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Couple things

1) the site doesn't log you off anymore. Once you are logged in one, you stay permanently logged in. Don't worry, we don't track you, however, if you want to log off, you'll have to do it manually with a link provided at the bottom of the page.

2)Gina and I have started an official LP Podcast. Those of you who are CCs in training, Mohini, Aim, Ben, Rheah, can participate by suggesting topics and questions, or by hosting a "dialog" (not sure about the word). Send her your ideas/thoughts to

Introduction to the Lightning Path


-- All you need is love...

When I click the link it says "The page you requested could not be found."

I fixed the link. Try now.



-- All you need is love...

Hi Mike,

I know it's not the right thread for this, but I can't log in to the spiritwiki. I forgot my password and tried a couple of times. After that, I reset my password and got a new one. When I try to log in, it jumps back to the page I was previously on without logging me in.

Is it because I failed with my password a couple of times? With other words, the site behaves as if my login would work but I'm still not logged in.


That's weird behaviour. Send me a password via email or PM on this board, and I'll reset for you and also test on my end. You can access the PM here by visiting my profile link.

-- All you need is love...

As some people might know, the Lightning Path can be accessed through the Amazon Alexa. So that is another way to conveniently listen to new episodes of the LP Podcast as they come out.

You can enable the LP Skill on your Alexa by going here:

Then just say “Alexa, ask Lightning Path to play Podcast” any time to hear the latest episodes from the LP Podcast as they are released. May the people of this world be free.

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