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question about GI?


Imagine I started doing the LP GI visualization literally hundreds of times a day, by actual count [using a small device to count the instances.] Assuming one did this [and further assuming most of their existing psychological issues and blockages had largely been dealt with due to previous healing work done the LP], what specific kinds of outcome could be expected? Could one expect increased and noticeable speed of their intentions coming to fruition in their life experience? Could one expect greater health and vitality, and increased CQ? Would such changes to noticeable to the individual, or even quantifiable or verifiable in some objective measure? May the people of this world be free.

Hey Ben, how are you? I'll share my thoughts with you ūüôā

Well, how would you do it? With a stopwatch/timer/app to remind you? If so I would imagine that would be quite disruptive to whatever it is that you are doing in your life. If we just assume that you are awake say(whether that is the case or not) 16 hours a day you'd have it go off every 9.6 minutes with 100 instances of the Gi.

Perhaps if you did it with a small mechanical counter that you click on whenever you do a boost, that would be a good way of reminding yourself to do it and also would never disrupt you from anything you have going on in any given moment.

As for health and vitality I'd say eat your veggies, move a lot outdoors, climb stuff, jump around and do tumbles etc... basically move your whole body, not just specific parts of it.

I'd say a specific kind of outcome you get from increased connection is a deep sense of happiness when you do the right thing.
To get that increased connection I think it is important to not be so focused on yourself passed getting your basic needs met. Make people feel good about themselves. Stand up for others. When you get hurt, confront the person responsible...(well Michael has written all of this a gazillion times probably, but it is common sense as well!)

Realize that it is not an individual effort, I mean really realize it. Just saying it doesn't mean anything. Everybody wants love so do your best to spread it.

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Guys - thanks for your responses and good insights.

I have been conducting my own experimentation with the great invocation.

Imagine this scenario: I work a job putting together orders for an big company. So for my job, I drive around a machine called an "order picker" which is sort of like a fork-lift that you stand-up and drive. Next, imagine long floor-to-ceiling shelving, that is filled with various boxes and products. So my job is to drive around the order picker all day, up and down the isles, and getting products off the shelves. Finally, imagine that the order picker while it is going up and down the isles is "wire guided", meaning I have control of the machines vertical height, and a throttle to go forward and backward, but the actual "steering" is controlled by the machine. So imagine that the computer tells me to go to get the next item off the shelves.... and most of the time, assuming I am already in the right isle, I just hold down the throttle, and the machines goes full speed ahead, until I release the throttle at the next location. Finally, imagine that I do that process literally hundreds of time per day.

Anyway, what I started doing is to just do an abbreviated version of the GI [i.e. where I just sort of see a generalized explosion or gusher of energy coming through all my chakras simultaneously] every time I zoom from location to location. (Each "zoom" lasts say between 10 and 30 seconds.) And again, I am doing the "zooms" at a rate of like 1 or 2 per minute, multiplied over an entire 8 hour shift.

So I figure I am doing upwards of 50 to 100 great invocations, every day for going on several weeks now.

I was curious what kinds of effects, if any, this would have.

After some time doing this, I have noticed two main outcomes so far.

The first one is that my level of 'wakefulness' at work great exponentially. One problem with our job is that everything we do is quantified [using computers.] So the company knows exactly how fast we are doing our work, and how often we are making mistakes. There is a system of progressive discipline where you get "points" for making the mistakes, where you lose your job if you make more than 3 mistakes in a 90 day period. It is stressful and hard, because we are doing the process described above 1000's of times, and yet we can only have problems or mistakes or errors occur 3 times in 90 days. So it is a problem I was struggling with, and I was getting close to not being able to do my job anymore, because I was making too many mistakes.

Anyway, I was driving to work one day recently, and I was worried about all the mistakes, and was mulling it over in my mind. As I did this, I suddenly realized I was driving the wrong way to work... and instead of driving to my job, I had been on "auto pilot" (lost in thought thinking about the problem I was having) and my body just drove towards my old job instead, which is a route that I'd driven previously every day for 10 years or something.

All at once, I had the realization that when our minds are preoccupied, and we are not present, our body just keeps "going" on "auto-pilot" w/o our awareness really being present... and the "auto pilot" tends to just follow along previously established stereotypical  patterns of behavior.

So I realized I was making the mistakes at work, not because I wasn't smart enough [or even focused enough] to do my job properly... it was because I made mistakes when i was on auto-pilot mostly.

