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Solar chakra vibrations & shaking

About two years ago i had a meditation where i felt some pain in my solar plexus region - so i watched it, breathed through it and it dissolved away leaving just a bright, warm light to fill my body. Then after walking away from the meditation i felt an uncontrollable shaking release from that exact spot where the pain was, so much so that it shook my whole body.

I just let it flow and it eventually subsided after 10mins, but ever since then I have had some small vibrations, like uncontrolled muscle twitches, just below the centre of the rib cage. The strange thing though, is that while the pulsating feeling is almost always there now, it has been getting stronger and stronger - now to the point where whenever i relax behind the muscle twitching, it causes my whole body to shake again.

Has anyone had anything similar? The initial experience sounds like the solar chakra opening and energy coming out, but im doubtful if it is able to keep releasing for 2 years and am at a loss for an explanation as to what is now going on internally or how i should handle it apart from just relaxing behind the energy whenever possible.

Ive been doing the Great Invocation a few times a day now for the last week or so and my body shakes a lot throughout most of the visualisation, starting from the same point around the solar plexus region. Any ideas?

Hi Dom

I am a big believer that our bodies "talk to us" and when we experience physiological affects this would tell me that a) psychological/emotional blockage or b) some kind of stress related physical compensation. Do you  know where you carry your stress in your body? If yes, could it be that these sensations are a result of unresolved stress that you are carrying in your body?

Like many other persons, I carry my stress in my neck and shoulders and despite when I do mindfulness techniques, I often find that when I have a visceral physical reaction, I then have to redirect my thoughts and energies to "unplug" the blockage. Sometimes this means talking it out, doing visualization work e.g. being mindful of the area of my body that is resisting and then visualizing white light to replace what is giving me grief.

Do you keep an emotional journal? If not, I would recommend you do so. For example, if you are feeling something in your body and there is no rhyme or reason as to why you would be experiencing the "conflict" then are you holding onto some kind of stress that is residing in the body?

I think being able to visualize an unblocked body is needed prior to doing any kind of meditational work. If there are physiological reactions or symptoms, then I would say that this needs to be attended to in order to figure out what is happening.

Hope this helps.


Hi Dom. The Solar Chakra is your power center. It expressed energies that contribute to your body's will, it's ability to move and take action in the world. If these recurrent vibrations  indicate a blockage, it would be in an area of your life where you find trouble being who you are, expressing your will, getting something done you need done, etc. Perhaps there are shame issues around the exercise of your power. Perhaps there are some deep-seated fears about this. It could be an endemic issue, something that is pervasive throughout your life, or something small, but insignificant.

Does any of this resonate?

-- All you need is love...

Hi Dom,

I'm not sure it's the same, but I have/had something similar. It starts most often at my solar chakra, but sometimes also in my heart chakra. My entire body shakes then, however, it is temporally very limited. It's only one wave, and that's it. For me, it is most of the time a positive feeling, because I feel how stress or whatever is being released, and replaced with a subtle, positive feeling. The feeling is not an emotion, but rather the perception of energy.

So, first, look past the purely physical shaking and try to identify what the initial "feeling" precisely is. Is it positive? Is it negative? Is it an emotion, or rather an energetic release? Is it the nervous system around the solar chakra that is constantly tense?

The initial experience sounds like the solar chakra opening and energy coming out, but im doubtful if it is able to keep releasing for 2 years and am at a loss for an explanation as to what is now going on internally or how i should handle it apart from just relaxing behind the energy whenever possible.

Well, there is no time limit when it comes to a release of energies. If energies are re-created again and again in your body, and your body found a way to release the unwelcome stuff, then it will do this every time it can. Until you solve the source of the problem. This is especially true if you fire up your chakras, and they start spinning and creating energies. Remember that the chakras produce the energy, but those energies are instantly flavoured by your conditioning/unresolved experiences. (Like light that goes through a prism.) Thus, if the energies that are now created by the solar chakra are not "welcome" to the body, because they are flavored in a certain way, it might try to get rid of it. So if you had strong experiences that undermined the solar chakra, that might be the cause.

I had experiences concerning the solar chakra that revolved precisely around this dynamic. I started doing meditations and enhancing my chakras like crazy, and to no one's surprise, they fired up. But since my solar chakra was severely damaged, the energies that were produced were self-destructive. (different than in your case, but the dynamic might be similar) So after enduring some of that self-destructive treatment, my body started blocking that chakra. It did that by shutting down the entire area; respectively my entire nervous system around the solar chakra was extremely tense. So tense that I had difficulties breathing. (I kid you not). It went on until I managed to get back some of the self-esteem I had lost. It took me several years. Not that that was necessary. It could have happened in 3 days. I just didn't have the courage to confront who I needed to confront.

