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The Human Superconductor

It has been long since I posted any content on the LP.

Yesterday, I had a small realization concerning a set of connection outcomes. On this spiritwiki page a list of possible connection outcomes is given. Some of them are closely related, or depict the same concept with different terms, depending on the cultural environment they have been created in.

So, the realization was this: The workings of a conductor (as in an electrical circuit) is structurally similar to what happens during connection to spirit. The parallels between an electrical circuit and a human who connects to spirit are quite baffling.

What is a Conductor, what a Superconductor?

In short, a conductor is any material that allows electrons to flow through it. The details are the following. Electrical current is a flow of electrons from a point A to a point B. While flowing from A to B, they need something to flow through. This is the conductive material - for instance iron - that acts as the "pipeline" from A to B. While traveling from A to B, the electrons usually encounter obstacles (in form of other electrons). Because they colide with these obstacles, they lose energy. This is generally termed as electrical resistance. We might also term it as "friction" (because kinetic energy of the electrons is transformed into thermal energy). A superconductor on the other hand, is a conductor providing zero resistance to the electrons passing through it. The takeaway I wish to provide is simple. In order for a superconductor to exist, the electrons need a "clear path" which minimizes or negates all collisions in order for them to go through undisturbed. Thus, a material where this friction doesn't exist, is a superconductor.

Analogy between a Conductor and Connection to Spirit

At this point we might identify a good analogy to a human connecting to spirit. When a human connects, one of the requirements for connection is a relative - even if temporary - allignment to spirit. The less alligned the human is to spirit, the more difficult it is for spirit to flow "into" it. Think of Mike's parable of the room filled with newspapers. If the room is full of crumbled, unordered newspapers, the whole thing might blow up if spirit fuels the candle. If it is neatly ordered, no problems whatsoever. Allignment is a vital prerequisite for connection. Some time ago, I proposed to use the term psychological friction. In my eyes, psychological friction may be defined as the sum total of the cognitive dissonance, fractured attachments and disjuncture a person has. Incidently, psychological friction and allignment are strongly correlated. When someone is alligned, psychological friction has been removed almost totally.

Continuing the analogy, psychological friction and physical friction are both creating resistance. In both cases, the "circuit" is hampered. Removing this friction is very important for the possibility of being connected. Interestingly, when a human attempts to connect while still having a high level of psychological friction, the connection is possible, but has a very high toll on the body. Thus, connection is maintained only for a short period of time, to spare the body as much as possible. (By the way, this happens in a normal electrical circuit as well. The circuit heats up proportionally to how much current you push through it, due to the internal friction the current creates in the circuit.)

Just as Mike postulated, connection to Spirit is taxing on the body. However, there is some good news here, if my reasoning is correct. There is a possibility that this friction can be overcome totally. I assume a person achieving "Christ Consciousness", or Buddha Mind achieved just this. It operates similarly to a superconductor; having desposed of most psychological friction, connection to Spirit may be upheld continuously without the necessity to rest, because connecting to it creates no internal friction anymore.

Relation to some Connection Outcomes

The analogy between the electric circuit and the human connection to spirit captures several of the Connection Outcomes. It also has some explicatory power for positive and negative outcomes alike.

Enhanced Intellectual Power, Breakthrough Experience, Intramonadic Communication of any sort etc,  fit excellently within the explanations of this model. During a Breakthrough Experience, the resistance is cleansed away, the (psycho-emotional and physical) material is being alligned in a way which minimizes resistance. Thus, it minimizes psychological friction relatively permanently. All forms of Intramonadic Communication may be viewed through this lens, and relations, but also pathologies deduced directly from it. Enhanced Intellectual Power is effectively an outcome of connection, because internal resistances - so psychological friction - is lower, thus the mind functions very swiftly and flexibly.

Clarity of mind, for instance is only the phenomenological description of lack of resistance. I personally had some episodes being in such a state. Retrospectively, I must say that I had the very strong sense that my mind encounters no resistance whatsoever. The mind functioned "at the speed of thought". If you observe closely, there are some times when one can feel the resistance of the mind clearly. The thoughts are sluggish and lazy. It is as if you would order the neurons to walk through hip-deep snow to get to the next neuronal network. Everything is misty in the mind. When the mind becomes clear, this misty sensation dissipates. In my opinion, this is equivalent to the total reduction of internal resistances, that comes about when a high CQ is achieved.

However, the negative outcomes of Connection are also implicit. For instance Dissonance, Egoic Explosion, Flooding. In the case of Flooding, it is clear what happens. When the resistance is minimal, much current flows through, and flooding occurs. Egoic Explosion is the result of pushing more Consciousness into the circuit than it can handle. Due to the high psychological friction, the conductor overheats and literally melts itself away. Dissonance is the result of moderately forcing Consciousness into the vessel. Thereby, the conductor experiences a lot of internal friction (everything that is not in allignment with the RMC) and thus the PU becomes aware of, and is forced to change the things that are not in allignment with spirit.