I conceptualize of each chakra as a different aspect or quality of consciousness... so I think one thing that the GI does it to bring more of our awareness into our body, by letting different aspects of our consciousness to more fully enter our body via our chakras. Anyway, having this "extra consciousness" in our bodies makes us more aware, as Michael mentions in the LP materials.

And what do we become aware of?? One obvious thing is to become more aware of what is happening inside us, and around us.

In my case, I started to become much more aware of when my mind was wandering. It was like a meta awareness, where when I was working my job as described above, I would recognize when I wasn't really present, because I was lost in thought. Interestingly, my body would just continue doing the job per normal... but as I mentioned, tended to make more mistakes than I would normally make when my full attention was present.

So I just sort of naturally started sort of treating the whole thing like an active form of meditation, where-by I would keep my mind focused on the task at hand... and when i realize I was lost in fantasy about the future or rumination on the past, I would just gently bring myself back to present moment awareness. It seems like such a simple thing, but it is normally difficult to put into practice, because we are missing the crucial element of awareness of the fact that our mind is wandering!!

And that is where my experiment with the GI came in. As I mentioned, by working with it so extensively over an elongated period of time, I started to notice that I had more awareness in my body, which gave me the ability to develop the meta-awareness to reign my mind back in when I noticed it (I) was wandering off.

I will continue to report on additional outcomes that I have noticed.

But first, I wanted to bring up this, and solicit other people's perspectives and feedback on the first out-come of my experiment: increased mindfulness. May the people of this world be free.

As I mentioned, I have been doing my own experimentation with the Great Invocation at work. Additionally, I have been studying [learning about] mindfulness practices by listening to audio lectures from the Great Courses on Mindfulness.

I have found that doing the GI as I have described above has definitely increased my own mindfulness. As a matter of fact, I have realized that for the most part, I was "running" completely on "auto-pilot" during my entire work day. (Probably this can be extended outwards to my entire life in general.) In other words, at any given moment, I was lost in thought, not really paying attention to what I was doing.

(I think the brain's ability to 'carry on' doing the task at hand, even without our conscious focus, is probably a useful and important skill. But learning to consciously focus our intention on the present moment is also an important and very life enhancing skill as well!!)

Another major outcome measure of my experimentation has been a radical increase in my overall CQ. This has been very noticeable, and has effected my whole life. LP people will understand my sentiment when I explain it as the feeling of having been sleeping, and to just continually achieve greater-and-greater feelings of wakefulness.

I did in fact notice one striking example of "externalizing" issues that were incurring in my mind in a rapid fashion.

Briefly: I was becoming increasingly unhappy about the way that my employer was calculating the "rates" that they use to quantify how fast we are working (i.e. how "productive" we are during work.)  My one friend got fired up there for not "making rate", and it made me mad inside.

So I took a stop-watch and a small pad and paper up to work, and started keeping track of everything myself.  After about a week of doing this, I had created my own model of how to properly quantify my own productivity, and had specifically documented how the way that the company was doing their rate calculations was neither fair nor accurate.

(In essence, they were blaming each individual worker for "not working hard enough" when in fact, their calculations did not take into consideration the factors outside of the employees control. For example, imagine everyday I grade you on how fast you get to work: some days it takes you 30 minutes and some days it takes you 40 minutes. In essence, my employer was trying to fire you when it takes you 40 minutes because "you didn't drive fast enough" that day, when in actuality what accounted for the differences was different driving conditions that day. )

I literally didn't say anything to anybody really about this yet, but unexpectely the one manager guy who I don't interact with much came out and found my during my work shift. He started talking to me about the rate calculations [which he was hired to implement].

Now he is not a bad guy really, but I realized that he uses various tactics to place the workers (i.e. me) in a "beta position" when he interacts with us.

During this particular interaction, the power dynamic was completely different than normal.  I was noticeably more present, articulate, and insightful than he was anticipating,  and we were interacting more on a peer-to-peer level than as a manager-worker level.

I explained to him the problems I was seeing with his methods of calculating the rate, and he agreed with me, and admitted that he was "trying hard to get the numbers to work out."

He knew a lot more about the internal particulars of the system than I did [since his job consists of "data mining in databases"], but he seemed to lack  insight that was readily apparent to me in the connected state.

