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Repetitive Thoughts Score

Your Repetitive Thoughts Score is a Self Assessment score that gives an indication of whether or not you are experiencing problems with repetitive thoughts and behaviours. On the LP we view repetitive thoughts and behaviours as a Awareness Redirection Mechanism that helps "build a wall" between the ego and the toxic goings-on in the world around, or the world "inside" (our own thoughts we do not want to acknowledge). Those occupying themselves with repetitive thoughts and behaviours redirect attention and energy and focus it on things they can control.

You can get your repetitive thoughts score by completing the Repetitive Thoughts  assessment. You can view your score on the Assessments Archive page.  If you score in the Yellow Zone, Orange Zone, or Red Zone, you need to work on figuring out what you are avoiding, and then get help dealing with those things, processing realities, and improving your situation wherever you can.


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