Superconductors - Connection with zero psychological friction

What is peculiar to superconductors is that the materials that have this traits need to be in certain conditions in order for them to be superconductors. No material of this world (as much as we know) can be a superconductor (a material which provides zero friction to the electrons passing through) without being in a specific state. This state is mainly related to the temperature it has. Most superconductors function well bellow -70 degrees C. Another interesting aspect, is the fact that superconductibility happens very abruptly. At - 100 degrees C the material acts as a usual conductor, with a strong resistance, and the moment you cross say -102 degrees C, *poof*, it turns into a superconductor very abruptly.  Pretty mind blowing, if you ask me.

There are some empirical reasons that make me believe that both traits behave similarly to the connection of a human to spirit. First, when a sufficiently strong connection is established, the person must have already done "the requisite work" for this to happen. With other words, the person achieved some grade of Right Thought, Right Action and Right Environment. Right Thought, Action and Environment, is equivalent here to the condition of the superconductor. Note that the superconductor is also (very) dependent on the surroundings, just like a human connecting to spirit is. If the surroundings are too heated, it doesn't work. Not on the level of a superconductor, at least.

Second, there are good reasons to think that achieving Christ Consciousness is a discrete achievement. Put differently, I think that different states of consciousness (specifically the CQ) cannot be described by a continuum - like one could describe colors, for instance. Achieving Christ Consciousness occurs in a "jump" of consciousness. By the way, this goes for virtually every other connection experience as well. Every connection experience, from Peak Experience to Satori, occurs always in a jump of the CQ. The reason for this are the ARMs.

Discrete Amounts of CQ

(please note this part is very rough - I only put down some ideas)

After some pondering, I came to believe that ARMs are responsible for the "discretization" of the CQ of a person. Put into a small picture, this can be visualized as follows. Imagine a straight line functioning as a scale. For instance like a thermometer scale. Down is 0 and up, at the maximum is 100. The mercury inside the thermometer could attain every possible point of the scale, right? Thus, it depicts a continuum. There are no spots where it can't reach on the scale. If we would do the same thing with the CQ, say on a scale that depicts the CQ of a human, the result would be different in my opinion. We would only have discrete results, and not an entire cornucopia of possibilities. Ah, really many things hint towards this hypothesis. For instance, the fact that major advancements of the human race very often came in a "jump". So, there are some historic, but also some psychological reasons hinting towards this hypothesis.

So my basic point is that states of CQ are discrete. This happens due to ARMs. When ARMs operate, then they automatically specify a given level of CQ. The higher the CQ of a person is, relative to a given state of the PU, which is in turn determined by its ARMs, the stronger will the ARMs try to push back the CQ into its previously established equilibrium.

Oh my, this idea just popped in: a CQ - ARMs equilibrium must exist.

To put it shortly, any state a PU is in, is characterized by a level of CQ. Every level of CQ, is determined by the amount of ARMs that are operational. So, In order to raise the CQ, the barrier provided by the ARMs needs to be broken enough in order to get to "the next level", and so the CQ advanced from one level to another. When the PU "gets comfortable" with a higher amount of CQ, then it successfully managed to acquire the new state. The psychological, emotional and physical apparatus reframes all its operations around this new state of CQ. Accordingly, so does the PU reframe the operation of the ARMs.



Notice the electrical theme on the TOSAS Connection Card


keep working on this article. This can be posted in the "Exploration" section when you're done. AN LP Article.

-- All you need is love...


Hmm, I could put it into word and finalize it like that. Give me a weeks time or so.

Yep, the electrical theme, quite fitting! 🙂

What is truly crazy is when we go into quantum physics. I'm really not an expert, but some basic considerations are already mind blowing. For instance the basic idea that electrons are in fact fields, and not discrete entities. They only develop this discreteness - as in, being a point in time and space - when an observer is present. Consciousness, with other words, forces the electron (the field) to "decide" upon a spatiotemporal location.

From the first statement, that electrons are fields, we can already create some analogies between the different states of consciousness. (Ain, Ain Soph and Ain Soph Aur) Emanation is the key word here. Btw. since De Broglie, we also know that "normal" matter is also a field. 😀 Hmm, perhaps I should put down some thoughts on this matter, because I reckon it might be a bit strange and hard to grasp. In fact, it is not. Everything is quite simple, if put together well.

I could do a small article on how mind and matter could influence each other. Or, perhaps make it simpler, and explain only how consciousness can influence matter (and mind). The article could explain some basic concepts in physics and explain how it all relates to consciousness.

From the second

Here is a continuation of the writing.

Some ideas are worth considering. The allegory used in the chapter on States of CQ captures many important concepts simultaneously: ARMs, States of CQ, the relation between ARMs and the LP HEALING concept, ARMs and Identity, ARMs and Archetypes, Global Control of CQ via Archetypes, discrete states of CQ, Constructive versus Maladaptive ARMs (implicit allusion)

Feel free to jump straight to the part on States of CQ. I barely changed the first part.

Comments are welcome.

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