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Plateau Experiences

Abraham Maslow talked about Peak Experiences a lot. Towards the end of his life, he also began to talk about Plateau Experiences. The article attached here is a discussion between Maslow, Krippner, and some others about the nature of these experiences.

The article starts with some interesting comments on things like astrology, tarot, and esp (did you know Maslow believed in ESP), and ends with a discussion of transcendence/peak experiences/plateau experiences. There's some interesting tidbits in here, which I've highlighted in the text, like the idea of Unitive Consciousness, the Big Bang Theory of Connection, and the notion that more permanent forms of connection are possible with sufficient practice. The article discusses a bit about what permanent connection looks like, how it is different from the discrete connection experiences of the neophyte. There's also a fascinating tidbit where Maslow suggests that "nasty" people (i.e., people who are unaligned and engage in Wrong Thought and [Wrong Action[/wiki] can have connection experiences, but that they tend to be emotional and lacking in cognitive content. Wonder why that is?

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