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Scientist/astronaut admits aliens exist and are here on earth

-- All you need is love...

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-- All you need is love...

I have always been interested in this topic, ever since I saw Carl Sagan's Contact when I was young.

I think the existence of extraterrestrial life is an easy thing to be conflicted about. (And I realized as I wrote this post, that putting my thoughts in writing helps somewhat to formulate and clarify my own thoughts on the subject.)

One the one hand, the sheer size and scope (!) of the universe (with its billions and billions of galaxies) makes the idea of complex life existing on only one planet (!) seem pretty silly.

On the other hand, the idea that crop circles represent "planetary insignias" and originate somehow from other civilizations is an extraordinary claim. And because it is an extraordinary claim, it is probably fair to say that believing it would require extraordinary evidence, right? But I am not sure that such evidence really exists, at least not that I am aware of.

So for example, how would that fact that crop circles might have an extra-terrestrial origin escape the notice of scientists? And if it were really true that crop circles were evidence of inter-planetary communication, wouldn't there be some kind of scientific (or at least popular) consensus or interest behind that concept?

Additionally, from my (admittedly limited) understanding, there is a vast scientific consensus that nothing can travel faster that the speed of light. (I remember in another thread we discussed that.)

So for me -- for the time being -- I think I basically have to be agnostic on the concept of aliens. It is not something I have a way of having direct knowledge about, and I think there isn't much scientific consensus behind it existing as far as I know. May the people of this world be free.

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