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Somatic Score

Your Somatic  Score is a Self Assessment score that gives an indication of any somatic symptoms you may be experiencing.  Somatic symptoms are symptoms, like neck pain, back pain, and so on, that cannot be readily attributable to organic disease. Somatic symptoms indicate stress, anxiety, and other toxic burdens caused by toxic environments. If you have somatic symptoms, it is important to address the symptoms and the underlying issues.

You can get your sleep score by completing the Somatic Symptoms assessment. You can view your score on the Assessments Archive page.  If you score in the Yellow Zone, Orange Zone, or Red Zone, you need to work on getting better sleep. You can explore strategies and tactics for getting better sleep in the thread below.

-- All you need is love...

The scoring seem high fir the somatic symptoms, and rightfully so. There are symptoms I've had all my life especially the hip pain and tiredness which was not normal even when active in my younger years. It appears that the negative events that impacted me the most are trapped in the body, which needs another place to go.

All the self-assessments are coded conservatively, meaning very low scores on any of them put you into the yellow, orange, or red zones. As you say, this is as it should be. We shouldn't be living in toxic environments, we should have all our needs met, we shouldn't feel chronic depression, or mania, or anger, etc. If we do, these are areas we need to work on.

The individual healing threads for each of the assessments is a place where we can talk strategy and research. As regards somatic scores, I've found a little consciousness intent, plus some appropriate supplementation can help. If you are dealing with joint issues, supplementation with glucosamine can help, especially if you couple that with stretching and relaxation techniques.

I think we have to assume that when it comes to somatic issues, there may underlying organic damage, though it may be subtle and difficult to pick up, or normalized (like arthritis is).

I had some serious lethargy issues past year or so, after going vegetarian. Turns out the issue was a systemic candida infection, probably caused by a decline of protein intake and an increase in carbohydrates. Caprylic acid helped with this.

-- All you need is love...

The symptom I feel currently is deep muscle tightness, however ramping up on stretching at every opportunity does help. Joint pain was just a memory last year after I stopped eating sweets and excessive carbs

Hi Rheaah

Years ago I met this older fellow who shared with me the power of visualization. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer and found some visualization healer in the USA as he felt what did he have to lose so why not give alternative healing a go. Anyway, he shared with me that when he was in a conscious and mindful state, he would pay attention to where his pain issues were in his body and would visualize the pain as a colour. The more pain he felt, the darker or ruddier the colour he gave it. He told me that he trained himself to be aware when he felt pain and would visualize this colour/pain leaving his body. He then would replace the dark murky colour with something that represented healing e.g. white light.

Years later, when I was in therapy, my therapist used a visualization technique that was similar. If I was feeling blah, I would visualize the blahness dissipating from my body and replacing it with white light. I found when I was in a hot hot bath, I could visualize the toxic crap oozing out of my pores and into the murky tub water and then eventually being expelled down the drain. I found this exercise to be helpful when either dealing with pain issues due to my arthritis and or when in a depressed or foul mood.

I too believe that our bodies talk to us and that we need learn to be listening to our bodies.


Quote from rheaah on November 23, 2019, 8:21 am

The symptom I feel currently is deep muscle tightness, however ramping up on stretching at every opportunity does help. Joint pain was just a memory last year after I stopped eating sweets and excessive carbs


That's interesting about the sweets and carbs. That doesn't surprise me. Refined carbohydrates are poisons.

I find that "just living" in the world as it currently is, is quite stressful. Watching the news or looking at a news feed brings tension to my body. I can feel the tension rise in my kneck, my shoulders, and my lower back. If I'm not paying attention to this, it eventually leads to back or kneck pain which could be described as somatic, except it's not really.

To counteract this, I regularly deep breath and tell my body to relax. I inhale, then exhale and push all the tension down through my body, and out into the couch, or whatever. I do the same thing before falling asleep at night. I find this helps, but I also find it is something that I have to do constantly, otherwise I turn into a tight ball of stress.

It is remarkable how toxic this world is really that you just sit at a computer and watch a news feed and experience the rise of toxic stress.

I imagine if people don't address this stress they will experience "somatic" pains which eventually might turn into some form of physical or psychic illness.




-- All you need is love...

Yes, reading those news feeds are no help. At work, I'm going to begin to stealthly watch videos of cats and kittens playing between calls.

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