The final and most striking outcome measure of my experiment was a phenomenon that I have experienced before, but that is difficult to articulate sometimes. Basically, it has to do with the idea of "finding your very best self" or acting from a place of complete authenticity or impeccability. When you do that, it seems to somehow magically elevate everyone else to a similar plane.

The whole thing had the effect of changing the way I perceived my managers. (They are a little click of 3 or 4 people.) My interactions with them changed from sort of adversarial type encounters into more peer-to-peer type encounters.

The Lightning Path talks alot about "the system", and exactly what is meant by what. But in more general terms, I think "a system" is the rigid (and sometimes unspoken) rules that govern the operation of a complex situation, such as the functioning of an institution.

Normally, we exist "within the system", and start to take the unspoken rules that seem to govern our existence as "reality". This is maya, or as Michael called it, "The great fraud".

But in highly connected states, the maya begins to dissolve, and you are left with the distinct perception that the only thing that really exists is people all working together, playing out their individual roles.

When this "human centered perspective" trumps the normal perception of  the "rules of the system", you perceive things from an enlightened perspective of beginner's mind, and it changes everything.

I do believe that you have to be careful, however, operating from such a state because it almost immediately starts to become disruptive to the status quo.

What do you guys think?

What will be the outcome if I continue my experimentation with frequent and systematic use of the GI??



 May the people of this world be free.

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What will be the outcome if I continue my experimentation with frequent and systematic use of the GI??

That depends entirely on you and your surroundings.

I believe that if you continue, you will have the chance, the opportunity to change bad habits and also will feel a strong urge to emotionally unentangle yourself from toxic people and environments.

I also believe that all your urges will spike, your addictions might get (will get...) stronger, or let's say they will have more potency, your fears will surface more frequently, and you will have the chance to change them.

You see, the GI is a tool that activates the body. With other words, the GI is pumping up the chakras. All of them. This does not have the sole effect that your CQ raises. That is only one of the seven chakras that is enhanced.

To speak honestly, I believe that the more activated the body is, the more difficult it is to maintain a high CQ, as long as the PU is not healthy, and as long as the environment is toxic.

Activation of the body and the CQ have a very peculiar relation. The more activated the body is, the "weightier" habits, fears, generally all conditioning becomes. Think about it. This chains you ever stronger if the right conditioning is not in place. Especially the case of addictions is horrible, because your entire life revolves only around them. And this, as it seems to me, is the stronger the more activated the body becomes, if simultaneously, those addictions have not been dealt with previously. On the other hand, of course, your higher CQ grants you more control over your body. Anyhow, keep an eye out on all the actions and reactions that happen in your body, and especially your behaviors when doing the GI for an extended period of time. As far as I can see, activation implies connection, but not necessarily. One can activate (at least partially) without ever connecting. I'll do a post on that sometime later, perhaps tomorrow.

Anybody else find this to be the case? Is "connection" disruptive of the status quo?

Connection or activation? It is important to differentiate here. The question cannot be answered without putting these two into relation. How much connection? How much activation? Does the activation strenght surpass the connection strenght?

Anyhow, assuming that the connection keeps the activation under control, I'd say: Yes. Yes in the sense that there is no way in hell a person who has a genuine connection will ever endorse, or even accept most of the stuff the system puts us through.

Connection or activation? It is important to differentiate here. The question cannot be answered without putting these two into relation. How much connection? How much activation? Does the activation strength surpass the connection strength?


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What I am missing [not getting] regarding the great invocation, is what exactly it means to have an 'activated' body.   In some places in the LP, i have seen activation defined as how much control one has over one's life.

Further, iIn other contexts, it is stated or implied that activation of our body's energy system gives us magical or non-corporal control over reality.

But getting back to my original question, how can one be considered to have "control over one's life" if one is enslaved by the economic situation in which they find themselves?

As the LP becomes more grounded, I am wondering if it is getting away from notions of "manifesting our deepest desires" such as is promised in certain new age books, and instead focuses on the idea that our "control over reality" consists of going out and using our minds and hands to try to achieve what we want.

Put another way, do practices such as visualization or forming intentions and desires in our minds actually exert some kind of "magical" influence on the world around us, other than just serving as the imputes for us to work via normal channels to influence the world via our thoughts, words, and deeds?

I have asked this and similar questions before on previous iterations of the LP forums and didn't really get a clear answer. May the people of this world be free.

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