Your case surely is different, especially the symptoms. What seems important to me is the "flavour" of the whole thing.  Only you can feel whether or not the feeling is a positive one or not - despite the shaking. If the flavour is "yummy", then the symptoms will most probably go away by themselves as soon as the energetic system of your body got used to the fired up chakras. If it is not, then work awaits :). So my suggestion, in this case, is to identify precisely the feelings, link them to your past experiences, and resolve the issue.

Hey Gina, Michael & Aim,

Thanks a lot for your responses, some very useful stuff for me there!! A few things particularly resonated across from all your responses:

1. This one is mostly from Michael around

you find trouble being who you are

The day after it first happened, I had the overwhelming feeling that i was lying to my friends and faking an appearance, not being my genuine self. Since then some of those friendships have withered away while others have become stronger after I listened to my body and started trying to align with who i really am instead of societys expectations of who i should be. But in certain social situations the vibrations are still very prominent (more in point 3).

2. Emotional blockage

The vibrations subsided away for a while after the initial opening and only started firing after i went through a tough break up. At times if i focused on the pain in the solar plexus during meditations, i would come out of the meditations gasping for air (sounds similar to the breathing difficulty you mentioned Aim). Since then though, I've managed to confront the person needed and even felt the energies releasing quite a bit after our last encounter so it feels like Ive managed to heal that emotional blockage. But when the shaking really seems to arise is...

3. Stress

Do you  know where you carry your stress in your body? If yes, could it be that these sensations are a result of unresolved stress that you are carrying in your body?

I definitely carry it in my solar plexus (and sometimes also by tightening my butt muscles funnily enough!). I used to walk around with tensed stomach quite a lot which I only realised it after the charka opened. So Ive started relaxing behind this shaking/vibrating whenever possible instead of tightening up around it, but i still feel it very strongly in stressful situations (or situations that i perceive as stressful), such as work, public speaking and social situations.

Innocuous social situations in particular seem to trigger it. Just catching up with an old friend or meeting a new person (things i used to be seemingly fine with in the past) set it off as stressful. But it seems that because i am now aware of the discomfort in the solar plexus, it doesnt influence my actions as much without me knowing it and im more aware - although not necessarily comfortable - in the situations.

What seems important to me is the "flavour" of the whole thing.

It feels good, almost cathartic, when i let the body shake. At the end of certain days, when the energy feels pent up inside, i used to feel the need to just spend 30mins relaxing behind it and allowing it shake, and i would come out of it feeling better. But part of me thinks that it shouldnt have to be like that as that is not exactly normal bodily function?

It feels good, almost cathartic, when i let the body shake. At the end of certain days, when the energy feels pent up inside, i used to feel the need to just spend 30mins relaxing behind it and allowing it shake, and i would come out of it feeling better. But part of me thinks that it shouldnt have to be like that as that is not exactly normal bodily function?

Yes, I get what you are saying. The reason I asked was to get an idea of how urgently addressed the issue is/should be. Also, to find out what strategy the body chose with respect to its own healing. (In my eyes, this machinery we call body, is very capable at healing itself, and has lots and lots of methods for doing that.) Of course you are right, it shouldn't be like that. (Didn't want to normalize that condition hehe :))

Assuming you want to get rid of that condition, in my humble opinion, there is "only" one thing that needs to be done to get rid of it reliably: Regain self-esteem. And I mean genuine self-esteem. Self-esteem, which is not dependent on external things, not even from stuff like "character" etc.

The good news is, that the procedure is fairly simple. There is basically nothing you need to "learn", to the contrary, things which were learned need to be unlearned. I don't know how familiar you are with the LP, but if the Fool in School rings a bell, then that is the keyword to relieving the condition quickly and efficiently. If you're unfamiliar with the term, reading up on Archetypes might prove fruitful for you. Especially on that archetype.

As you state, innocuous social situations should not trigger stress responses from our body. That is certainly true. The reason why our body does this is due to deeply ingrained archetypes, which we bought and swallowed in the course of our life. I'll try to compress the whole process into a few lines.

Every human being has a sense of self. Part of that sense of self is the esteem towards oneself. (what we call self-esteem.) During our socialization process, this sense of self is being attacked and undermined, thereby automatically undermining self-esteem, too. Thus, the body learns an "important" lesson:

I am worth nothing.

I'll call the above the First learning. Because healthy self-esteem is very important for the body, it tries to get that healthy feeling about oneself back. Our body is very smart. It asks itself, hmm how to get it back? It sees that others are praised when they do this, others when they do that, so it concludes that in order to regain self-esteem it must abide by socially accepted norms. It wants a piece of that praise, of course, to regain the feeling that was lost. Now, the body starts to learn all sorts of behavioral patterns, which are compatible with the norms dictated by the society it lives in.

