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The Caiaphas Lie

Here is an article that points to the original nature of Jesus Christ's teaching, teachings which are, I have to say, in remarkable alignment with the LP. There's a lot in the article to absorb, so go slow and reread often.

Ten "connection points" to everybody who can tell me, in their own words, what the Caiaphas Lie is, and why it is significant.

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This was on my mind for the last few days, actually longer than that, it flowed on from the other posts I submitted regarding 'Connection skills' and 'Bringing to Light a Visceral Response'. It would not let me go, also I had not read the RRJ article prior to posting this.


From intuiting and then gathering the info, it was interesting to find out that Caiaphas was the longest serving Israeli High Priest since the line of Aaron's Levitical priests and machinated Jesus' assassination via his abuse of knowledge of ancient texts namely the Nag Hammadi, Torah, Jewish laws at the time and the power and influence he acquired by being a puppet to the Roman Empire. Jesus had already exposed their misalignments with complete embarrassment.

Since this High Priest (in theory, title and but not in True practice), had already harassed the former blind man and resurrected Lazarus who benefited from Jesus' miracle, they couldn't be broken and vehemently rebutted the priests' foolishness of denying the bold obvious to their further cringe-worthy embarrassment, had them killed off as he could not stop the local people and especially the apostles for speaking about the need for alignment to Higher Consciousness as Jesus exemplified.

This priest then had devised a plan to completely corrupt the message of Jesus, as to make him a martyr. In order to do that he had suggested to the PTB at that time: "You know nothing at all! You do not realize that it is better for you that one man die for the people than that the whole nation perish" (John 11:49-50).

Jesus had the last word when he replied to him at the 'trial' In the Book of Matthew 26:57-67: "I am: and you will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of power, and coming on the clouds of heaven." I think Jesus knew exactly Caiaphas was doing. Matthew 14:62. It's safe to say that he must have gone though a series of crushing narcissistic injuries to make a decision he could not carry out. The Romans would not and could not condemn Jesus, what for?

Reflecting back on the question of how this fallen high priest came up with the conclusion and suggestion earlier. Why one person must be sacrificed for an entire nation of people, let alone be willing to be martyred for it? to Put it another way, 'the sacrifice one for the good of all.'

Sound familiar?

It's the old energy idea that justifies unnecessary sacrifice to preserve a particular interest, not for the whole, but to benefit a few at the expense of many.

What's more, this idea has corrupted the religion as a whole, mixed in with the teachings and miracles of Jesus, or any other Avatar (real or imagined). From earlier experiences in the Pentecostal church circles of observing their method of gaining converts, making them future adherents for life.

    A Toxic and rampant idea Still in Force

Centuries later this basis of 'salvation' has been induced repeatedly through fear, guilt, projection and indoctrinated, maligned 'respect for authority' and of the belief that Jesus is made our 'personal savior', who 'shed his blood willingly to die for our sins', and justifying that 'we' as in all of humanity, 'killed Jesus' because of our sins if we accept it, and thus being saved from 'hellfire'.

Millions of people, through fear and ignorance have been psychologically bullied and emotionally manipulated, with strong and coercive force into accepting this idea without question if Jesus really did die for our sins, even though the texts stated plainly the accounts of Jesus being set up to be murdered, (if it was him).

Perhaps the resurrection was set up, too? Who knows for sure?

But, for what sins, you ask? for being born? for not going to the 'right' church, denomination, sect, group or organization? not going to church every time the doors have flung wide open and available? being ignorant of Jesus?

Looking back at the holiness movement I slipped in and out of, the things they qualified as 'sin' was a roaring joke and a smokescreen to control people because 'so-and- so pastor said so': smoking, drinking, dancing , wearing pants and makeup, on top of being born in sin and shaped in iniquity.

A pastor from long ago told me directly that 'god is 'married' to the backslider' (Hos 14:4), and the host of craziness went on and on and will spare the rest.

