to put its feet inside reality. The river being a strip from the Space-Time Tube, it represents your reality. The river is the movie-reel that used to used for movies back in the 50-70's or so. Note that when consciousness enters the movie-reel, the area where it enters ripples and alters reality.

This little detail also subtly talks of your power. You have power over reality. For me it is clear that the new world arechetypes, if the archetype set is truly good, then the archetypes will support each other, similar to the old world archetype system, where the archetypes supported each other to confabulate a certain overall picture.

I will look out for similar details in future. I never realized it, but I suspect that the new world archetype system also has visual synergistic effects concerning the messages. And that means that each picture, representing one archetype, is somehow related to several others, carrying the same meaning, perhaps subtler, but nonetheless with an entangled purpose.

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