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Sleep Score

Your Sleep Score is a Self Assessment score that gives an indication of how well you are sleeping. Sleeping is, of course, critical. During sleep, your body and mind recover from the challenges and toxic experiences of daily life. If you do not sleep, your body and mind cannot repair. Inadequate sleep leads, over the long term, to mental and physical deterioration. Hence, sleep is important.

You can get your sleep score by completing the Sleep Disturbance assessment. You can view your score on the Assessments Archive page.  If you score in the Yellow Zone, Orange Zone, or Red Zone, you need to work on getting better sleep. You can explore strategies and tactics for getting better sleep in the thread below.

-- All you need is love...

You can view my sleep score at this link

Your Submission

You can see that I score 31, which on the scale puts me in the Yellow Zone. This is certainly true for me. Sleep is something I don't get enough of. I get up early in the morning to write because it is the only time during the day when the house is silent, so it's a good time. Even though now with the kids being older I can work more during the day, I find my body is so programmed that it wakes me up early and I can't go back to sleep.

I know this is an issue and I have been working for the past year or so to change it. I've shifted my schedule now so instead of waking up at five in the morning I'm waking up at 6 or 6:30. This is helping but I still need to work to get more consistent sleep.

I find that both melatonin and CBD or THC (Indica) medical oils are healthy ways to encourage better, deeper, and stronger sleep, and they have definitely helped. But like I said, I still got work to do.

p.s., only you can find the link to your individual assessment scores. If you choose to share them in the forum like this, only registered LP students who are logged in can see the form. Also, as you will see, no identifying information is output in these forum results.

I'll redo this sleep assessment in a few weeks and see if I can get a better score.

-- All you need is love...

My score is much higher. It is hard to fall asleep. I get up frequently during the night and getting up takes too long on top of getting up early and not feeling fully rested in spite of going to bed at a set time.

I'm not a fan of my muggle job but also researching to locate decent therapists and modalities in addition to taking time for recreation or self enrichment courses. That will explain why it is hard to relax from the excitement in all that'work'.

For starters in improvent, I can record excersise programs that happen early in the morning to be done in the evening so that I can drop into sleep.

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