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Teachings of Sufism

Teachings of Sufism is a short collection of Sufi texts, selected and translated by Carl Ernst. It is a remarkably useful text, giving a window into Islamic teachings about connection. You will find much useful information and many profound parallels between core LP content and concepts and the selections and concepts of this book. There is a particular emphasis in Sufism, or at least in the selections of this collection, on purity (a.k.a. Alignment (particularly the importance of Right Action, Right Thought, and even Right Environment, , Connection Practice, and how to be a good student. Like a lot of traditional Connection Frameworks, Sufism emphasizes the importance of a good teacher. In addition, they also recognize that teachers are not always authentic and that they can teach from different perspectives and with more or less depth of connection and understanding, a discussion that parallels an LP discussion found in RSGAS.


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