I would say that Caiaphas committed the greater sin by laying a false charge upon Jesus, which was 'blasphemy' though it was a dangerous path to tread, but not to punishable by death. He abused all of his knowledge and whatever insight suppressed long ago, and prevented people from understanding anything that was left to understand in being aligned with consciousness, and a host of nepotistic antics.

This man knew what exactly what Jesus was doing talking about and wanted to put a stop to it, remember this man was tool of the Roman Empire and they could only do so much as a nation.

To 'sacrifice/destroy one for the good of all' is the most despicable, damming, insidious, pathologically narcissistic, manipulated shame before the Infinite Being, that any human being would dump over and over upon generations of humans. When you really look at it, this is how Jesus was painted as a martyr and another toxic idea that poisoned the consciousness of humanity.

People who visit congregations to hear sermons or to fulfill some spiritual need, perhaps hope, answers to questions, improvement of quality of life and so on, but have been diminished further by fear, and guilt , causing one to run to the church altar crying after hearing pastors who stand in these elevated church pulpits all over the world, who plead and crying out of false concern, along the lines of:

'...Come to Jesus, you know he did this for you, he died for YOUR sins, give your life to him right now!' (when he really didn't, with an accompanying and varying songs to emotionally rub it in to assure future compliance).

The modern churches of today who use this as a cornerstone of apology to create the many mega churches and TV programs, must be indicted for the same thing.

Before these people become pastors and whomever else, go to these schools and get their divinity diplomas, certificates of by studying Hermeneutics of all things, and where do they get their texts from to reference the bible they use?

Surely, the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance are just indices of scripture and nothing more.
Mike gave reference in an earlier post or published paper regarding the origins of our world religions that play a big part in how people are manipulated and distracted from their Connection.

Yes, they also use the Bible, their religious cliff notes of control, even though there are nuggets buried within so dogma is added to confuse people more. I would not be surprised if they have used the same textbooks that Caiaphas has used to throw the whole world under the bus, because they want money and power just the same.

The belief in invoking the perpetual sacrifice of blood of an innocent sentient (real or imagined) being does not heal, repel evil, bring life to the dead, cast out demons (whether a discarnate being or some adverse mental state), reverse negative circumstances real or imagined, taking away their life force-energy or any other method, must be re-examined brought to the forefront and dismantled, this belief and practice in effectual and illogical. It would be no surprise if there were other things mixed into that should not be there.


Who knows if Jesus existed as a real person or a figure to merely describe a spiritual principle, that does not include in any way losing any blood, life, etc.? The Gnostic texts seem to point to that, which is much better than believing in a person.

This is what I've realized after stepping back from the Pentecostal religion thus far:

We save ourselves by:

* seeking the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth and not stop until that resonance is properly discerned and unmistakable.

* seeing that there is something within us that is driving us to seek Truth while attempting to ascertain and navigate the chaotic world we live in.

* allowing ourselves to courageously (though quite painfully), see boldly all lies, deception, illusions and delusions that prevent us from seeing the Truth in all levels of our existence in order to connect to our Higher Self, replacing all the old world ideas and energy with the New World ideas and energies that are compatible and life-affirming.

* healing the damages to our body, mind and emotions sustained by Toxic Socialization

* ascertaining and exemplifying that the Spark of the Infinite Being who lives within all of us

Upon further hindsight, I guess what drew me in at first was the Christ Consciousness aspect of being due to intently desiring healing from toxic socialization, abuse and other life disappointments. Once the connection is done, probably if not already, the trust part will not be far behind.

Phew. Good answer. Here is the article on the origin of religion you reference.

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Thanks, this is worth a re-read 🙂.

Regarding your article footnote on page 10 citing Tim LaHaye's books, I'm familiar with his dialogue, even wondered back then about the ominous tones in this book series, lost interest after reading a few paragraphs when these books came out. This explains why his books became best sellers.

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