If I have money, I am worth something. If I have a character of such and such, I am worth something. If ... etc.

This is the second learning.

Note that fulfilling the criteria learned through the second learning doesn't truly give back genuine self-esteem. There is a short feeling of satisfaction, but it is gone all too quickly, and the person searches anew. A pity the searching is in the wrong direction. At the end of the day, no fulfilling of any social norm will ever truly fill the gap left by the ingrained first learning. That is, as long as the Fool in School has a firm grip over the beliefs of the person, it will be simply impossible to regain one's genuine self-esteem. Because the Fool in School creates the problem in the first place.

To replace the Fool in School from your mental sphere:

  • identify and delete all thoughts that limit you, or others, in any way.
  • assume yourself to be an incredibly good human being.

In order to translate this into conditioning and erase the Fool in School for good out of your system:

  • engage in innocuous social situations and try to consciously realize which thoughts/fears lead your body to the conclusion that it is not safe, or that it needs to protect itself.

There is always a good reason why our body goes into "stress-mode". And that reason is related to thoughts, or assumptions we make.

For instance, my boss is a really direct, socially uhm... awkward, person. I always had the feeling that I'm not good enough, no matter how hard I try, and that I can't cope with the tasks he was giving me. So I tried really hard. Overworking myself for no payment whatsoever and so on. Until, one day, I realized that it might be ME who is doing lots of assumptions. And so it was. I started telling him the truth, that some tasks are still too difficult for me, or that I don't understand this and that, that I need some breaks, that I need more freedom etc. To my surprize, he understood, accepted, and even welcomed the feedback. I'm sure you can imagine how much stress I put myself under due to my assumptions. In the end, he is also a human, and he simply didn't realize it, or was just testing me. (he does this with pleasure... :)) Anyhow, discussion, openness, truth, helped. Notice that this whole thing only happened due to me having certain assumptions about how work should look like (work=slavery) After I erased that belief from my head, my work life just improved so much. Even though the idea of how work is to be understood seems to not be related to your identity, it actually is. If one thinks that work=slavery, and then you sign a contract, you essentially will interpret yourself as a slave. Thus, it can be sometimes tricky to find out what thoughts contain a link to your identity. But, simply considering if a thought is limiting towards myself or not, should be a good recipe to analyze its impact on your self.

Similarly perhaps, in your situation, if you feel you need to "look good" when presenting yourself to an old friend, chances are high that stress responses are elicited in the body. Why? Because the body attempts to validate what it has learned (second learning) and get a good feeling out of it. For instance, the idea that it is important other people think highly of you. The other acts like some sort of mirror for the psyche. If the other person shows signs of appreciation or perhaps even awe towards you, then the psychological system may finally feel relieved for a second. Unfortunately, the fine details are quite subtle and unique from person to person - I have not much idea about these -  but suffice it to know that the problem can be only TRULY solved by erasing the Fool in School archetype, and all thoughts that ramify from it.

Hope this helps, sorry it got a bit long.

Thanks Aim!

I've checked out the fool in school archetype and some things there certainly ring a bell.

Being aware of my thoughts during those situations that it flares up certainly helps, i think i will also need to stay aware throughout the day as the vibrations are always there even if not flaring up massively.

Thanks again 🙂

Hi Dom

So it looks like you've correctly diagnosed the issue. Couple things,

  1. Practice relaxation constantly. I notice in myself that simply sitting and watching a movie can tense me up, especially when that movie references negative realities. I find even thinking about oppression, violence, life can bring tension. Myself, I tend to carry it in my shoulders, but also throughout the body.
  2. Very important to figure out who you are and why you are here. Often when we grow up we are socialized into what our parents want, or what society wants, or how society sees us, or whatever. We are often not supported in true Self-actualization. However, walking an authentic spiritual path leads to a sort of cleansing, actually stripping away the socialization and indoctrination so your Self can emerge more fully. It can be a big challenge, but once you get the hang of it, it leads to contentment, empowerment, and personal authenticity. On that note,
  3. Authentic spirituality can lead you to realize that you are not really the person you were raised to be--that you are someone completely different, like someone who doesn't like socialization, or groups, or being around a lot of people. Be open to shifting. Be true to your Highest Self. Remember, your body is a vehicle for your Highest Self/Soul/Atman.
  4. The fact that you carry your stress in your solar region tells me you've typically handled stress by trying to control things, to manage life situations to control stress. That's very typical and not necessarily bad, so long as you're aware of the dynamic and you use your creative powers in a positive and aligned fashion (see Alignment). Using your powers in an aligned fashion means using them in a way that doesn't harm yourself or others.
  5. As for emotional blockages, be wary. Humans are a lot more sensitive to emotional damage than we've been led to believe. Damage can be caused by even minor things, and the damage is not healed so easily, especially when very traumatic. Subtle effects can linger a lifetime. The best advice here is to be in touch with your emotions at all times, pay attention to the things that trigger you, cause you anxiety, trace those back to the sources, and work slowly to reprogram your neurology. A little CBT helps, reassuring yourself you are safe, in control, capable of handling things, capable of changing, etc., can help.
-- All you need is love...

