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Patches, patches, patches

OK. How 'bout using the concept of "patches" to organize the content. Ben said this and when he said it I think he meant it like a patch that yu sew onto a jacket, or something. I want to extend that and instead think of the patches like patches (blocks) on a quilt, a connection quilt that you sew together by adding and connecting all the patches. What do you think? Non hierarchical? Accessible? Grounded? We can still preserve the notions of levels, but in a much less hierarchical and threatening way. Advancing forward is simply acquiring and sewing together more patches, with our without assistance.

Here's the page


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i find what you are proposing to be very non-threatening. it gives people something to aspire to (work towards) w/o being too hierarchical or intimidating. i think it is a good solution

🙂 May the people of this world be free.

patches sound great. it's fun, whimsy and a way to express personal accomplishments on the way back to authentic selves at the same time with commitment to all of the LP foundations. It makes me think of the ones used in the Khan Academy site.

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