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Self Esteem, self esteem and lack of self esteem

It is possibly usefull to discern between three states of the Self Esteem.

- Genuine Self Esteem

- Dependent self esteem

- Lack of Self Esteem and self esteem.

Personally, I'd call the real self esteem Genuine Self Esteem, but for short,and because it fits so well with LP terminology, we might call it Self Esteem. (With capital letters)

A Lack of Self Esteem and self esteem, forces the [spwiki]PU[/spwiki] to acquire at least self esteem. It is of vital importance for the body, and many an atrocity has been commited in its pursuit.(not to say almost all atrocities of this world are ultimately committed in an attempt to satisfy the urge for Self Esteem, by perpetually gaining self esteem.)

Genuine Self Esteem is characterized by its utter lack of any sort of dependency. It just comes from within, without any necessity to have "achieved" anything in order to have it. It is just there. Note that while it is true that nothing needs to be done in order to have Genuine Self Esteem, a heck of alot can be done in order to make it go away. For instance by making yourself believe you are an unworthy little worm, a sinnfull, fallen angel ready to be punished at the slightest "mistake", an idiot of cosmic proportions etc.

Dependent self esteem is - as its name states - dependent on external, or internal factors. Am I smart? Am I beautiful? Am I rich? Do I have a nice car, a hot spouse, at least a nice character!? Well, since I have them, it is "ok" to feel good. Hence, the [spwiki]PU[/spwiki] allows itself to feel good about itself depending on whether or not it has acquired traits/things that are highly regarded in society, or itself regards highly. Note that this feeling is quite fleeting, and will dissipate shortly after its attainment. Thereby, the [spwiki]PU[/spwiki] is forced to repeat whatever it did in order to feel the good feeling. If it is acquiring money, there you have it, the individual will strive for more. If it is acquiring beauty, there you have it, the individual will go buy more stuff to beautify themselves even more. And woe if there is a little "flaw" on the face!

On a sidenote, I formulated a paper which correlates the Lack of Genuine Self Esteem with the creation and proliferation of Capitalism. Capitalism wouldn't be possible to this extent, without the lack of Genuine Self Esteem, and the existence of massive amounts of dependent self esteem. Having a population that possesses merely dependent self esteem, makes them utterly easy to manipulate into buying lots of things, which is the literal emergence of consumerism. A person with genuine Self Esteem is not a consumer, for it has no reason to do so. Only a person with dependent self esteem is interested in consuming, in order to fix its lack of genuine Self Esteem temporarily.

We might state that the dependent self esteem, is the real currency of our society. The more dependent self esteem, the more $$$!

Dependent self esteem is closely related to toxic dopamine attachment. It may be posited that dependent self esteem works akin to a mild (sometimes not mild at all) addiction. See Spiritwiki entries on toxic dopamine attachments.

Hi Aim,

I'm looking forward to the completion of your paper. Thanks for your regarding Genuine Self esteem which is mistakenly described in the world by the amount of acquired trinkets and how much venal power one can wield or fulfill unmet needs, and when one is too scared to look at the cause of one's internal deficiencies; that second to the last paragraph speaks to me.

Quote from rheaah on December 24, 2018, 10:38 pm

Hi Aim,

I'm looking forward to the completion of your paper.

ya me too.

-- All you need is love...


I must have written unprecisely. The paper is done long ago. But I wrote it in German, as it was one of the papers I handed in at the University. The topic of the seminar was "Wie sollen wir Wirtschaften?" Which translates into "How should we economize?" Or, how should we fashion our economy? Lots of interesting ideas were presented in that seminar, starting from the problem of motivation, to the problem of ressource distribution.

Anyhow, I'll translate it and rewrite some parts where I felt the need to "hold back" so as to remain "scientific", or rather not drift away from mainstream thought more than what I pressumed to be acceptable.

I'll post it here when it's done.


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