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The Healing Power of Connection Supplements, Cannabis, LSD, etc

See also this thread on Connection Supplements and connection/spirituality.

A thread to provide research concerning, and discuss the user of,  Connection Supplements and their use in religion and human spirituality.

Check this out. Ancient Israelites used Cannabis in collective worship.


The world is changing quite rapidly. Five years ago there was a general distrust of cannabis, and now more and more its magical healing properties are being revealed by science. We know it is a miracle drug when it comes to helping people with epilepsy. It is also a remarkably effective pain treatment, helping manage pain by both interfering with pain signals (like opioids) and reducing inflammation! Opioids don't reduce inflammation, they just mess up the brain.

On April 29, a CNN documentary on the remarkable ways cannabis can help cure opioid addictions aired on CNN. The full documentary is linked below.  When you watch the documentary, pay particular attention to the information on how CBDs (one of the active compounds in cannabis) helps regenerate white matter in the brain(!), white matter that is destroyed by chronic opioid use!. The ability of cannabis to bring back brain white matter is nothing short of miraculous, and probably provides hope for treatment of Alzheimers and dementia.

Starting in the next few days Gina and I will be exploring the power of cannabis as a healing tool in psychotherapy. In the interim, those interested can familiarize themselves with the rapidly emerging research on this amazing natural substance by watching the four-part documentary, linked below.



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"Psychedelic drugs may have mind-altering powers in the physical sense, too. A new study has found psychedelics, specifically DOI, DMT, and LSD, can change brain cells in rats and flies, making neurons more likely to branch out and connect with one another. The work supports the theory that psychedelics could help to fight depression, anxiety, addiction, and post-traumatic stress disorder."

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An article on the potential of connection supplements (psychedelics) to heal


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"Last year, the researchers from Bonn and colleagues from Israel were able to demonstrate that cannabis can reverse the aging processes in the brains of mice."

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Utilizing new mobile application technology, researchers at The University of New Mexico found that medical cannabis provides immediate symptom relief across dozens of health symptoms with relatively minimal negative side effects.

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Cannabis a potential treatment for autism

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Wow. Incredible.

Way to go planty!:)

My awesome daughter Vayda just posted this in the announcements section

The basic gist of the study is that cannabis isn't associated with IQ reductions when other factors are taken into. In particular, the study points the finger at cigarette usage (but not tobacco). It is cigarette usage, which is often associated with adolescent cannabis use, and not cannabis, that is the key causal pathway. People who smoke cigarettes often smoke cannabis, and vica versa.

Interestingly, the article does not blame tobacco, but rather "cigarette use."

" This suggests that it may be cigarette use, rather than tobacco consumption per se, that predicts poorer educational outcomes, potentially lending support to a non-pharmacological mechanism to explain links between cigarette use and poorer outcomes."

By "non-pharmacological mechanisms" they are basically suggesting that there is something that comes before cigarette and lower IQ, and that causes them both. The key here is Toxic Socialization, specifically the damage caused by toxic socialization. Toxic socialization causes illness, addiction (like smoking), toxic adaptations like Borderline Personality Adaptation, lower IQ, lower CQ, disjuncture, etc. (see the SpiritWiki entry on Toxic Socialization for a complete list). The "bad people," the bad apples, the bad teenagers, the one's more likely to smoke, drink, and smoke drugs, are the teenagers who have been damaged by toxic socialization. Their reduced academic functioning, mental and emotional difficulties, etc., have NOTHING to do with cannabis or tobacco directly, but with the traumatic experiences that accompany the Toxic Socialization, we all endure.

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Wow. As it turns out, cannabis is an EXIT DRUG, if by exit drug you mean people who consume it quit their pharmaceuticals


Big Pharma Panics as Medical Marijuana Users Quit Prescription Drugs

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Cannabis promotes brain cell growth

Also, does not impact the brain of children

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Michael - i hope this is appropriate place to post this question. Perhaps it should be a new thread?

Anyway, regarding Cannabis and promoting brain cell growth... my question is regarding CBD oil. Where I am located is Ohio in the USA, CBD oil just became available. And we have a boom of CBD oil shops springing up everywhere now.

So my question is, do you consider CBD oil [which has basically no THC content] to be a connection supplement?

The article you posted on Cannabis promoting brain cell grow specifically says:

Cannabidiol or CBD has a positive effect on neurogenesis. Brain damage provoked by stress and anxiety benefits from CBD as it reduces neurogenesis. Because CBD is taken in small amounts, the effect it not immediately. There are high levels of CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain where Neuron progenitor cells are found and where neuron growth and differentiation are promoted. The enzymes helping the endocannabinoid arachidonoylglecerol (2-AG), are also in this part of the brain. It is just another confirmation that the endocannabinoid system is part of neurogenesis. Both the cannabinoid receptors are involved and when the signaling pathways are activated by the cannabinoids, it motivates the neuron progenitor cells to grow and divide.

Does the above paragraph then apply to the type of CBD-only oil that is sold here??

I think we can agree that CBD oil by itself does not induce any type of [spwiki]connection experience[/spwiki], is that correct?

So what are you thoughts on CBD per se, without THC being present?? I ask this because as I mentioned, CBD oil is being sold here currently, but it is the type without any THC. May the people of this world be free.

I wouldn't consider CBD oil a connection supplement. That doesn't mean it isn't useful in the healing journey however!

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Cannabis has anti-tumour properties

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