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Social Bonding: A parameter determining an acceptable lvl of CQ

Hey there, I put down some thoughts concerning Social Interaction and Embedding. At first, it was only for me, to remind myself of how I wish to live; but as I wrote I realized this might be of interest of the LP, too.

Social Interaction and Embedding

Connect to more people. Have a high amount of interaction with many people, yet, realize who fits to you and who doesn’t. Allow those who don’t fit to fade out of your life and engage with those who do you good and to whom you do good. This way, you will have a maximal social exposure while maintaining a minimal energetic/emotional discrepancy. This is reciprocal fueling.

Learn to lead. Learn to listen. Good leading can only occur when you are also able to listen. Listen to their words, listen to their body language, listen to the vibes, and listen to your guides. Be autonomous, and help others to become autonomous. Your guides will whisper you from time to time and will create opportunities. Those opportunities are there for you to grow and experiment. Growing means that you will be able to increasingly actualize yourself. Thus, this implies that you’ll have the opportunity to fulfil your needs, especially those that are linked to human interaction.

Relation between Social Bonding and Acceptable CQ

Realize that socializing is very important for the purpose of rooting/grounding. Socializing is the creation of bonds. Those bonds function akin to energetic links. When your [spwiki]PU[/spwiki] receives The Lightning Strike of higher consciousness, those bonds work like a lightning conductor. They take off some of the “load”.

Remember the Metaphor of the Ocean. Bonding means a stronger attraction between the molecules of the water, thus, when one drop spikes up, it pulls all the surrounding droplets with it. Bonding represents the strength of the attraction between the water droplets. If the strength of the attraction is not sufficiently high, then the water droplet that receives the Lightning Strike will separate from the rest of the droplets (i.e. it will spike very high) and “live in it’s own world”.

There is a relation between an acceptable amount of CQ and social bonding. High CQ can be only maintained if the [spwiki]PU[/spwiki] is socially well integrated. The [spwiki]RMC[/spwiki] will avoid establishing a strong connection if social bonding is not sufficiently achieved. This is especially valid for permanent connection. Permanent strong connection will “pull” the [spwiki]PU[/spwiki] upwards, thus, after some time, it will be more and more difficult for the [spwiki]PU[/spwiki] to ground if it is not firmly integrated into a network that allows for said grounding. It is not in the interest of the [spwiki]RMC[/spwiki] , nor in the interest of the process of Ascension, nor in the interest of the [spwiki]PU[/spwiki] to allow for situations where individual droplets break away from the others completely.

This, perhaps, is why prophets who achieved a very high CQ always had a very high exposure to society and mingled a lot with people. (not the guru-in-the-cave-style, that, as we can see, has not produced significant results) Think of Jesus, Mohammad, Budha, Meister Eckhart, etc.

By the way, an interesting occurrence comes to mind here that supports the above hypothesis. When I had a strong [spwiki]Connection Event[/spwiki] that went on for a couple of weeks, my brother reported having a connection experience, too, where his CQ was significantly elevated. Now, the funny part is, that at that point in time, he did not even know of the existence of connection experiences, and had only a very rudimentary understanding of what CQ even is. Moreover, I was located 700 km away from where he was located. After relating to me this incident, we concluded that what he felt was qualitatively the same thing as I did, with the difference that from the point of view of intensity, it was only a fraction of what I have been going through.

This, to me, seems to validate the hypothesis that social bonding works akin to a lightning conductor that allows for grounding. Information, Energy, and even CQ seems to be shared via this bond.
Anyhow, the point I want to make is that social bonding is very important with respect to holding a permanently high CQ. This, as far as I can see, fits well with the LP corpus and is implied in several places.

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