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Strength Archetype


Key Phrase: Service to the Plan.

Symbolism: Here we see Gaia embodied as the tree of all life. A kneeling figure, an empowered, but humble servant of God, honouring Gaia, and willing to complete The Great Work. Gaia, charging for the task at hand, which is the healing of the body in order to enable its full connection to Consciousness. Land, barren, grass, beginning to grow as Consciousness begins to flow. When the figure stands, life bursts forth. Waters of manifestation, Waters of Consciousness, Waters of Creation. From the Water emerges all physical creation. The Water feeds physical manifestation and nurtures the new Garden of high Consciousness emerging.

Narrative: This archetype represents true strength, which is not psychopathic domination and control of another, but the strength that comes from comprehension, awareness, service, and connection.

At the highest level, this is the strength that comes when you serve the Great Work, the divine evolutionary plan to connect the Body (and the body) with higher Consciousness. This is a planet in development. You do not incarnate primarily for business or pleasure. You incarnate to uplift creation. You incarnate to accomplish the Great Work.

At mundane levels, this is the strength that you need to get through life. This is physical, psychological, emotional, and even spiritual strength when applied to mundane tasks. Remember, you are a joyful master. Never doubt you are strong. Never doubt you have what it takes to get through.

Divination: Present in a reading or assessment, this archetype reminds you of your strength and the fastest way to recapture/reclaim it, which is doing what you came here to do—serve and uplift Earth creation.

Positive and aligned, this archetype represents strength of mission and purpose. No longer should you sit in impotence and silence. No longer should you dominate and oppress others. Having realized the truth, having agreed to complete your sacred task, you are ready to initiate and move forward. Gather your strength, joyfully embrace your mastery. Move to embrace power and promise. Stand for what is right. Positive alignments indicate strong convictions, true purpose, and support all around. With strong alignments, limitations are shattered, strength is supported, and weakness dissipates.

Blockage and challenge: You struggle with social convention and social control. Low self-esteem and self-worth weaken you. You are addicted to the venal power and purpose. Strength is confused with the domination of others. The bullying use of force stands in the place of true strength of Spirit. Aggression obscures your pain. Bravado and violence conceal fundamental spiritual weakness.

Negative alignments indicate selfish individuals, toxic environments, venal priorities, fear, hatred, arrogance, confusion, and other props of violence and disconnection. Stuck in the toxic mud of your dark and toxic world, you scramble and thrash. Lacking true strength, you lash out and harm others. Oppressing your own Self, you dominate others in the service of a venal plan. Impotent, you accept the toxicity that is. Blinded, you see no way out.

Healing and activation message:

Understand this: violence and domination are not strength. Violence is the first and last resort of the weak and disconnected. The connected never express strength through the oppression and suppression of others, or of the Self. At the bleeding edge of human evolution, there is no contest; there is only global unity. True power comes only after we align with our highest Self, emancipate from mental slavery, activate, heal, and connect. True power comes only when we work on the world as equals to fulfill the promise and the Divine Plan. You can move forward from here only after you commit to the Great Work. Embrace true purpose. Draw true strength. Evolve the body. Exalt the planet. Take the next steps. Initiate. Align. Activate. Emancipate, Connect.

-- All you need is love...

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