I was following the thread. Thank you Dominic for question, as in this way we get an opportunity to look also at ourselves and see the commonalities or issues. Thank you for interesting answers.

I was just thinking, that I also do not at all enjoy meeting other people except my good friends… I never really considered it as a problem as I was like this since I remember myself and I thought that this is just my character.

But yes, it is somewhere a problem, as it is almost inevitable that we have to meet other people. And then, either I have to tell that I do not want to meet, which makes me tense, because of the reaction of others, or, when it is really unavoidable, I get tense because of the meeting, trying to control the situation, thinking in advance, what I will tell, etc. But it is clear for me that I get tense and why I try to think in advance what I will tell, because I cannot be myself in these situations. And that is why these questions do not even arise, when meeting my friends.

And sometimes it is difficult with my work, when people ask for a private session. As it just happened. And I am not sure, if I just do not want to do it or I am afraid of meeting.

Best meetings are for me, when it just happens spontaneously, without making an appointment in advance. Then I do not have time to worry in advance 🙂 and have to be spontaneous in the situation. My dream – not to have any appointments. Just let me be guided. But then i have to accept what comes, for which I do not have the necessary equanimity yet ... Because then we would have to equally accept whatever comes. Just realized this now :).

I actually wanted to ask one question in regards to solar plexus chakra. So I hope it is fine with everyone that I use the same thread. I was waiting that Dominc's questions are answered first.

The lower chakras I felt since the teenage or early twenties… and the higher ones much later. And I felt the lower 3 chakras, in Indian terms, the Muladhara, Swadhistana and then Manipura. Manipura, if you check yoga books, is the solar plexus chakra. But the sources have different information. So, I always felt and feel it directly behind the navel. I think this chakra I feel most and strongest of all. If I lay down and relax I start feeling it like a pulse. Not bothering, not disturbing, just as if I would feel the pulse or heart beat.

So, when I got to read the book of Michael, the science of ascension, there he mentions the solar plexus chakra. And I was wondering that I do not feel it at all… And now, when Dominic described his experience, I remembered that I already had this question.

So I wanted to ask, if anybody has an idea, what it is.

Normally in all yoga books there are only theses 7 chakras mentioned. So, I thought maybe this navel chakra is some additional chakra? Or maybe I have got one chakra more opened… :). The problem is that yoga books, some write that Manipura is behind the navel and some, that it is at the solar plexus area.

Just in one place I found this description, where it mentions both places:

“The position of Manipura is stated as being either behind the navel or the solar plexus. Sometimes, when it is located at the navel, a secondary chakra called Surya (sun) chakra is located at the solar plexus, whose role is to absorb and assimilate Prana from the sun. Being related to the sense of sight, it is associated with the eyes, and being associated with movement, it is associated with the feet.”

It is not an urgent question. Not vital and probably rather theoretical. But I am really curious since I read this book of Michael. Is it so, that manipura can have 2 locations, with some people there and with others there. Or is it possible that both places have chakras? Then it would be 8 chakras. Also, I wonder how I never feet anything in that solar plexus area, whereas other chakras I can feel, stronger or less. As Michael writes in the book that only very few people have solar plexus chakra open. I also asked one friend, who feels the chakras. He also immediately started concentrating on that area, looking for it 🙂 As he said he also never felt anything in that exact area.

I have got today from my hypnosis school a picture with 12 chakras, which sheds more understanding to the question I had about the 3'rd chakra, the Manipura.

The available information is mixed and in different books one can find that 3'rd chakra is at the navel, in other - that it is at the solar plexus area.

This picture with 12 chakras shows, that these are 2 different chakras and 1) that 3’rd Manipura chakra is at the navel area, and 2) which also means that in the Indian major 7-chakra system the solar plexus chakra is not mentioned and doesn’t have a name.

And you Michael in the book "Dossier of the ascention" do not mention this Navel chakra, but the Solar chakra. It is interesting for me to know, how this choice is made? Is Solar plexus chakra more important then the Navel chakra? And why then indian texts choose not to mention solar chakra?

I can’t claim this drawing is accurate, but I find it interesting and correlating with my experience; especially interesting – the back side vortexes of chakras and that not all chakras have those on the back side.

Also the root chakra. "Commonly” it is always said that it flows down; that the entry and exit are in one direction. But I feel the root chakra exactly as it is shown in this drawing, with the exit at the back side.

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