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Tarot Spreads

Just the other day, I have been led to the ToSAS page. To my utter surprise, I found the Tarot Spread app. I was unaware that we already have that awesome thing!

I felt an intense urge to try it out, but postponed it because I had other priorities at that point in time.

However, now I tried it out, and I just love it. It's so much fun really 🙂

Here are four tarot spreads with a three card spread. I also tried to interpret them. Unfortunately, I have not yet understood how exactly to interpret the spread. I know it's written in the Book of Triumph, but when I read it some years ago, I have not properly understood the method. (Or simply forgot it...)

Anyhow, here are my spreads :). For the first two spreads I had no question in mind. For the last two, I posed questions prior to clicking on the spread. Especially for the last two, I felt how connection to the Fabric has been established to a certain extent - even though I did this at my work place where I thought connection is rather difficult. However, as soon as I posed the first question, I felt connection establishing, even without me giving the command to do so.

So, here is what the spreads looked like.

(1) Formation (u), Gaia (r), Formation (r)

Interpretation: Formation of my self went well (or as intended) in the past. However, right now I have no proper support. The formation of reality is not going to go well in future if I do not acquire proper environmental support. (I simply have no friends and acquaintances. I'm fighting on my own.)

(2) Sacrifice (u), Master (r), Strenght (u)

Master reversed and/or negatively aligned, this card indicates family/work/social toxicity, and pervasive psychological distress/disorder. Family enmeshes and restrains. Coworkers make unreasonable demands. Employers command and control. Governments steal and assault. Those threatened by your progress drag you down. Your own will and desire trumped by the authority of others.

Interpretation: I have successfully sacrificed. Done some work. However, my surroundings have not. They are dragging me (us) down. My own mastery is held in check by others. Sacrifice should lead to strength, but this is hard in an environment that does not allow your potential to flourish.

Question: What about my love life and relationships?

(3) Sacrifice (u), Initiation (u), Realization (r)

Interpretation: Done some work – probably partially clearing the blockages created during my youth, right now, I’m initiating the process - I really started recently - but since the work done is probably not enough, I will still be bound. At least for a time. Females do bind me, because of the unmet needs I crave for. The system binds me by way of unmet needs that revolve around attachment, love and sex. All three are severely unmet. Emancipation cannot proceed as long as needs are severely unmet.

(4) Question: Tell me something about my professional life.

Alignment (u), Sacrifice (u), The World (u)

Interpretation: My purpose here is clear concerning my professional life. My professional life requires alignment. This, in turn, requires some work to do. Not necessarily “hard” work, but joyous work. Nonetheless, it is consistent, persistent steps forward that are required of me in order to do what I came here to do. I am here to help uplift the world. My professional life revolves (or will revolve) around contributing towards the uplifting of the world. This cannot be done without prior alignment, and this cannot be done if the required personal work is not done.

Any thoughts?

After rereading the Triumph of Spirit Book one, I was trying to understand the Tarot Spread as best as possible.
Shortly after, I created a safe space, set out to establish connection, recited some mantras, and did the three spread a couple of times consecutively. The answers received were great. I learned alot from them.
For instance, I learned that my understanding of the archetype Victory is flawed, and that that hampers progress. And it's true. I always pictured myself in the spotlight when related to issues of power and manifestation of our true potential. However, that is not necessary. The spread showed me that my self esteem is dependent on such things. The Q card was initiation, the right A was Victory (Reversed) and the left A Activation.

All in all, I found that all answers, or I'd rather call them stories, were meaningfull. Not a single spread was lacking meaning. Moreover, not a single spread contradicted the stories the other spreads were signifying. To the contrary, the stories were supporting each other, and gave me a fuller picture of my current state, the state of the world, and intimated my next stepps. Curiously, this was the case even though some cards came repeatedly, with differing direction.

Thus, I was slightly surprised by the following statement in the Triumph of Spirit Book one:

"When assessing yourself, do not overdo it. Although you can do as many assessments for others as you are capable, do no more than one a week for yourself.
Better yet, do an assessment for yourself only when called. Otherwise, you will find the energy and power of the cards is dispersed.

I feel that once a connection is established, safe space created and intent set clearly, it is possible and also usefull to make a series of consecutive spreads. This way, a bigger picture may be puzzled together. It is a bit counterintuitive, but the meanings of the spreads are getting sharper, more accurate by doing this. I would have expected the meanings to get more lax, wider, less accurate when doing several spreads. But not the case for me.

Also, I don't see why the power of the cards can ever be dispersed. The power seems to come from the agent, and not from the tools. The tools are of course highly important - depending on their usage - but ultimately, it is the agent who puzzles the interpretation together. Thus, there seems to be no limit to how much power the cards have. For the agent on the other hand, it doesn't seem to really matter whether or not several spreads are made or not. What matters is the safe space, the connection and the intention.

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